Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schulz announced his intentions to run for the office of President of the United States as an independent in 2020. I’ve been waiting to see if there was more, if another shoe would drop. As nearly as I can tell, he’s serious.

His pitch will be that both parties are broken and that voters need to reach out beyond traditional party politics to toss him into the Oval Office. He will have an appeal to some voters and many feel that his presence in the race will split the Democrat vote. Progressives point out that Schultz is a male, he’s white, he’s rich, he’s a corporate fat cat and his ancestors may have owned slaves. Thus he’s not desirable to them. Them meaning the Ocasio-Cortez faction of the Party – the wing nuts. Schultz will push the Democrats further left than they may have intended to be: (1) Make all healthcare like the VA; (2) $20/hr minimum wage; (3) forgive all student debt; (4) Eliminate gasoline as a means of vehicular propulsion; (5) Turn the US into Venezuela; (6) Kill all babies.

There are a lot of Democrats who don’t think that those six things are good for America – advantage: Schultz, who can self-fund a campaign (as can Bloomberg).

Schultz running between Poke-a-haunt-us, Beto, Sanders, Hillary, Harris, Spartacus, Biden, Bloomberg, and a dozen more wouldn’t get the coverage his ego demands. And his chances of beating the Democrat party candidate, running left of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, are not bad.

It might even cause Bloomberg (too rich, too white, too Jewish) to run as an independent, further splitting the Democrat vote.

With a fragmented left, the clear winner would be Donald J. Trump, incumbent Republican. (MAGA)


  1. The donkey candidates are are sorry bunch at best. If Schultz runs as an independent he may reduce the risk of next years anointed one being elected. Please run.

  2. agreed, hopefully he will run extreme left of center to suck up a bunch of libtardish type votes. I would be sad if it was another episode of of Perot sucking up conservative votes. can anyone see a difference between Ross Perot and President Trump, other that POTUS Trump did get elected? but I digress.
    those six talking points are the real issue. I would like him to split the dem primary and run independent as a moderate dem… hard to tell at this point. dem acquaintances feel the party is far left of joe stalin let alone marx. time for them to go.
    here in colorado, we have our own problems. a gay governor who wants to tag along on CA's coattails even though CA is a failed state. the legislature acts like it is trying to make up for lost time by screwing the public for their own good. and a state court system that refuses to be bound by laws.
    yep. time to open the ammo locker and make ready.

  3. Howard Schultz. Businessman and entrepreneur who started from humble origins to a net worth of $3.4 billion USD. The man who grew Starbucks from a single shop to an international empire. If he could do that for Starbucks, just imagine what he could do for America.

    MALS: Make America Like Starbucks!

    Well, I'm in 110% (sic). After all, think about all that Starbucks has to offer!

    Starbucks means racial browbeatings with your overpriced, burnt tasting coffee. Starbucks means pretentious hipsters of indeterminate sex insisting that you use made-up nonsense terms instead of saying "small, medium, large" like a normal person. Starbucks means being in the company of hip, trending young idiots living WAY beyond their means in pursuit of illusory status based on conspicuous consumption instead of actual accomplishments. And now Starbucks also means smelly lunatics, hepatitis-laden feces, and IV drug abuse needles in the public spaces.

    Why, who wouldn't want to MALS?

    Make America Like Starbucks!

  4. Celebrities are mocking Schultz and the left is attacking him mercilessly. And he's a billionaire with the ego of a billionaire. I predict he'll run as an independent. Their attention only shows that he's hit a tender spot with the progs, an opportunity to a businessman.

  5. CAPT, I think that Schultz will take a pro-business, pro-environment stance that is left. He will push the Donkey mainstream even FARTHER left…Cortez left, as in the planet will die in 12 years left.

  6. That's a great slogan. Turn every restroom in America into a hovel for homeless vagrants, just like Starbucks.

    now Starbucks also means smelly lunatics, hepatitis-laden feces, and IV drug abuse needles in the public spaces.

    Precisely my point.

  7. The burned taste of Starbucks, with a lot of perfumed flavors and foam are progressive, LindaG. They're emblematic of spoiled youth that spend their parents money on the illusion (copying Mike_C above) that they actually earned something and that they chose to spend it on crappy, over priced coffee, and dry, tasteless rolls. They sit around endlessly and bullshit each other while tapping away on their tablets and notebook computers. It's the new generation. They'll turn from their Donkey preference to Schultz, splitting the vote.

  8. Karma! Schultz doing to the demonrats what Perot did to the GOP and Bush Sr……which is how we got Slick Willie The Rapist and the Clinton Crime Cabal. We can only hope. Trump isn't great but the smorgasbord of evil insanity that the left has become makes him look almost like Churchill.

  9. Trump is not ideal, and he's not Reagan, but he's a lot closer than anyone else we've had or anyone else on the horizon. Unlike Barack, he has an American heart, and the people's best interests at heart and the deep state despises him for it.

  10. Mid 1980's did some small business with him face to face. I found him to be without a shred of honesty. He was an asshole, too.

    Can't hold that against him as many have labeled me the same.

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