Redefining the Second Amendment

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The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. That’s not why it’s in the Bill of Rights. When Republicans use hunters as justification for the right to personal firearm ownership, they tick me off. The Second Amendment is about the public having recourse. I don’t advocate public recourse in the present environment, but it’s always an option…and that’s why the Second Amendment is important.
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The only places in the nation where firearms violence is out of control are in states where private ownership is heavily restricted as defined by law. The open carry states are the very safest places to be because criminals never know when the victims will shoot back. I realize that “an armed society is a polite society” will never be part of the utopian liberal lexicon but it’s the only strategy that actually works. Progressives are never bothered about things working because they focus on listening to themselves speak and congratulating themselves on their wit and erudite speeches.
Empowering criminals to victimize is a strategy of the progressive left. At any of the school massacre sites in America, the gunman would have been stopped in his tracks by any well trained and armed teacher. Criminals will always be well armed. All honest people need is the empowerment of parity.

18 thoughts on “Redefining the Second Amendment

  1. Could not agree more!!! and why is the 2nd Amendment the ONLY one the left seems bent on 'changing'???

  2. Wayne LaPierre said it best: 'the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is with a good guy with a gun.' Truer words could not possibly have been spoken by anyone anywhere. Of course, those true words set liberals off like Yosemite Sam's dynamite…

  3. It is the only one that allows recourse by common men against tyranny. It's not recourse that is used lightly but it is recourse. And since tyranny is always on the minds of progressives ("The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”), the final bulwark has to be torn down.

    The problem that liberals have is that that last bulwark doesn't tear down as easily as they'd like — and since Obama took office, the "greatest gun salesman in the history of the world" has helped Americans to remember what some of them forgot.

  4. Yes, liberals are none to pleased with that philosophy. BUT it's been the only one to have been proven effective.

  5. I like this: "Progressives are never bothered about things working because they focus on listening to themselves speak and congratulating themselves on their wit and erudite speeches."

    From my view in the peanut gallery, it seems progressive liberalism is growing at the same speed as narcissism in this society. Their political schemes work out as well as their personal relationships, and yet they're in sheer denial that they have anything to do with the problems around them.

  6. They need fear that both the police and the common citizen will defend themselves appropriately.

  7. It's like the DREAM Act and the "Affordable Healthcare Act". The reality is always the opposite of the title.

  8. I've always considered that the 2nd Amendment was written to preserve the rights enumerated in the 1st Amendment.

    I also have to disagree with Old NFO. The left is hell bent on changing all the amendments, i.e., "separation of church and state," "protected speech," leftist idiots in the press….

  9. They are rabid when it comes to the Second Amendment but yes, they'd like to change the entire constitution to one written by — maybe Bill Ayres, the weatherman bomber — of Jonathan Gruber.

  10. Yep, a government of the mob, by the mob, and for the mob. Oh, and for rich elitists who hate conservatives.

  11. They run under "Stalin's Rules" – which are – "whatever the Boss wants is good" even if it's only good for him.

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