Having Lunch in Sedona

(Downtown Sedona) – Yes, the place is a tourist trap and it’s a place where the great and near great have a fifth house that they never visit. Some say it’s the land of the living dead. A mere hour and twenty minutes from the White Wolf Mine, it’s a place to grab lunch. It came a gnat’s eyebrow from being home instead of building hovel & compound at the White Wolf Mine.

I’ll work on the coin with Jules when she returns from Switzerland before she gears up for a week or two on Capri. It’s still a work in progress.

Travel continues off and on as it will for a few months, with a discussion of a gathering of Eagles outside Whitehall possibly in early October with LSP and others. Perhaps even a Werewolves of London tour (Lee Ho Fook for beef chowmein and a t-shirt, Trader Vicks for a pina colada – only a brief stop because it’s not the sort of place that I hang out), the Special Forces Club, etc.  The schedule even that far out is tight, but it’s certainly worth working on.


Has China’s Investment in Biden paid off?

I think that Brandon, the FBI, and the CIA were bought cheap. A few million in pay-outs, admittedly more than Rep. Swalwell got from Fang Fang for selling us out, and Beijing gets whatever it wants while the donkeys systemically damage the United States.


Bullet Points

* Russia claims its economy is doing well. Foreign economists studying the matter come to a different conclusion. It is believed that the Russian GDP will shrink more than fifteen percent in 2022. (h/t Claudio)

* Russia’s full war mobilization (al Jazeera) will put a significant number of military-age males into service. Does Russia have the capacity to arm, train and deploy a million and a half men in a meaningful way? Many are skeptical. It’s an increase of 137,000. The US has vowed to continue the fight the current war to the last Ukrainian.

* In August 2022 China conducted air and naval military training operations around the island of Taiwan. The Chinese sent a number of their J20 stealth fighters aloft armed with air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles carried externally, degrading its stealth capabilities. American and Taiwanese radars and 0ther ELINT (electronic intelligence) equipment got a chance to test the stealth capabilities of the J20. China has been trying to develop world-class stealth fighters since the 1990s. A decade ago the J20 appeared, described as a true stealth fighter. It sort of was but eventually turned out to be close but still a work-in-progress. That was probably confirmed as J20s flew near Taiwan and were tracked by American and Taiwanese radars.

* The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theories. According to a spokesman, “the world is not secretly manipulated by a global elite.”  Furthermore,  “The Covid vaccinations and boosters are good for you, they stop you from getting or spreading the plague, and wearing a mask is an outward sign of health consciousness and hygiene. Only filthy science deniers and degenerates don’t wear masks.”

* Congratulations to everyone who didn’t have college debt. Now you do!




  1. Heh. That Bidex meme reminds me of a Mr. Magoo episode where he is cheering on the swimming team from his alma mater. Or maybe it was just a sweatshirt in the rinse cycle.

    • ;^)

      Didn’t Magoo attend Rutgers? If you asked Brandon where he attended, he would likely just lie about it.

  2. “the world is not secretly manipulated by a global elite.”
    This is technically true. They indeed are NOT doing it secretly.

    • True, it’s right out there in the open for all to see. Join the New World Order and maybe they’ll save you as a loyal and willing slave so long as you’re useful and don’t take up too many resources. You wouldn’t want to take the bread out of the mouths of your betters. That would just be wrong.

  3. I paid off two mortgages during my life. That, and never accrued any debt for college. Otherwise, I’m the biggest sucker in this rigged game. If it was poker, I’d be betting all in with a pair of deuces, while the dealer is palming aces.

  4. Isn’t there a word for people who wlch on their debts? Oh, yeah….they’re called DEADBEATS….

    I paid my student loans back. It hurt at the time, but they were paid.

    • dr – HA – I managed to pay mine off as well – plus my ex – which she didn’t bother telling me about when we got hitched. Just one of the reasons she is ex……………….
      Oh and I paid mostly out of pocket for my grad degree. But at least I had VA to pay for a technical degree post retirement 😉
      So now I will be stuck paying for some deadbeat’s gender studies degree :o(

  5. My student loans were paid upfront. It was called military service. Of course, collecting was a bitch.

    • I swapped my life for parchment, like you. It never did me much good. My work isn’t predicated on that.

