We have to keep the War in Syria Going!

That’s been the disclosure of anti-American components of the Trump Administration. They’ve been working hard to keep more US troops in Syria than the Commander-in-Chief is aware of, and have been engaging in a “shell game”. That used to be called treason. I don’t know what it’s called now.

taskandpurpose.com America’s top envoy to the multinational military coalition to defeat ISIS claimed in a recent interview that he routinely lied to senior government officials about U.S. troops levels in Syria.

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,” outgoing diplomat Jim Jeffrey told Defense One reporter Katie Bo Williams in an interview.

Jeffrey added that the real number of U.S. troops in Syria was “a lot more” than the several hundred Trump planned on leaving behind following his abrupt withdrawal announcement in December 2018.

Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria led to the resignation of both Defense Secretary James Mattis and Brett McGuirk, Jeffrey’s predecessor as the leading U.S. envoy to the counter-ISIS effort in Iraq and Syria.

But while Trump reiterated his call to withdraw U.S. forces from northeast Syria ahead of an imminent Turkish invasion in October 2019, Jeffrey told Defense One that, for all intents and purposes, there “was never a Syria withdrawal.”

Biden – a guy you can get behind – just not too closely

Now the hope in elite circles in the DC Beltway is that President Trump will be defeated and they can continue the war that the military industrial complex wants.

Having somebody as manipulable and corrupt as Joe Biden will be the solution to peace breaking out in the Middle East and the end of war in Syria. Joe will stand tough agains, “This peace malarky.”


The DC Elites

The plotting to rig voting against the president and to install the feeble minded and infinitely corrupt Joe Biden has apparently ended. To celebrate, Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi (D-CA) had planned a gala Thanksgiving celebration meal for her caucus – when many states in the Union have canceled Thanksgiving or are allowing it under strict guidelines.

Happy Thanksgiving

So while the elites have told Americans in effect, they need to sit at home alone and open “Thanksgiving Dinner in a Can”, while they quietly contemplate suicide, your betters were planning a lavish celebration sans masks.

The word leaked out, the elites (who have no shame) didn’t want to be outed, and they boarded their executive jets or first class cabins for the trip back home during the holiday recess.

The party was canceled (actual photo above). The Biden Crime Family, who were going to make a cameo appearance, are crestfallen.

That didn’t change the rules that the states want to put into place to keep people from gathering to give thanks. However, you can only imagine the debauched, drunken orgy at the Pelosi mansion (we don’ know which mansion she’ll use for Thanksgiving – she has several to choose from). No Thanksgiving-in-a-can for the lady that eats $30 a pint ice cream.



Dogor is an 18,000 year old pup that was found within the Siberian Permafrost. Not quite a dog nor a wolf, but a puzzling connection to both.

Dogor has been miraculously preserved within the permafrost, with its fur, teeth and even whiskers incredibly intact. Radiocarbon dating has placed the animal at 18,000 years old and researchers have suggested that the animal passed away at just 2 months old. The name Dogor means “Friend” in Yakut, a language spoken within Eastern Siberia.

Generally, genetic analysis can quite easily discern whether a discovered canine is a wolf or dog, but in this instance, the genetics suggest that it could be an ancestral link to both. Interestingly, Dogor lived at a time in canine evolutionary history when dogs and wolves began to branch off from each other.The general scientific consensus is that dogs and wolves split from a common ancestor, however, the process of how “dogs became dogs” is certainly contested, and Dogor could be a crucial piece in that puzzle.

If Dogor is determined to be a dog, it will be the oldest ever discovered. The next oldest, the Bonn-Oberkassel puppy, was discovered in Germany and was clearly determined to be a dog of around 14,000 years old, buried with a man and a woman.

Images via Sergey Fedorov/The Siberian Times


  1. If Trump gave a military order to the generals and then they lied to him (and us) about having followed it we have a problem.

    • There’s only a problem if President Trump stays in office. If the Biden Family & the whore take office, no problem. Business as usual….ROB, you’re a racist and a white supremacist!

    • Kennewick Man (a caucasian) caused a flap and his remains were estimated at 8K-9K years. As far as I know the dispute between the Army Corps of Engineers and the local tribes in WA is still going on. The tribes want to bury the remains and pretend that he’s a feather Indian. Kennewick Man damaged the claim that the locals are the “First People”.

