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In Sweden and France, they’re
In the USA they’re rich college kids.

Sunday Sermonette – The glories of the progressive agenda may be something that plays well with college professors and administrators, but it doesn’t play well in Fly-Over-Country. You know, the place that elected Donald Trump to be President – and elected the legislature – and supported Neil Gorsuch to be an associate justice on the Supreme Court.

I was at my grandson’s flag football game yesterday and my daughter’s mother-in-law was also there. She is reading Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, and she may be the only person on the planet who dislikes Hillary more than I do. She gave the book high marks and is not surprised that Hillary spent good money to hire people to find out who leaked. The book paints Hillary Clinton as a nasty, mean, egotistical, shrewish, smug, lying, incompetent (bitch) candidate. No surprise there. We know that Bill wants nothing to do with her.
The surprise to Democrats was that America saw through the smoke screen, generated by the lying, smug, elitist mainstream media’s white-wash of her.  Hillary out-spent President Trump well over two-to-one and felt that would be what she needed to win.
I can’t recommend the book because I haven’t read it yet, but if Nancy is enjoying reading how the authors are skewering Hillary, it’s got to be good.
Chicago Homicide – numbers still lead the aggregate of Juarez and Tijuana, Mexico again this month in what has become a national disgrace. Anything from the elite mainstream media on the wholesale slaughter of black-on-black crime? Not a peep.

And while I’m discussing the media, you don’t see any of their vaunted incisive reporting on Mohammedans engaging in female genital mutilation of pre-pubescent girls (I support the AHA foundation). The practice is SICK and the people doing it (often Islamic family members) need to be imprisoned at hard labor for life. When they die, bury a freshly killed pig in the grave with them. (The 8th Amendment prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment doesn’t apply here because they’re dead when you dump the freshly killed swine in the hole for the six foot drop to rest in peace next to them for all time.) And if you don’t like my take on the situation, I offer you a heartfelt, aloha snack bar. I have no time for crimes against children. Public flogging is not enough (see suggested sentence, above).

The French Presidential Election – moves forward with the run-off today. The votes are not in as of this blog posting, but Le Pen stands a good chance of being in the final two. There are those who are upset that she has a philosophy that French people should come first in France and that France’s interests are more important to French people than Europe’s. If she should win, she proposes a FREXIT from the EU, following the British model. The EU leadership is a mixture of smug, pro-Islamists who wish to force France to accept more Mohammedan savages – not a good idea in a nation with at least documented 10,000 jihadis running around springing regular terrorist attacks and killing the innocent. The French should do what’s right for them. The US elected President Trump to build a wall, drain the bureaucratic swamp and help make America great again. The Brits voted to leave the EU. Why should the French do otherwise?

Ann Coulter – pretty here
prettier in person

Has the World Gone Mad?Bill Maher, a liberal whacko, is defending Ann Coulter, whose April 27 speech at Cal-Berkeley was canceled amid concerns of another attack by the Democrat Party faithful. She’s showing up on April 27 anyway. It’s a public school, funded at taxpayer expense. Free speech should be respected…should be.

Maher said this sort of thing goes on at campuses nationwide, calling it the liberals’ version book burning. “They invite someone to speak whose not exactly what liberals want to hear and they want to shutter it,” Maher said. “I feel like this is the liberal’s version of book burning. And it’s got to stop.”

Bruce Jenner – is back in the news, having announced that he had his courting tackle removed. The 66 year old former Olympian is a lesbian. Tell me how that makes any sense and I’ll buy you a (cheap) cigar. Jenner has a screw loose. He’ll be on Fox News on Monday (Tucker Carlson show in Bill O’Reilly’s old time slot) to discuss it. I have a feeling that I’ll need to take a pass on that.

Benediction to the Sermonette: My take on Islam – may be different than you think it is. The peaceful exercise of religion is a protected activity in the US. Islam is a political system that masks itself as religious faith, thus the duality and the problem. I have no issue with Muslims who follow the law of the land, but we have seen time and time again where they set themselves above it. Wife beating, mutilating little girls, honor killing, etc. are barbaric and intolerable, savage practices embraced by Islam. They need to be prosecuted with extreme vigor* so that the savages can pack their $hit and flee back to the hell holes that they left if they can’t live with that. The official stance of the USA should be “caution” when it comes to Islam – “tolerance with a BIG F-ing caveat”.

*See suggestion above – imprisonment at hard labor for life. When death arrives, bury them with a freshly killed pig.