    • WSF, same here. Three cheers for the Vietnam era GI Bill. I used my degree for about a summer than realized I hated doing network maintenance for fools that kept downloading porn and viruses. Or let their daughter download games on the same computer that ran the company’s only water jet metal cutter and kept calling me in at 3 AM to “fix this by 7 AM we need it”. Other than that all the degree did was show I was semi-literate and trainable. Oh, it did indirectly lead to my GS job because of the business credits but no degree was required, just 24 semester hours of business credits.

  6. I’ve seen some interesting takes on the Russian economy using purchasing power, and manufacturing capacity. That said, having capability and using it are different things. Supposedly Ukraine inherited about 1/3rd of all the soviet manufacturing, and look at how poor and corrupt the place is 30 years later.

    As for China, didn’t Stalin have something to say about quantity?

    • The Russians are an interesting people and living in Russia is – different. A lot of the goods that they are now denied by the West are goods that they can do without. A lack of cell phones for people would be a crisis in Canada, Australia or the USA but in Russia, they still have the rotary dial system plugged into the wall and it’s good enough.

      • “A lot of the goods that they are now denied by the West are goods that they can do without.”

        As the meme goes, McDonald’s, CNN and Disney all refuse to do business with Russia. Soon the Russians will be the healthiest, best informed, and most pedophile-free society in the world.

        “look at how poor and corrupt the place is”
        Ukraine is hag-ridden and haunted by vampires. So is the West. But the process of sucking all the wealth — and spirit — out of the West is taking longer, because it had more to start with. I don’t particularly want to see Vodka Man Bad literal Putler win. But I really really want to see the Kolomoiskyis, the Zelenskyys (what the F is with all the extra terminal letters in the “official” transliterations?), the Bidens, etc, take it in the pants. It’s a pity that the actual (heritage) Ukrainians, and Russians, are suffering in the process.

        • The common people who are just trying to get by are always the first to be gored by the political ox.

          • LL – ‘gored’ – I didn’t know his testi er um tentacles reached that far .-)
            Maybe trampled is more appropriate…………..

          • Hey, at least we “elect” our hags and vampires here, so I guess that makes us “free”.


  7. Vastly looking forward to the London RV and yes, Trader Vic’s is worth maybe one short drink. Was the place better in the early ’70s? Not too far from the Savitz, which is a great little club.

    I understand Sedona’s prime UFO territory.

    • Yes, all of the vortexes converge on Sedona. A number of stores in the tourist part of town sell crystals that allow you to connect, and possibly be one with the vortex. Does that mean that you will be abducted and probed in an unwholesome way? You’d need to explore all of that for yourself. There are also soothsayers, palmists, and matchmakers who ply their trades in town. I used to know the main Buddhist there at the monastery. I spent the night at their compound twice as a guest, invited and paid to look at discrepancies in the books. I don’t discuss clients’ interests, but suffice to say that I’m familiar with the politics there at Buddhist central.

  8. I had no college debt other than a 4 year commitment to the USAF for my 4 year ROTC scholarship. My folks paid my room and board. Since that was 1970-74 cost weren’t bad. I worked during the summers for extra geld. My degree was in Electrical Engineering. So yeah, I am pissed off that these irresposible jerks with degrees in gender studies and other forms of “under water basket weaving” want their student loans paid off by the tax payers because paying the loans off impacts their lifestyle of drinking Starbucks, eating expensive organic foods, smoking weed, etc. etc..

  9. It may have been more expensive; but I’m sure you are happier with WWM where it is. Cities are nice to visit (sometimes) and even better to leave.

    What are the yellow flowers for with the Chinese Army?

    You all be safe and God bless.

  10. About 10 years ago my Program Security Officer and I went to England for two weeks to oversee our counterparts there. Spent a weekend in London due to early Monday meeting at MoD. Saturday I did Tower of London. Sunday my PSO and I toured Bletchley Park. During the trip, got to taste haggis (meh) and had a great time with the British team there. Good memories!

    Sedona is beautiful and filled with visitors and miney, and people trying to separate money from visitors. I liked Jerome more, less tourist-y. But that was 20 years ago.

    Safe travels, always enjoying your blog and the commenters. .
    Wandering Neurons

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