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Footnote to the Healthcare Question
Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats pushed Obamacare down our throats with threats of punishment if we didn’t pay the tax – because that’s precisely what Obamacare was. And the Dems offer healthcare free to illegal aliens.

Immigrants and Refugees

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane through the use of the Virtual Mirage Time Machine:

If the illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico who wanted to cross the border were fierce anti-communists, I expect that the Donkeys would be pushing for a higher wall…

I’m not anti-tax. There is value in taxation up to a point. We collectively provide for our defense, we collectively buy protective services such as police and fire protection. There is a value to regulation (making things regular). However, every time local politicians want to curry favor with this group or that, they use tax money to ‘buy that favor’ with one program or another. It’s interesting to see how people react when you want to shut down their favorite program…even the anti-tax types. 
Assault Rifles
I don’t know what one is. Not really. I guess if you bought a World War 2 vintage German Sturmgeweher, you’d own one. And while I’d like to own an MG44, I don’t know where I’d get one, and I’m sure that it would cost a small fortune. Thus it’s strange that the donkeys are out to seize “assault rifles”. And if I had an MG44, I might sell it to them at market value, just to buy a Barrett Rec 7 or possibly some other semiautomatic rifle…
I expect that the donkeys will try to tax firearms and ammunition out of existence at some point. Then either we’ll hear the ‘shot heard round the world’ again – or we won’t. The nice thing about being older is that I might not live to deal with it. I wonder who they’d send to take firearms. Barack wanted to create a domestic army out of inner city people, just as large and as well funded as the Defense Dept. That never went anywhere. The Butt Guy running for president now, has taken that mantle on himself by dusting it off and proposing to do the same thing if he takes office. I still don’t think that there enough inner city people. And once the politician has committee to sending them out to confiscate firearms and they’re wiped out – would the future of the donkey party be in question? And how effective would it be? 
Wolf Underwear
This entry comes from Jules, our fellow blogger, and it’s the key topic in the Sunday Sermonette. What better way to make the lady in your life howl?
Ok, I can think of ways. But since this is a family blog, discretion is the better part of valor.
I’m not peddling underwear on this blog, but you can read more about it here
What next? Elephant underwear? (Theme Music could play from the pachyderm underwear – you’d feel as if you had an entire TROJAN MARCHING BAND in your briefs.)
You know that the USA Womyn’s Soccer team would want these, artificially stuffed. So the appeal could cross gender lines. Not that there is anything as crude as ‘actual gender’ anymore. You are what you think you are when you wake up. 
And then there are the creepers like Old Slow Joe Biden (right) who don’t wear underwear, ever. 

13 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Grrrrr! 😜 I think you’re onto something with the elephant underwear- maybe also a toucan? Or looking down the double barrel of a sawn off shot gun? This underwear has serious potential!
    I think these should be worn by the WWM army as they patrol the perimeter.

  2. One of the problems with owning an old German sturmgewehr is ammo. It is available but uncommon. The only company I know of that loads it is PPU at a buck a shot and I'd have to special order it. I'll stay with 5.56 for now. I can get feed for it at any Walmart if needed. I do believe I want to get a 6.5 Grendel upper however. I find it appealing.

  3. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this, but read recently that one of the organizers of the pro-Maduro street militia was placed in charge of Venezuela's prison system and requested 30,000 rifles- apparently the goal is to have the prisoners swear fealty, give them goodies and guns and use them as a repressive force. A great way to get psychopathic amoral killers when they don't need to worry about civil rights and courts and all of those notions. Sort of an MS13, but with full government support-probably very effective against unarmed people.

  4. Assault Rifles
    "I don't know what one is"

    You can buy as many as you want at any gun show. No background check needed.

  5. I'd like an STG too, though I'd have to find good sponsorship to shoot the beast.

    Curiously enough, a pal from the metrosprawl was going to bring one over on Wednesday for a shoot up. Then the leg got in the way, dammit.

    And yes, just imagine the howls of protest and the immensity of the wall if the immigrants were asylum seekers from communism.

  6. Nothing to argue with here so I'll just post an "Amen" to the sermonette.

  7. Gun Broker has an MP43 for sale, transferable with papers, for $49,900. Could find an MG44, though.

  8. All interesting, though I do find it hard to believe you don't know what an assault rifle is…

  9. Google sez:
    as·sault ri·fle
    a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use.

    Automatic means one squeeze of the trigger (with no other device attached) equals many bullets coming out.
    Nobody is selling these brand new to the American public.

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