22 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. I love Sunday ranting.

    FREXIT. Follow the leaders. I need my croissants and brie.

    Yes, Larry, the world has gone mad. This is why you’re going to Arizona.

  2. There is something more delicious about croissants in France. I don't know why that is. It's the same thing about fish and chips (no squishy peas) in England. They simply do a great job at it. The election will be transformational and I think that the French people are fed up with their Muslim guests who want to kill for fun and profit. We'll see, won't we?

  3. Bill Maher is right on occasion. Mostly wrong, but on occasion he gets it right. Maybe Berkeley should have some of its public funds cut back if they insist on breaking the law and censoring free speech. See how that sits with the Board of Regents.

  4. My wife worked for a guy who announced one day that instead of being Jim, he was going to be Jamie.
    I worked as a maintenance manager there so had to deal with him occasionally. The women in the plant were livid that he would be int their bathroom. Accommodations were made.
    But similar to Jenner (besides being ugly), he decided he liked women, and upon leaving his family, he took up with a woman from Brazil.
    I remember him giving a presentation on the company finances when the AC came on and his braless nipples swelled.
    He looked down at them in front of everyone and giggled.
    I don't know how you keep a job after that.
    They eventually let him go after I and my wife left.

  5. You can be a live and let live type of person only so long as you can kick the shit out of them that want to tell you how to live.

    Shillary not a nice person? Wow, who woulda thunk?

  6. As with —- everywhere, there are different styles of cooking in France that are peculiar to a particular region. I like the bouillabaisse in Marseilles and everything else up in the Rhone country. The key, of course, is that the ingredients are fresh, and the French pride themselves in that.

  7. Cal Berkeley is a very close reflection of the California State Legislature and executive branch. I think they cheer when they see students not learning anything, sitting around, rioting on occasion. To the legislature, it's like looking in a mirror. Land of fruits and nuts.

  8. I think that everyone has to be as kind as possible to cripples and the mentally ill. Self mutilation and self loathing are manifestations of deeply disturbed people. I don't understand how anyone would be willing to give them a job requiring honor, trust or reliability. I'm sure that there are jobs that they can do, though. In Jenner's case, he was well off because of his life as a man, he took a hefty share of his wife's money when they divorced and now he's celebrated as a freak and as in the circus, the media pays him to show up and be who he has become.

  9. It's not politically correct to pound a prog until their head is soft(er). I'm sure that it's immensely satisfying as the counter demonstrators in Berkeley experienced.

  10. I love your suggestion above and have believed it myself for decades. But I almost choked on my coffee with the term "Courting Tackle." I will also be missing that show.

  11. Like Odie, I did a full stop at "courting tackle." How can a man who has fathered numerous children using his courting tackle proceed to have the aforementioned courting tackle whacked off? And what replaces it? Just a small hole to pee from? Being addicted to "due diligence" I researched the whole procedure. Not pretty.

    Looking forward to seeing what France does today. We should know soon.

  12. Bill Maher actually said something coherent?

    Oh, well….Donald Trump is President, the Cubs won the World Series, and the Brits left the EU…who'd thunk it….

  13. Yes, Bruce has a tuck-and-roll job. At least that's his story. I guess that he wasn't using what God gave him. I think that the Kardashians neutered him. He says otherwise, but it's difficult to know for sure.

  14. He wanted to be a real girl. I guess that he is now in the progressive sense of the thing.

    It's down to Le Pen and Macron now. The French elite, smug, lying mainstream media will try and have the voters pick Macron… We've seen that movie in the US and Britain recently.

  15. There have been news stories about the genital mutilation here in (western) MI. Probably because it was done on the eastern side of MI, and the doctor was arrested. He said that it wasn't against the law, because it was religious procedure, so it was protected under the First Amendment.
    I told my DH that idiot doctor should go talk to the Mormons…the ones who believe in polygamy as a form of religious expression…whatshisname who is in jail for life for molesting little kids…
    Personally I think the gene pool needs to be flushed out.

  16. Hubby said he read that the NYT or some other liberal bastion will no longer use the term genital mutilation because it puts a bad light on muslims, or some such. Idiots.

    If the French do not elect Le Pen, then they deserve to reap what they sow.

    Bernie Sanders has sort of come out in support of Ann Coulter also.

    We agree with you completely on Islam.

  17. But LL, Bruce is a woman of the year. Even though he's not a woman but still a lesbian.

    Western Civ is now insane.

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