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This story is one that I suspect is being played out across America. 
You know that all the famous people who are threatening to leave the USA if Trump is elected will flake out in the end and disappoint us all. Cher and Hanoi Jane were supposed to leave and never return when George W. Bush was elected — yeah, another big disappointment.

I have no problem with this tranny being in the men’s room, but they need to move it to one side as it’s blocking the urinal.

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  1. Hahahahaha! Good one.

    And I agree. It was a big disappointment when none of the people who promised to leave when Bush was elected/reelected, left. Here's hoping if Trump wins, they really do!

    But we know they won't. They hate America, but love all the money they make.

  2. However, it's a supreme act of laziness not to pick up the tranny and get it out of the restroom.

  3. I'm particularly disappointed that stupid Cher Bono lied about leaving and didn't. This is the Cher, a high school drop out, that called George W. Bush, a Harvard MBA and Yale grad, stupid.

    I'm not exactly how that statement squares with reality, but I'm sure we all would be better off with Cher gone. She's a has-been anyway, and her last hit was over 30 years ago.

  4. I do so love blustery people who throw their dummies out of the pram and then do…..nothing.
    What are you doing in that dodgy loo, LL? I'm concerned at the type of company you may be keeping and establishments you're eating in.

  5. She plays Vegas and lip syncs. I haven't seen her show. No interest. Sonny wasn't a bad sort – Republican Congressman – after he dumped Cher.

  6. Not all children grow up to be the men and women that you hope they will be. I've been lucky with my girls and their families, but I still keep them close and cherish them. And spoil them (too much).

  7. As has been pointed out, the celebrities ALWAYS head north. To Canada. Away from Mexico, and people of 'color'. I wish someone would question them about this and perhaps breed a little queasiness in their self-assured 'better than thou' attitude.

  8. Canadian cities are quite multicultural nowadays so I think more than running from people of 'color' in Mexico, they're running towards a country with clean running water.

  9. Hear, hear! Failure to toss the tranny is inexcusable. It's the responsible thing to do. Just wash the, er, lube off your hands afterward. 🙂

  10. Isn't it somehow racist to suggest that if celebs drink the water in a Latin American country that they'll end up with Montezuma's Revenge? Are you engaging in a micro-aggression here on my blog? The next thing I know, you'll be writing "TRUMP" on the sidewalk with chalk. (oh, the horror)

  11. Hmmmm. Tossing trannies, another bar sport like tossing dwarves? This could be BIG.

  12. Bruce Jenner the athlete used to toss the hammer and throw the javelin. Was that politically incorrect? I think not.

  13. It's much safer there than in the "inner city" or in Mexico, where they would only feel safe if flanked by legions of rough, armed men, hired to protect them.

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