A Retrospective – and Perspective

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Sometimes I watch old movies and it’s amazing how they differ from the work Hollywood puts out today. I don’t intend to go on a rant on Christmas, but the old Hollywood stars seem to shine so much more brightly. And many of those old stars such as Ronald Reagan had a view of politics that differed sharply from the lemmings who presently dominate the silver screen.

Lana Turner and Ronald Reagan
(Lana looks a bit like our own Opus #6, doesn’t she?)
President Reagan addresses the problem with Socialized Medicine/ObamaCare that we now face in America. As you listen (below), you’ll find that Reagan was prophetic.

8 thoughts on “A Retrospective – and Perspective

  1. They were, because they had seen war AND peace, and knew what it took to keep the country safe… Unlike the current crop of left wing loonies…

  2. NFO – You're absolutely correct.

    WoFat – That's true, Opus is prettier than Lana was.

    Charlene – He was a good actor and the best President of this generation.

  3. Opus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Ok, Bob, get a grip)

    LL, yes – most things don't change over time. What is right has been right a long long Loooooooooooong time.

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