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Crime in the Tenderloin

(Sharyl Attkisson) Major cities across the country are struggling with an uptick in homelessness, mental illness, drug abuse, and the crime that is coming with them.

San Francisco’s Tenderloin District is one such example. An extremely liberal city, even the progressive residents are complaining loudly about the left-leaning policies that they say have brought the historic district to its knees.

Things got so bad that the Mayor declared a 90 day state of emergency.

Buying, selling, and using drugs in the Tenderloin District without a sign of police

Residents and advocates alike accuse the city of allowing the neighborhood to become an open-air illegal drug market in order to contain the activity to a poor section of town and away from the money areas.

I have to weigh in on this.  The Tenderloin has always been a s*ithole with drugs being sold openly, crackwhores plying their trade, etc. Since the city is now offering free drugs and hypodermic syringes, it acts as more of a magnet for addicts, but the place has always been crime-ridden and filthy. Yes, it is California’s 12th Congressional District, represented by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The place is extremely woke.



Food – and yet another “Black Swan Event”

It’s almost as if it was planned.

The U.S. and the world were bracing for shortages of fertilizer this year following President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine because Russia is a top global exporter of fertilizer and the West imposed major economic sanctions on Moscow following the attack. That said, there were already concerns about food insecurity and outright starvation in some of the world’s poorest countries, thanks to that expected shortage.

Now, a new supply shock is imminent in the U.S. after CF Industries Holdings Inc. warned last week that rail shipments of nutrients for crops will be cut back to top agricultural states — which literally could not come at a worse time as farmers have already begun planting crops.

The world’s biggest fertilizer producer announced that Union Pacific Railroad hit the company with rail-mandated shipping reductions that are going to negatively impact nitrogen fertilizers, including urea and urea ammonium nitrate shipments to states like Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, and California. Union Pacific officials informed CF Industries without any advance notice to cut the volume of private cars on its railroad immediately, which means CF Industries was forced to curb shipments by as much as 20 percent in order to remain compliant.

“The timing of this action by Union Pacific could not come at a worse time for farmers,” said Tony Will, president and chief executive officer of the company.

“Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all,” Will added.


The war in Ukraine is exacerbating preexisting problems with global grain supplies and prices. Although higher prices are felt by all, North African and Middle Eastern countries along the Mediterranean are more directly and severely affected.


The Arms Trade



The Old World during the 16th century can largely be characterized by a Great Game between two main power-projecting blocs, that being the Ottomans and the Portuguese-Habsburg alliance.


The War in Ukraine

Updates: There have been no notable changes to control confirmed over the last 24 hours.

Ukraine has reportedly carried out counteroffensives in the Kharkiv, Izyum, and Kherson areas. Details of the degree of success of those offensives are not yet clear.

Above: (note dotted lines)

Russian troops engaged Ukrainian troops around Staryi Saltiv (East of Kharkiv)

Russian forces continued their attempts to take control of Rubizhne and Popasna.

Below: A quick little force ratio product showing estimated BTGs and frontages by operational direction. Information derived from US government releases and uawardata locations. More notes on image.

Analyzing Breakthrough Operations in the Donbas. This is a closer look at the state of operations along the line of operations ranging from Izium to Popasna in east Ukraine (Donbas) to gain a better understanding of what it will take to achieve a decisive breakthrough in the Donbas Pocket.

The Russians will try to encircle Ukrainian forces which would result in a significant victory for them. May 9 remains a key date for the Kremlin to declare some sort of “victory”. As you can see, if May 9 is indeed a mark on the wall to measure Russian success, they are way behind the power curve.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the Russians have taken a drubbing, they are also inflicting casualties on the Ukrainian military to the extent that the Ukrainians are consolidating units in order to manage losses in the same way that the Russians are.

Russia still has a much larger army and to the extent that they are willing to pull troops from elsewhere, they can keep reinforcing and absorbing losses in a “long game”.


  1. Sidney Greenstreet: “So Jesse, do you box?”
    Jessie Stone: “No, I mostly fight.”
    SG: “What’s the difference??”
    JS: “Rules.”

    This Democrat bravo sierra is getting old really fast, willfully wrecking American life inside of 15 months to make American’s heel to their lunacy is elevating the Alert Status to ‘fighting words”.

    As the admonition says: The older we get the less dissuasive “life in prison” becomes.

    • Life in the prison camp would be better if WSF and Banner (attack hound) did not hog the bed next to the stove.

  2. Food shortages in the Middle East and North Africa? Oh noes! We must help those poor people by bringing them to Europe immediately. Especially to Scandinavia, Finland, and Germany. Let’s send gigantic transport planes to MENA RFN (right freaking now). But no MENA immigration to Ukraine, even after the unpleasantness is settled. There are other plans for Ukraine. As Brave Leader President Post Turtle hinted, there are other plans for Ukraine. Take the word “like” out of Brave Leader’s statement on the future of Ukraine and you will have it.

    “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think [redacted] are going to be part of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the whi…, er, monolithic societies the once were in the last century.”

    • Food shortages lead to regime change – maybe not 100% of the time, but close. I don’t care much what happens in Africa, but there is the inevitable blowback here, particularly where “illegal” immigration is involved. The donkeys are making all immigration legal and that never ends well.

