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(Leader of the Free World?) or a complete embarrassment.  And yes, I know that you can do that to any political candidate, but with Biden, it seems to fit so well. Now that super Thursday has come and gone, we can all give thanks to The Thing who created all men and women as equal, that we do not all have equal skill at song and dance. C’mon, man! Either you get with the program or you’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier, and that’s no malarky. If there’s one thing that Joe is familiar with, it’s malarky.

Who would be running the White House if this senile, old man was ever elected president? It’s certainly not him. He can’t even run a small, poorly-attended rally, flanked by an army of ‘handlers’ without making a complete disaster out of it.

Joe grows a mustache so that he can smell hair all the time.

10 thoughts on “Malarky

  1. "and this is my VP and this is my Secretary of State. Wait a minute, they switched on me…"
    "I'm proud to be the president of Canada…"

  2. He was a horrible embarrassment as Vice President, and the Democrats are fine on doubling down and making him President.

  3. Ed B- hilarious, but sadly true. The guy is a place card holding fool.

    Bright point is Trump wins without contest…unless of course the scumbags who live here but hate America (never could figure how that scans) manage to fix the election so Trump loses. Maybe the haters – led by Schiff – will work to eliminate the Electoral College by November, wouldn't put it past them.

    It'll be clear when Soros picks Biden's VP.

  4. I too am waiting to see who Soros picks for VP. That'll likely be someone more dangerous to us than Joe.

  5. I'd forgotten about the dog faced pony soldiers. Thanks.

    And the "Thing." We have to wonder at the true identity of Biden's higher power.

  6. And they know that it will be a blood bath. But maybe, just maybe, they can pull it off and when that happens the new VEEP will take charge and Old, senile Joe, will be pensioned off.

  7. I'm waiting for the Bernie Bros to stat rioting and burning things like they threatened.

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