Leonardo’s self-supporting bridge was designed while under the patronage of Cesare Borgia. Borgia employed Leonardo as his military engineer, in turn, Leonardo would create and build magnificent machines of war. One such machine was this bridge. Its simplicity and genius cannot be underestimated.

It required no specific skills to manufacture the parts. Apart from a few men that are handy with an ax. A handful of men could carry it into any battlefield. It requires no nails or ropes to hold it together – the bridge is self-supporting and would be capable of holding a substantial amount of weight.


Bullet Points

* Carbon Dioxide is necessary for life on Earth as we know it, to continue. Plants convert CO2 to oxygen. Without CO2, plants would die. Without oxygen, humans and animals would die. I don’t know how to make it any simpler for the woke. Unfortunately not many woke people come by the blog.

* CNN is still playing in airports, but Brian Stelter is gone. The purge needs to continue if they are to regain viewers.  There is a rumor that ousted Congresscritter Liz Cheney will replace him for the daily hate program.


Served with Chips & Mushy Peas


National Goat Safety Day…

National Goat Safety Day? Does anyone think our legislators have too much time on their hands? I just want to know who was the lobbyist who made this dream come true.


That should buff right out…


Retro Memes of the Week



  1. Liz Cheney is perpetually glum. She’s been an insignificant part of my life but I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of her where she appears even semi happy. She also doesn’t seem to be much of a talker either so I just don’t see how she is anything but an occasional and brief guest on a TV show. Additionally, I don’t think the left has much use for her anymore. She’s pretty much done what she could for them. I see her future as a K Street Crawler mixed in with a bit of ranch life in Jackson Hole.

    • She’s ending up a lot like the treacherous and traitorous Arizona senator Jeff Flake. The donkeys used him as a septic tank and then cast him off.

        • I had to look the word up. For the benefit of others:


          rich in, covered with, or producing oil; oily or greasy.
          “fabrics would quickly become filthy in this oleaginous kingdom”

          exaggeratedly and distastefully complimentary; obsequious.
          “candidates made the usual oleaginous speeches in the debate”

          Yeah, that’s both Jeff Flake and Liz Cheney.

          • It’s interesting that Flake represents the Brandon regime as ambassador to Turkey. What bone will the Dems throw Liz?

          • In response to a crude e-mail – I don’t suggest that ANYONE would want to throw “the bone” to Liz Cheney or Liz Warren. De-bone a picnic ham and have at it for a better experience.

    • Since there are somewhere between 31 and 36 genders, that may or — may not be the case. Men can have babies, and all that…

  2. Leonardo’s self-supporting bridge
    Our bridge company in Germany circa 1960’s had something similar that was mobile (axles, drawbar). As far as I know, it was experimental and the only one in the Army inventory. All steel, it required a crane to erect. We put it up once, across a gully, in less than an hour. At that time only float bridge companies had cranes.

    • “Bridge” takes on different meanings if you’re going to cross a 1000′ chasm and a 70′ river. When I was in the Navy, they taught me to evaluate bridges to determine the weight it would take (tank vs truck, vs foot), and believe it or not, I had to use it in one operation against Russia where I received an insignificant medal for my achievement.

  3. The theory that “CO2 is evil” has one thing going for it. It will convince people who are pretty much scientifically illiterate. Plus it will work on the people who don’t understand feedback loops. “Wake me up when you can accurately model clouds and the ocean surface feedback loops. Until then, don’t touch anything.”

    In that respect, it’s kind of like the old diet idea of “eat less and move more.” Works fine for people who don’t study data or understand feedback loops, or both.

    Wm. Briggs says the models they’re using to justify outlawing fertilizer are Even Worse.

      • I never in my wildest, craziest, bizzaro dreams would have imagined Science would get so utterly corrupt. Glad I still have my college textbooks. They might come in handy in the future, if they’re not banned and confiscated.

    • If CO2 is so damned evil, then why do indoor marijuana grows use it to force the plants to grow quickly?

      Seriously, I’ve had this argument with the granola crunchers in my town and, dammit, their meat and fat starved brains just can’t comprehend. O2 is plant waste. CO2 is plant air. Simple as that.

      Really bakes their vegan noodles when you point out that Amazonian farm land puts out far more net O2 than Amazonian rain forest, so them bitching about deforestation while bitching about high CO2 levels is rather bi-polar. But then again, most of them are some stages of mental bi-polarity (actual physical bi-polar is veeeeery rare and can easily be cured by severing or suppressing what little connections between each hemisphere of the afflicted brain and all drugs do is further mess up the brain chemicals, but what do I know?)

      Gah. Need CO2. MOAR CO2.

      It’s like listening to the wankers bitch about US liquid rockets and all the ‘toxins’ they put in the air. What toxins? Water vapor? Only hazardous if you swallow lots and lots of it and drown in it.

      So so tired of all the dumbasses out there.

