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Finding Priorities

California experienced unprecedented snow and rain as a result of global cooling. What happened to all of that water …in a state where they are CONTINUALLY howling about a lack of water? Why almost all of it washed into the Pacific ocean, because they are not building reservoirs? (The bullet train to nowhere had a lot more kick backs associated with it than a dam.) Because there is always a snail, or a chub fish, or a rodent, or an insect in the construction zone that might not be able to get out of the way of the bulldozers. It’s fine if you are ok with being thirsty, but please don’t whine, California. Nobody takes the state seriously anyway.

Coping with Global Cooling

Sure, there’s a good possibility that we’re entering an ice age. When it ends, and the ice melts and all those wind turbines are revealed, what will people in 2219 think? (h/t Woodsterman)

Then there is the inevitable problem of getting your 4×4 trapped in the ice during the ice age. We will be looking back fondly to the years of global warming… those years when you didn’t have to dig down 12′ to find your ride after the snow storm. 
20,000 years ago, what is now Boston was under 1,250 meters of ice. Could it happen again? Sure, why not?
Stay warm, my friends.
Should you be burning wood to help offset the onset of the ice age? It would seem to be a prudent move. In fact cutting down ALL trees would reduce CO2 according to key Democrats because trees give off CO2 at night. They only make O2 during the daytime. Trees are treacherous and put out more CO2 than cows. Save the cows/steaks/milk/butter, eliminate trees.

Thoughts on President Trump’s First Veto

The Republicans (RINOs) who voted against President Trump did so because they thought that Congress should decide how money is spent, and not the president, by taking executive action. Oh, how sweet the anti-Trump Republicans are. Congress hasn’t dealt with immigration, or the border wall or much of anything lately. President Trump felt forced to act to secure the border even if it took an emergency declaration, which freed up money. 
The Senate passed a resolution Thursday to overturn President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border, with 12 Republicans joining all the Democrats to deliver a rare bipartisan rebuke of the president. 
The disapproval resolution passed the House last month, so the 59-to-41 Senate vote will send the measure to the president’s desk. Trump intends to use the first veto of his presidency to strike it down, and Congress does not have the votes to override the veto.
Bless their little black hearts. Congress can’t seem to figure out how to pour pee out of a boot, and they rebuke the President? 
What is Kale good for?

16 thoughts on “Saturday Compendium

  1. I don't think I've ever had kale, but I liked the ice age infographics. It's cold here in Texas but of course we don't have many trees, so fair's fair.

  2. I particularly enjoyed the graphic showing Chicago and Boston under great sheets of ice. The one downside I see is that if the glaciers come south again, the inhabitants of the windy city will come down my way. Better get more ammo.

  3. Oh, you need to try and eat kale, so you can say that you had it. It's a progressive vegetable. All of the Hollywood stars eat it.

  4. Congress can't seem to figure out how to pour pee out of a boot, and they rebuke the President?

    They can't read the directions on the heel.

  5. Kale is delicious in Portugese soup, with lots of linguica and/or chourizo. It also works in Italian Wedding soup. There's a bunch of other soup variations.

    You can also use it like collards, with some sausage or bacon in.

    The way hypochondriac Hipsters apparently eat it just seems stupid.


  6. I'm sure even it we had a full-blown ice age, advancing glaciers won't make it this far south, although snow every winter would be entertaining for a while. Apparently the glaciers have never made it this far south in geologic history. On a latitude comparison, we're about the same as southernmost Kuwait.

    I'm concerned that if the glaciers advance they'll push more northerners into our state and we have enough now.

  7. Olive Garden makes a Zupa Tuscana that is delicious and it includes sausage, potatoes and kale. I always order it. So I'm with you. But the current generation seems to like adding it to a smoothie, which is wrong at every possible level.

  8. Every liberal ice age denier on the East Coast will arrive with their delusions of gun control.

  9. Anything to hide the taste.
    And I love that Zupa Tuscana.
    All you can eat soup and salad!

  10. What? Kale is the green God of vitality! It's proven to increase testosterone, eliminate pimples and make you crave burgers.

  11. They eventually decide it's a new health drink in an exotic container. No, seriously. I've met a couple of people who swear drinking their first urination of the day has done wonders for their health. Yes, both were progressive eco-loons from California. Who had fled California to infest Montana and Austin.

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