The BIGGEST Travel Day of the Season?

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I will be staying home this year and celebrating with family and a few friends – Christmas cheer and good will to all men will be confined to my present locality. I wonder if that will be more of a trend with the politically correct Transportation Safety Administration administering security screenings at airports including the ever unpleasant cavity searches.
There really isn’t a season for ‘peace on Earth and good will toward all men’ in Islamic regions. Every day is the same old grind – working to convert or kill, trying to build a better bomb. 
With the strictly politically correct standards of the Department of Homeland Security, you can feel confident that the uniformed TSA Islamic employees (above and below) want only the best for you and that they’ll be working hard to keep you safe from other Muslims during this special season.
There used to be “friendly skies” but I don’t think that slug line holds true anymore. To be perfectly politically correct, I want to blame everyone (but Muslims) for that. There are the Hindus, the ever unpleasant Greek Orthodox priests, the practitioners of Catholicism, those pesky Mormons, the American Indians and Eskimos, All Italians, the Chinese and last (but not least), the Germans who made the skies unsafe for everyone.

10 thoughts on “The BIGGEST Travel Day of the Season?

  1. Great new uniforms. LOVE the draping of the fabric. PERFECT for foreign spy infiltration. Only our government could have thought it through so perfectly.

  2. Opus, you shock me. They are there for YOUR safety. And you can wear one too and declare yourself exempt from being searched –if you convert to Islam. However when you do that you'll have to stop blogging, driving a car, give up your cell phone, etc – because all of that is impure. Then you'll be able to get a new wardrobe (similar to the one above, without the TSA patches), they'll want you to undergo genital mutilation, and maybe move to Iran for "orientation".

    If I join all I have to do is grow a beard…and buy some wire crimpers and a body-pack.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours, LL!
    I'm not going anywhere either! If I did, I'd walk or drive, and I'd stay away from the gropers.

  4. Merry Christmas you big lug. Those burkas remind me of full body condoms. After all, we know what they're trying to do to the American public.

  5. Merry Christmas, LL, have a good one, mate, and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Spidey 😉

  6. These TSA workers look like what kids have nightmares about, coming out of their dark closets at night. They'd have a hard time getting under the bed with that tarpaulin on…………….

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