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two tacos al pastor and a carne asada burrito
I like Mexican food — I just do. No, Mexican food does not stress bacon, but there are other pork products such as al pastor style pork that feature different and delightful flavors. The tortillas should be made while you watch. A tortilla that is more than two minutes old is — stale. (not really, but I like them fresh)
The carne asada burrito (right) is a close rival of Karen’s brisket burrito (Itasca, TX). I’m a three-day drive from Itasca so I’m forced to make do in California.
It’s ok to wrap up half of a burrito and take it home for a snack later…or if you’re a hog, you can order another one to-go.
There are a lot of types of taco. These street tacos, served with the grilled scallions on the side are one kind of wonderful.
When I make tacos at home, I add tomatoes, cheese and olives (because I love olives almost as much as bacon).  I also use larger tortillas.
The question of which sauce is best to put on a taco is as old as time itself. I favor tomatillo salsa (above left) and wha’t not to love about guacamole (right) – the proper use of an avocado.  There are also at least a dozen styles of guacamole – all of which are good.
Support your local taco stand. 

16 thoughts on “Sábado (Saturday) Taqueria

  1. I have yet to find a noteworthy Mexican food place in Pensacola. The cravings for carne asada street tacos are getting out of hand. Nobody does it like they do it back home.

  2. LOL, we ladies were talking about this very thing at lunch yesterday. There are a couple of really good taco trucks here, and as is the way of the world, we all like different ones…

  3. I told Emilie that you need to go inland, maybe into Alabama where there are more Mexican agricultural workers. You're likely to find a place there, but no, it won't be like home.

  4. Taqueria El Asador 7955 N Davis Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32514

    Tell me how you like it. Worth a shot, right?

  5. Growing up in Oregon, Mexican food was not on every corner, like it is now.

    In 1966, the first Taco Bell showed up in Eugene, and I had my first taco. My buddy suggested I put taco sauce on it, and I did: the mild sauce. Spiciest food I ever had in my life.

    I didn't have another taco for 20 years. I like Tex-Mex, now. They really know how to do Mexican right.

  6. That looks delicioso, Señor. I agree, avocado is tops. And olives. Though I'd prefer to wash it down with a glass of wine rather than a diet coke. Wine helps you digest things which means you can have two! See how useful I am?

  7. Taco Bell is good. I eat there at times, but it's more like 'kosher Mexican'. Tex Mex is delicious and so is Sonoran Mexican, which is not the least bit like Yucatan Mexican cooking.

  8. Mexicans don't drink much wine. I've never heard of a Mexican vintage (much like a good German wine or Russian wine). For them it's cerveza or tequila or mescal. And if you drink mescal, don't eat the worm in the bottle (one in each bottle). If you have a death wish, drink pulque. You'll wish you were dead the morning after indulging pulque – same as grappa or ouzo.

  9. I'm glad I read this AFTER dinner, because otherwise my attempts to eat healthier would have flown out the window and I'd be off indulging in tacos and burritos! (A very worthwhile indulgence, for sure. I'm not criticizing. I completely agree with your assessment of this fine delicacy.)

  10. None of it tastes right unless you have it with a hot Pepsi, cause that's the way I learned as a kid working with the bean hoeing crew.

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