      • I’d toss in a C-Note to fund a huge glass dome over their CO2 free utopia, help them go “full green”. They can control their own climate exactly how they want, with the added benefit of culling themselves from the rest of us.

        These types have no time for actual science and facts, so let’s help them be all they can be.

  4. Lizzy Borden Cheney is as boring to listen to as watching one of those insert specials on at 2AM. Hubris on steroids, that one. God help us if she gets regurgitated so we (oh joy) get more of her, not less.

    da Vinci has always been a favorite of mine. Today the local county building department would not approve a permit for his portable bridge, demanding a structural engineers red stamp, who would explain how it can’t work…it has no fasteners with matched drilled holes. (and no, that was not a inference to running a round thru the hole of the prior round.)

    Visited the Shaker Village in Kentucky, a multitude of engineering college folks could not for the life of them figure out how the amateur timber framer engineered the Meeting House 40ft clear span truss ceiling & roof structure. Modern engineering models said it would fail…as they prefer a 3x fail safey margine (aka overbuilt for residential). Yet…to this day the ceiling is as flat as the day it was constructed and the ridgeline is straight as an arrow with no dips. This particular Shaker amateur’s solution was to inverted the truss to “pull” the ceiling upwards.

    Genius doesn’t always have a 3-letter classification behind it.

      • Well, I am clearly no typist genius. Maybe I’ll take the Wray/Garland/Biden approach and blame it on the wireless keyboard.

        • Garland (was Garfinkle) is constantly aggrieved that he is Jewish. Everyone has been out to get him during his entire privileged life because he’s a Jew. Go visit him at his mansion in Bethesda, take a ride with him in his Rolls Royce, and he will wine until you rip the headliner of the car out (at which point he might cry because it’s expensive). He is an annoying man with a crutch that he leans on every time you challenge his judgment. The only reason that you think he’s a stooge is because of his heritage and faith…He needs to give it a frigging rest.

          I think that living in the Baltimore ghetto on welfare and food stamps for a year might bring him some perspective and humility.

          • The tone deafness is astounding…but like we say, not surprising. These people come at everything with a psychotic lens of self-entitlement and importance coupled to ineptitude, then pass blame to others.

          • He is the perfect example of the JINO, so often found in NYC and Broward County, FL. Who seem to think their non-practicing ancestry gives them bonus points over the rest of the world.

            Not a Jew hater, nope. I just hate JINOs, like I hate CINOs (Catholics In Name Only) who use their ‘catholicism’ like a cross against us ‘vampires.’

            Gaaahhh, seems today is my day to run around with my hair on fire screaming at people.

          • They need to be screamed at.

            Apparently showing the woke a rosary is like showing a vampire a cross, they hiss at you and avert their eyes… (haha)

    • It’s now a zero emission jeep. I expect Biden will want to order some for the USPS, just not the ballot division.

      • Feinstein’s husband buys and sells real estate for the post office. This low-emission vehicle would be a steal at $89,000.

      • Yeah, it’s an FTZEV (full time zero emissions vehicle). My Subaru [1] is a PZEV. I know that’s a sort of bullshit designation invented to game the California emissions regulations but it’s laughable. Any vehicle when switched off is effectively ZEV, so all vehicles are part-time ZEV unless running continually.

        [1] yeah yeah, Subarus. I have short hair, sometimes wear flannel shirts, and have sex exclusively with women, so yes, I DO fit the stereotype.

        • yeah yeah, Subarus. I have short hair, sometimes wear flannel shirts, and have sex exclusively with women, so yes, I DO fit the stereotype.

          And you don’t wear a mask while you’re driving. How do you live with yourself?

  5. Liz could run for prez in 2024 as an independent and siphon off votes from whoever (Or whomever) is the repub candidate. She’s definitely got a plan, she’s known for a year she was going to be ousted and reports say she has a formidable war chest. I doubt she’s going away quietly.

    • $9 Million won’t get her far in a national race. There are other RINOs who will try to suck the air out of the room that the donkeys will fund. Liz is a non-starter. She had uses where she was. Now maybe Brandon make an ambassador to Indonesia or someplace.

  6. Leonardo was a true Polymath Genius. When you realize that he was “Of An Age” when all this was first being described in words and drawings, you start to appreciate it even more.

    “Frying Nemo” is quite clever. Gotta be British.

    Goat Safety Day is only for “City Folk”, and “Urban Ute”., who have no idea that small animals besides cats and dogs exist. The rest of us know better…

    The Jeep? No, man it’s not for sale. I’m gonna restore it…….

    • “…gonna restore it.”

      I might be 80 by that time but at least I HAVE a plan…[opens packed to the gills garage door] ….over in that corner under the ladders, stack of fenders and rusted vintage Castrol sign, is the motor. And pretty sure I have the heads and axles and diffs around here somewhere. Heh

  7. Every time a beautiful field is converted to solar panels, it contributes to climate change. Gotta love Lib logic.

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