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France in the Pacific

France’s overseas territories (Mayotte and La Réunion islands, Scattered Islands and French Southern and Antarctic Territories, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia and Clipperton) and 93% of its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The region is home to 1.5 million French people, as well as 8,000 armed forces personnel stationed in the region. The French Navy has ships based in the region and assets from mainland France do deploy to the region, including submarines as is currently the case with the submarine in Guam that we will discuss here.  …read the whole article

French territory lays in the path of Chinese expansion (as does that of Japan) and there is significant concern about the potential Coming War with China.

These concerns are amplified now with the apparent election of the Corrupt Joe and Ho. The world knows that Joe Biden has taken significant bribes from the Communist Chinese in pay-to-play schemes and now he’s poised to be sworn in as President of the United States. Does that mean that the US will stand aside while China swallows the Pacific whole? Time will tell whether or not Joe stays bought.

SSN Emeraude (FR)

On November 30, the French Navy Rubis-class nuclear powered submarine (SSN) Emeraude arrived at Naval Base Guam. I a strategic t’s a U.S. naval base located on Apra Harbor, Guam. In 2009, it was combined with Andersen Air Force Base, to form Joint Region Marianas. The French nuclear attack submarine was joined by the Loire-Class support & assistance vessel (BSAM type) Seine.

The port call underscore’s French intentions to assert control over its territory and to work with its Pacific allies (which do not include the Communist Chinese).


  1. Are the ChiComs up against the wall financially? Assuming Slo Joe isn’t #46 and they have four more years of President Trump to deal with, do you see their financial system failing?

    • Four more years of Trump will ruin China. Particularly if there is a fair election after that and the trend continues.

  2. If Biden/Harris take over, Polynesia, Micronesia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Papau/New G., New Zealand – all of them, become open targets for takeover and overt control from Beijing.

    ChiCom is already flexing their muscles towards Australia, while our media ignores it.

    Something has to be happening to make such unfriendly towards each other nations like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore all seriously start talking friendly-like, to the extent of talking about joint military missions. Again, something that our media ignores.

    Almost like, well, our media is owned and controlled by the ChiComs…

    • Comcast has billions invested in China and wants to play nice with them. The same is true of AT&T and the other multi-national corporations which supported Biden. They’re all globalists and could give a rat’s ass about America or its people – so long as we continue to buy their stuff.

    • There is a lot of ChiCom money in US media. But the people who have overwhelming control of the editorial content and the slant (err, so to speak) of the “news” are another group that are definitely not Chinese. But be of good cheer, the US is not unique here. There is historical precedent for this (plus it’s going on at the present moment) in many European countries.

      • Yes indeed. It’s not Chinese control of the media. A lot of the media giant and their parent supergiants have a lot of investments in China.

  3. Well, have we learned anything from WW2? The Chicom govt seems to be acting like Imperial Japan did in the decade or so prior to the war. Very eager to conquer more lands and people. History might not repeat, but it often rhymes, eh? What are your thoughts on this comparison?

    • China has no intention of attacking the USA. Their present intentions are (1) The Belt Road Initiative – which is sort of defunct; (2) Control of the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean; (3) weakening the USA.

      China would like to capture Taiwan and under Biden, Taiwan might be hands-off. That notwithstanding they’ve made moves on Taiwan in the past with disastrous results. Under Trump, China would have to go through the US.

      China would like to occupy The Philippines and prop up a puppet leader. They have massive influence there now, but not the actual control that they want. French Polynesia is a current target of the Chinese as are American interests in the WestPac. They feel that once Australia is surrounded by Chinese satraps, they’ll fold and will accept Chinese leadership and the ChiCom system.

      Obviously, the ChiComs will bribe any US politician who will take their money. The Biden Crime Family, always happy to sell power, was a willing customer.

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