      The evidence indicates that human beings have been sailing the oceans for at least the last 10K years, but there are politics involved. The damage – that white people were walking around the Americas back then – disputes the tribal claim. There is money and power in the balance.

      Some people crossed the ice bridge between Asia and North America. Some apparently sailed (Thor Heyerdahl) the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The truth is out there but you can only find it if you’re unafraid of it.

      • The idea that ancient peoples couldn’t master long ocean voyages is, IMO, faulty. Knowledge of other lands may not have been known in most of Europe until after the Dark Ages and that is where our “history” comes from. Too much evidence abounds that, that history is faulty.

      • The ice bridge from Siberia to Alaska was only conjecture when I studied Geology in the 1980s. Now its supposedly a fact? After about a decade of looking for how that happened I still haven’t found anything of note.

        Too, my understanding of RadioCarbon dating (probably C-14) is 18,000 years falls well within the margin of error by several factors. Then to use such archaeological finds as something akin to the missing link boggles the mind. This form of dating is very sensitive to ambient climatic conditions. What the ambient environmental conditions (solar activity, inclusive) was then, and has been throughout the years is a WAG based on multiple assumptions.

        I won’t hazard to guess when the time will come but surely it will come when the elites will consider it too risky to gather themselves under one roof.

        Flag officers and envoys who defy the C-I-C should be flogged through the fleet then keel hauled then stand trial.

          • Even if 18,000 years is off by 3 or 4 thousand years, the pup was still encased in permafrost for a long time and is worth a study. C-14 decay is touted as accurate, and is an aid. Too many scientists deal in absolutes when it comes to things that may not be quite there.

    • I think that it’s the big room on the House side of the main rotunda. I pulled it off the net – from a story about the aborted party. It might be one level up from the Rotunda. It’s been a few years since I’ve sleezed around that building.

  2. Hell Dr Jim, we should START a company that makes rope specifically for necktie parties. We could get a grant from the government…the irony would be choice!

        • Tie them together at the wrist. Line them up on a bridge railing. Shoot a couple at each end of the line so they fall towards the water. Walk away but guard that no one comes to their aid. It’s a freaking Kodak moment.
          (This idea comes from an event the Germans supposedly did near Bastogne.)

          Of course the humane thing is a swift kill. Underfed feral rabid dogs?

  3. All who participated in the chicanery of hiding info from the president need to be Gitmo’d.

    As to the new Versaille? Those elites need to remember what happened the last time the elites got uppity while the peasants starved.

    As to the whole ‘dog vs wolf’ thingy. Who cares. Does it come when it’s called? No? Then it doesn’t matter…

  4. They were so ready to celebrate their win! Then, scowl, the internet noticed their shameless, brazen, iteral hypocrisy. Will the failed gala banquet serve as a parable? We live and hope.

    Neat Dogor photos. Isn’t there controversy over the wolf/dog evolution thing?

    I’ve asked Blue but he’s snoring, and’s not much good at speaking when he isn’t.

  5. Meanwhile, against much wailing and gnashing of teeth, taxonomists have begun reconsidering the while notion that dogs and wolves ever were separate species, labeling them instead as two subspecies of canis lupus.
    I’m waiting for them to finally acknowledge reality and put the coyote back, too.
    They’re all dogs, and readily hybrid with each other to many generations. DNA studies have shown there is no clear line between North American gray wolves and coyotes; they’re ALL coywolves. The supposed separate species of the North American Red wolf was a sham; it’s a coyote with lots of wolf genes and a pretty fur coat. But it’s still a dog.
    The big separation taxonomically has not been because of any true distinction among the species, but because people won’t pay money to reintroduce the dog to the wild. But dress it up in a velvet painting next to Elvis, sing songs of mystique about it, make reference to the aboriginal tribes of the area, and then wail about how the noble creature is so threatened, and it’s All Our Fault, and you can fleece millions.
    I suppose if Creepy Uncle Joe wins the steal, the wolf can magically become another species again. I’m sure its existence had been threatened these last four years, and we should probably pay it restitution. I’m sure Greenpeace, Sierra Club, or Algore would happily accept payment on the wolves’ behalf.

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