Does Life Exist? (Your Weekend Sermonette)

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The Universe

Some scientists have posited that the universe is a giant computer simulation. (here) They assert that it’s all a virtual mirage, which is, coincidentally, the name of this blog.

Then along comes Cosmos, disagreeing (here).

And will we be dead in 12 years do to either global warming or the new ice age (global cooling)? Does that mean that the simulation is ending?
That scientists have the time and funding to gather together, to discuss this might impress you. They get together to discuss a lot of drivel at scientific conferences, but this is serious stuff! It’s not just PhD’s working on the next thing to publish…really.
If this whole universe is nothing but a computer simulation, where is the computer? I realize that’s like asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

At the White Wolf Mine (in the Arizona Highlands)

Meanwhile, in the middle of the simulation that we call life, I came home Friday to the hovel, and the ENTIRE pace was masked and draped (views of the kitchen and great room below).
In order to go to bed, I had to pull back drop cloths and plastic and stuff. I called and asked, “can’t you do one room at a time?” Apparently not. The simulation sucks.
The good news was that the snow had almost completely melted. I like snow, and all, but am ready for Spring to spring into action here in on the Mogollon Rim. This is a time lapse of about fifteen minutes this morning:
Yeah, whoever is doing the simulating is beginning to tick me off. 
The black line in the concrete is a steel grate that serves as a drain and dumps moisture off, down the hill on the other side of the house. The driveway drain system is not complete. The snow has kept the work from being done – and I thought that… Never mind/vain hope/more snow is here. The photo makes it look like the drain goes up hill, and that’s just the way I held the phone.
Locals said that they had been praying for more snow. I need to get LSP into action, counter-praying for warm weather and global warming. My new philosophy is “give the progs the warmth they desire”. The coming ice age may dash the hopes, dreams and yearning of the Hollywood elite (our betters, who pretend to be actual people for a living). 
I am leaving the White Wolf Mine to the painters, soon, for a week, so that they can complete their task, and I can generate income to pay for the continued construction. As you might have read (earlier post), the original painting company who did the primer coat, walked off the job and I went after his bond. These new guys seem diligent, even though it’s only a simulation of diligence. The simulated construction work here at the shack will continue for some time, I fear. The simulators could fix it and just make it done…but no.
If you ask yourself why part of the LL fleet of vehicles is not in the garage, it’s full of STUFF waiting to go into the house when the painting is complete. (simulated stuff)

22 thoughts on “Does Life Exist? (Your Weekend Sermonette)

  1. Are you a tad frustrated? Perhaps whoever is running the simulation has a GIGO problem?

  2. That it's a simulation is the ultimate argument for design.
    That they contemplate that it is a simulation is the penultimate argument for design.
    Don't these guys know they could get their "Physicist and Deep Thinkers" union cards pulled?
    Next they'll really go off the reservation and claim that Man Made (I know, Anthropomorphic) Climate Change is part of the simulation and we have NO control over it.

  3. There's a lot of garbage going in from my part of the simulation. Then again, maybe you are putting your thumb on the cosmic scale to screw it up? (Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're NOT out to get you) I may denounce you to the Clintons – out of power FOR THE MOMENT, but She will return for the 2020 circus.

  4. Atheists deny intelligent design and the existence of God unless we're in a complex simulation. Then they think that MAYBE the Great I Am is something that they can get their minds around. However you slice it, I guess. Their atheist creds may indeed be in jeopardy.

    I'm sure that some made-for-tv-movie writer will claim that man-caused climate change will be a glitch in the software that runs the simulation (sort of like THE ONE in The Matrix.

  5. Every measurement we've made is consistent with there being nothing outside the human-perceivable universe. Yet this situation is inconsistent with what we think we know about cause and effect. Humans know, that we don't know, the answer to that question yet.

    Given your lack of experimental data about what is behind the human-perceivable laws of physics, why do you believe there is some specific thing there? This is the same error as 'interpretations' of quantum mechanics.

  6. We know that there is a multiverse. We can't access it, but it's there. The laws of physics are likely different in subtle ways but the mathematics to describe it does not exist reliably. So the dimensions of space/time are beyond our experience, but not beyond our knowledge.

    The big bang is another ponderable. Did it form from a singularity or from the impact of two separate universes? Theories abound and I won't delve here. I clearly have no answers. I'm not even sure what 'dark matter' is. We know that it exists and that it serves as a binder to hold everything together at a cosmic level.

