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File this one under, “aren’t you special!” (with a Southern, “bless your heart” thrown in for good measure)
Outraged Muslims are reportedly planning a May 1 demonstration at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company is under fire after several Muslim security guards demanded time and space to pray five times a day, while on the job
The guards contend in a lawsuit filed this week that the subcontractor who employs them does not appropriately accommodate their faith and retaliates against those who speak out. 
There are a few things that stand out here. (1) Why would you want to hire a Muslim security guard? Think on that one for a while. (2) Can’t they drop and pray at the lunch room? – The whole aloha snack bar thing seems appropriate in a place where people are nuking frozen burritos, slurping down vending machine coffee and pulling left-over spaghetti stuffed into tupperware out of the common refrigerator. (3) I’m sure that the broadcast of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer will offend somebody and we wouldn’t want that, now, would we? (4) Why can’t Amazon host a “draw Mohammed” competition? (5) Finally, there would be something terribly wrong going on if Muslims weren’t outraged at something (a daily event for the religion of peace).
Amazon has dedicated prayer rooms for Mohammedans (note the linked article above) The Muzzies are mad because they don’t have ENOUGH OF THEM. Amazon does not provide dedicated prayer rooms for Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Baptists, Mormons, Sikhs, Animists, Native Americans (sweat lodges), Pagans, Buddhists or Hindus – and a mini casino for the agnostics and atheists. I call that religious discrimination. 

18 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Gets complicated. A meat packing plant fired 150 or so muslims over the issue. Good for the company.

  2. I don't give a crap what those foul people want or demand of Amazon that was stupid enough to hire them in the first place. All I care about is if it impedes the timely delivery of my Prime packages. Shallow and self-centered? You betcha!

  3. It's never enough for the beards. Never.

    Give an inch and they take a mile.

    Amazon is learning, but it remains to be seen how they react.

  4. I don't think we need to bend over for moslems. Just say no. If they don't like it, tell them to go home. I'm tired of them thwarting our rule of law for their idiot sharia law rules.

  5. If it is only one moose limb, find him a space in the transgender bathroom with a window towards Mecca (and the beach volleyball court outside with scantily clad youngsters)

  6. They learn slow, but they adapt. For almost 1400 years regular military expeditions to conquer Europe was a costly effort that did not succeed very well.The US was to far away. The Hijra seemed to have faced a wall. But then a smarter and more efficient hijra strategy was implemented. Arrive as someone who qualify to benefits and welfare. Insted of using weapons and military tactics it is a lot more efficient to let the left do the job to be in the frontline and take the battle for Islam. Because the left know precisely how to take out their fellow citizens. Borders are not an issue any more with planes, and the US is wide open and ready to let the left feel important and take the battle with their follow citizens on behalf of Islam. The elite have oil in their eyes so they have turned blind and the sound of dollars from the salafists count more than loyalty if they know the meaning of the that word.

    The new hirja strategy works well and as local bastions are build and clusters of muslims can expand when the bridgeheads are well established, the left and elite seems to be satisfied with the job they are doing. For anyone expecting a different result when the the conditions are the same it might be useful to read history and understand what Islam is all about when they decide conditions. It might also be useful to understand more who are Religious Authorities in Muslim Societies. That might not be a progressive professor at U.C. Berkeley, a fact many on the left seem to believe.

  7. The only way to deal with the issue is to keep them in their own nasty, violent, savage, barbaric lands. That's called 'discrimination' – however I discriminate very harshly on whom I allow through my door and into my home as do most people. The sadly do not understand that it extends to the nation (national home) and that the same standard needs to apply.

  8. PS – If Muzzies voted REPUBLICAN, you'd see a different view of them in the US from the progressive community of freaks and misfits.

  9. If they don't have a special prayer room and you want to work somewhere that has one, quit. I'm with you. Ms. Cube.

  10. Not a bad idea, but I suggest that he might enjoy the scantily clad youngsters…so cut that from the list. Just make it the tranny bathroom.

  11. The strange common denominator seem to be that progressive left, Islamist/jihadists and the elite seem to enjoy each others company. You some times wonder, but the US elite represented by some of the politicians seem to end up with conclusions and actions not being beneficial to the US Taxpayer. Here is quote offering a reflection of the media and the HRC previous department: "I usually say when I lecture in the United States: from one shining sea to another you have the most outstanding universities, which are better financed than anyone else in the world. The United States has institutes of Islamic and Hebrew studies. They have institutes within Middle East history, Islamic history and much more. But when listening to a spokesman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it's like listening to a talking child. There is no understanding of reality, history, culture or any insight. All these universities. What are they? To produce this talking infantile crap that appears and tells the press what the story is about? And everybody repeats what is being said." Symbolic Mirage seems in many ways to have more objective and better analysis than the conclusions of the US politicians. Maybe they will start listening in the future.

  12. Politicians have agendas. I don't think that even the corrupt and contemptible Hillary is ignorant. Her agenda and that of her Party and her colleagues has to do with amassing personal wealth and power without regard to any benefit to the nation.

  13. The same type idiots who were sued last year, I think it was, for hiring muslim female beer truck drivers, and were then sued by said drivers and lost, are the same type of idiots who would hire muslim security guards.

    America will be the death of America.

  14. The lefty progs only interact with the cleaned up sophisticated moose limbs that are at the same time, playing the progs for the fools that they are.

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