On 13 April 2018, the U.S. Air Force deployed the AGM-158B against Syria in response to the Syrian Governments alleged Chemical Weapon attack on its own people. The JASSM-ER was carried and fired by a U.S. Air Force B-1 Lancer bomber.
The Syrians reportedly volley fired around 40 unguided SAM’s after the cruise missiles struck. The insh-allah move is used as a face saving measure to show that nobody in Damascus or Homs was asleep at the switch. Reportedly the Russians watched the missiles come in and did not fire at them (not their fight?)
B-1B Lancer
The US Navy has ordered the new AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Shipping Missile to replace its Harpoon missiles, which is interesting to me because I wasn’t sure what they had in mind. I’m still not sure that the AGM-158C is the Navy answer to the need because it’s an air-launched weapon, but it will do until they find something else. The nice thing about the AGM-158 is the 2000 lbs warhead. It packs a decent punch as the Syrians may attest to.


  1. Despite the rhetoric and tough talk, I my sense is that last thing that they want is a war with the US. And I hope that the last thing that WE want is a war with them.

    The Russians don't think that a few CW facilities in Syria are worth losing people over.

  2. Great report.
    And I am glad the Russians stood down, as it were.
    I just hope we really did have proof to back our attack.

  3. We seem to have fired a lot of missiles against, ahem, 3 targets and the Russians didn't fire any.

    Wisdom, on their part.

    Meanwhile, the CW inspectors arrive today.

  4. I expect that we did have proof, but when it comes to methods and sources utilized by the clandestine service – knowing who did the collecting and what form that took is not something that has been shared. From what General Mattis said, the official investigators were denied entrance into the impacted area by the Syrian Army.

  5. We clearly wanted to make sure that the place was reduced to rubble and impact craters. Message delivered.

  6. The JASSM is a good round, but has to be air launched as you've noted. Not sure if it'll take a cat shot…

  7. They might stick a drop-off solid booster on it for shipboard use, like the Harpoon has.

    BOOM! Out the tube, the wings pop out, the booster drops off, and away we go!

  8. Any chance the Russians didn't fire because they doubted their missiles would be effective? They make a lot of coin selling those systems around the world. Bad press they don't need.

  9. The Joint Strike Missile developed in Norway is also an option since it can be launched from any platform e.g. F-35 and navy vessels. kongsberg.com/en/kds/products/missilesystems/jointstrikemissile/

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