    I've spent a lot of time working on various quantum mechanical equations and find that exercise to be frustrating. Yes, I do that sort of BS in my spare time. The fact that particles change when they are observed should bend your noodle, anonymous (if that really is your name). There is a significant body of evidence to suggest that is the case.

    The simulation has not taken my advice and stopped snowing. Why does it ignore me?

  7. Chelsea. A bit of a dim bulb if they're relying on her to continue the skullduggery.

    Maybe she's Bill's offspring and maybe she's Webb Hubbles? We can't tell without a DNA test. As to Bill's likely lads, there are several said to be running around, drawing from a significant trust fund to keep quiet. There is no telling how many Hillary had bumped off.

  8. We know that there are black holes, but as far as I'm aware, we haven't seen any "white holes" in this universe, Anonymous. So where does it go? Was the Big Bang a result of a super massive white hole coming from somewhere else?

  9. I'll certainly pray for your climate change issue but you need to help things along by paying more tax.

    Can there be contingency without necessity?

    For that matter, do the Podestas prove the existence of objective evil?


  10. I am NOT paying tax to make it warm. You are supposed to pay tax to make it cold, right? There is plenty of moisture and cold (a portent of the coming ice age).

    I'm sure that the Podesta Klan solves every obstacle in their path with invoking the powers of darkness, sacrificing a cat or whatever they do. It didn't work to get Hillary elected. Maybe they didn't sacrifice ENOUGH cats?

  11. Vehicles, garage, stuff, paint. Sometimes life is just a line of virtual dominoes. Sometimes they get stuck. Other times, we wish they would.

  12. They believe in computer simulations; but not Divine Creation.

    What about the ground hog? Didn't he say spring was around the corner? Surely a giant rodent would know, right? Especially in a computer simulation.
    Maybe we need to put a virus into the simulation. It doesn't work well if it gives you snow and America demonrats…

    I don't think it was cats they didn't sacrifice enough of, based on what happened in New York, and almost happened in Virginia.

  13. They're more comfortable thinking that we're in a computer simulation, LindaG.

    The ground hog lies. He predicted an early Spring and he has NOT delivered. The software has been corrupted or something.

  14. We know that there is a multiverse.

    We know current physics theories and math foundations are internally inconsistent, and therefore incomplete. That doesn't say anything about what may be outside.

    The big bang is another ponderable. Did it form from a singularity or from the impact of two separate universes? Theories abound

    "Theories" means 'a hypothesis with a huge track record of perfectly predicting observations'. There are no theories, because there are no observations.

    I'm not even sure what 'dark matter' is.

    "Dark matter" is a placeholder term for, 'this is the minimum known alteration which would make our currently broken theory work again'.

    The fact that particles change when they are observed should bend your noodle

    Of course I find QM contrary to instinct. So what? My noodle descended from noodles who decided to climb a tree when they observed a leopard. If you ask my instincts about hunting food animals they might know something about that, but particle-slit experiments are too new to have contributed to the evolution of human brains.

    So where does [stuff falling into a black hole] go?

    Heck if I know. But given my current 100% lack of measurements about the outside, I don't then hold a belief that whatever is outside is "good" or demands certain behavior rules or will after death restart our brain backups on a cloud.

  15. Sorry to hear about your continuing trouble with vexatious contractors, LL.

    As for the weather, you could try stalking around outside, looking up at the sky, and threatening God that there Will Be Consequences if the outlook doesn't improve… it always seemed to work for my Mom.


  16. Maybe we're stuck in a virtual mirage?

    [Majel Barrett voice] Insufficient data. [/] But thank you for conceding my points. The common human instinct that when things are going well the gods will drop the sky on us in envy is not justified by past performance. Observations are consistent with humans being utterly free from meddling by exterrestrials with human-level intelligence. A zillion cell phone cameras running around, lots of sightings of animals we thought extinct in an area, but no pictures of bigfoot or gray aliens.

    Overall, technological growth advantages small groups over large. What I think is coming next in human history is historically unprecedented individual liberty; it's cheap to attack with drones. Imagine skilled military retirees who do this every few days as a patriotic hobby.

  17. Well I'm no philosopher or astrophysicist but I'll give it a shot.
    Consider a box as a stand-in for the universe.
    Without looking inside, one can surmise two possibilities about the contents- it is either empty, or there is something inside it.
    Like the box, our universe might well have been empty, but clearly contains stuff (matter.)

    But where did it come from?
    How did it get here?
    And why a box in the first place? Is it in a bigger box?

    Beats me…


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