  3. I’m dense, agreed! But why did Union Pacific Railroad hit the company (CF Industries Holdings Inc.) with rail-mandated shipping reductions? Was it a severe increase in the cost of transportation power (diesel/electric)? Was if a lack of rolling stock (which would probably belong to CF Industries anyway)? Was it a Presidential/Imperial order out of D.C.?
    Still trying to figure it and not making any sense of it.

  4. Russia’s Admiral Makarov has been hit by Ukrainian missiles and is currently on fire, according to Ukrainian officials. The frigate would be Russia’s latest naval loss coming after the Russian cruiser Moskva was sunk by Ukraine weeks ago.

    Local media outlets also reported a frigate was burning in the Black Sea near to Snake Island.

    “A Russian warship operating in the Black was hit and left burning by a Ukrainian cruise missile, news reports and social media reported on Friday. The UNIAN news agency citing the government social media website Dumska said the vessel was a “Burevestnik” class frigate, at midday located near the island Zmeyny, offshore from the Danube delta.

    The usually-reliable Gruz200 military news web platform said a naval source confirmed that a Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missile struck the vessel. The Dumska statement likewise said a Ukrainian Neptune missile hit the ship, and that “large numbers” of Russian aircraft were circling overhead.”

    A maritime ship tracking service showed a Russian rescue ship identified as SPK-46150 en route to the location and FlightRadar24 showed a US Air Force Global Hawk long-range reconnaissance drone over the location at 0500 this morning.

    Commissioned in only 2017, the Admiral Makarov is one of Russia’s most modern warships and carries a crew of around 200.

    • Putin’s facing death by a thousand cuts. We could use some of that here…well, a lot of that here.

      Really wish the oil companies would tell DC to go pound sand, then reopen all the closed off oil and gas production facilities, restart Keystone, and get the domestic taps flowing at full bore. What will The Dem’s do, start arresting or shooting people? They go down that road and their other murdering coups would look like “small incursions”.

      • Rumor control has it that Admiral Makarov replaced the (now) artificial reef Moskva as the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. They don’t seem to be able to keep a flagship floating. Admiral Makarov is/was one of the most modern warships in the Russian Navy and the most modern in the Black Sea. I can’t help but wonder if Admiral Igor Vladimirovich Osipov (Fleet Commander) was onboard, putting some steel in the backbone of the ship…

    • I hadn’t heard that until I read this post. The Wackipedia is reporting: “Some experts are asking if the US is taking a more active role in jamming Russian Navy sensors.”

      Sounds like a good way to get shot back at….

  5. I like that last map. And I’m with you, doesn’t seem as though any kind of decisive victory’s on the cards for May 9.

    Armchair generalship aside, why did the Russians go in without a clear, immediate advantage in force? Instead of a 3:1 advantage they were outnumbered and took a mauling on the drive to Kiev which didn’t roll over and die. Well, all kinds of theories out there but we know that some 135(?) FSB officers were fired and their chief imprisoned.

    Dzherzinsky scowls from the battlements of Hell.

    • First, they attacked during the Rasputsa, so only paved roads could be used. Ukraine does have highways but most travel is managed by rail there.
      Second, they ran out of fuel and the Chinese tires they used were rotten, which clogged up the advance. They had rations for one week, so they began to starve early in the campaign.
      Third, the Ukrainians fought back and the rest of the world felt sorry for them, in effect, declaring war Russia.
      Fourth, Ukraine blew up all rail access to Ukraine going back into Russia hundreds of miles. I don’t know how many troop trains were derailed, but then the Russians had to walk in because of a lack of gasoline and things stalled.
      Fifth, as you point out, the FSB declared that they’d be welcomed as liberators and they were not.

  6. Nevertheless, as some other Russian guy said, “Quantity has a quality all its own”
    If Putin manages to get some semblance of order established things could turn very quickly.
    If such a turn occurs and it does not bring NATO to the negotiating table or if Russia continues to lose and the hawks continue to push for their subjugation and humiliation, we may very likely get to find out what a canned sunshine party is really like.

    Sun Tzu had some things to say about the importance of allowing a defeated enemy to save face and the Treaty of Versailles ultimately provided an example of what happens when one does not.

    But all of that is ancient history and couldn’t possibly matter in todays modern world. After all, history has ended doncha know.

    “For the doom of men is that they forget”

    • The Russian battlefield equipment is hopelessly outdated against NATO. Nuclear weapons vaporize things and leave a toxic environment behind and are not outdated.

  7. About 4 or 5 months ago, I postulated with a comment here that I expected a black swan event would tip everything over. I never thought about a worldwide food shortage. Missed it by that much, so said agent 86.

    • It would stand to reason that in the case of the US with vast grain supplies, a vast food infrastructure, destroying the food supply would be a LOT of work.

      1. The fires/explosions at food processing plants nationwide.
      2. The oil production problem caused by the government.
      3. The Ukraine War – wherein USGOV would export food to favored locations, while at the same time denying fertilizer to much of the world.
      4. Rampant spending on the plague (very little of which deals with the plague) leads to rampant inflation.

      Brandon and friends are up to the task.

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