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Bullet Points:

** Last week, DOD reported that over 75% of Americans between 17 and 24 were unfit for military service due to obesity and low IQ.

** The Brandon Regime proposes a 15% increase for the Treasury in part to “improve the taxpayer experience.” I know what would improve my experience as a taxpayer: lower taxes and less of my tax money going to activities that are reprehensible.

** If schools teach children nothing else, they should teach students to plant and tend to gardens. Middle and high school students should raise poultry and livestock that are slaughtered and fed to the students in the lunch room. Something dies every time that we eat. It should impart a sense of humility and appreciation that is often lost.

** Biden’s plan is light on initiatives for dealing with drug deaths/fentanyl from China… but heavy on gender politics. ie: sodomy, child rape, and Christian persecution. Spending plans outline $3 billion “to advance gender equity.” “The budget itself would spend $6.8 trillion and raise $5.5 trillion in new taxes from Americans over coming years.” True, it’s just a democrat wish list, but it’s still disturbing.

** Regional racism discussed at American Thinker:

What the Northern and coastal elite feel toward the South and West is a level of contempt that amounts to racism.  For many decades, liberals have displayed a racist attitude toward white Southerners, a group with which most liberals in the coastal regions have little contact.  When liberals ripped down the statues of Southern heroes such as Robert E. Lee and treated them with contempt, that was not just an act of removing the images of slaveholders — it was a display of racial disdain for the people of another region, the vast majority of whom are not descendants of slaveholders.  One quarter of Southerners owned slaves, and some two percent owned large numbers of slaves on large plantations.

Regional racism of this kind has been a crucial element of American society since well before the Civil War — and it was, perhaps, the main reason why tensions between the North and South led to secession.  One would imagine that in 2023, 162 years after the Civil War began, the regional wounds would have healed, but that is not the case.  In a popular culture that appeals especially to Northern and coastal liberals, white Southerners are depicted as hillbillies, buffoons, racists, and religious extremists.

** Jacob Chansley is mentally ill and harmless. Free him from prison.

** Most and Least in maps. An average of various United States maps spanning multiple different subjects such as average height and population density. Apparently, Florida is the ‘most’ state, Utah is the ‘least’ state, and Oklahoma is in the middle.

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22 thoughts on “Make of it what you will.

      1. Tried SIG365 JHP V-Crown 115gn .9mm ammo last Thursday. 1050fps 282 ft/lbs. made it a very nice controllable CCW round with a sting. Haven’t heard any ammo dumps lately thought I’d share the little ballistic data on this featherlight and higherended priced round from SIG.
        weapon system- FNS-9mm

          1. I haven’t been there for some time. I’m out working, baby needs a new pair of shoes and all that. I expect that the rain and warmer temperatures is melting the snow. I had about 4′ in front of my north-facing garage. I was going in and out of the south-facing garage (where I didn’t need to climb the hill to get out).

        1. For the last week, the identify posting have either been whilst I’m sleeping or spending time with my wife. With this group, one has to respond very quickly!

  1. ** Last week, DOD reported that over 75% of Americans between 17 and 24 were unfit for military service due to obesity and low IQ.

    Not much can be done with low IQ but the Army, draft era, had little problem dealing with obesity. The problem today is more cultural. No Gunny Hartman (Full Metal Jacket) allowed.

    Low IQs is more likely caused by failed schools. I served with many intelligent troops that were functionally illiterate. Most, but not all, were black and often from the South.

    1. I’ve been out of the mix for a long time. It used to be that they’d PT the fat off. I know that LSPs son PTs hard but he has an eye toward Ranger school

  2. That School Farm idea would also serve the students well when the Next Great Depression hits, any month now…


  3. You’ve watched Clarkson’s Farm and what the British PTB are doing to destroy farming. Kaleb says, “You stop farming and YOU HAVE NO FOOD! He’s 23 and genius compared to them because it is what he does, working very hard all day in all weather to make food.

    When Clarkson presents viable solutions for the local economy the local council morons and a few town ninny’s work overtime to hamstring his operation and ability to turn a profit. Told him he can’t sell t-shirts because they’re not locally sourced (couldn’t be, but logic isn’t their strong suit or their agenda). Then when he offers a full development plan to help local farmers – on his large nickel – they turn him down as if that was a bad thing. Then he turns an old barn into a terrific restaurant PER THE RULES, yet the Gestapo HOA, err, Council denies a gravel road to it ON HIS FARM. Never before denied a farmer a gravel road. But he does it anyway…because…Reg’s allow it without approval. Just found out they shut his LEGAL restaurant down without any standing to do so. Just did it.

    The Council and a few Nimby types either hate or envy him, blatantly breaking their own rules that will ruin their local economy, let alone a farm that has been in operation for centuries so they can cause him to fail. But he has a lot of eff-u money.

    Clarkson is showcasing the hypocrisy and criminality of local and national interference by politicians in our food supply. Our Federal govt is doing the same here, they’re just more subtle.

    The question is why are TPTB doing this across the globe in 1st world countries. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Defiance is the only answer.

      1. Or…those fascists usurp power and control over citizens and industries they have no right, creating the ability to shut anything down at will. Covid Lockdowns was a test, Jan 6th was another. And how much have we heard about the aftermath in East Palestine last week?

        On and on it goes, no one knows when it ceases unless We the People stop their destructive trajectory.

  4. Another schism is coming. It will be as violent and bloody as those that have come before. The left behaves as they always have. They cannot leave others to their own devices. The left believes they must always be the higher authority. This time they will not only be defeated but hopefully eradicated.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers” is flawed and comes from those seeking undeserved mercy. To be free, nothing collectiveist can remain. All traces of Marx must be removed and held up as the evil they are. The statist, collectivist left must be held to account and debased in such a way they can never interfere in the free lives of sovereign, free men and women.

    1. I sometimes wonder if it’s the understanding and application of “blessed are the peacemakers” that is the problem. There was a meme out there where Jesus is saying he will repeat, more slowly, a statement about personal responsibility; telling the person to let Him known where he lost the message/idea.
      Every generations creates a crop of busybodies who desire to control others. The ‘fixed it once for all time’ thoughts are the ones with flaws. As someone once said “If you can keep it”.
      Tongue in cheek thought seen elsewhere – ain’t nobody more peaceable than a dead troublemaker.

  5. Forgot to mention earlier; that American Thinker article is dead on. I would say racism is by far the wrong term, but up here in Urban New England, the vast majority of people are utterly, unalterably certain down to their bones that they are infinitely superior in every way to people they have never met and will never meet, in places they will never go.

    They are also certain that Those People are all kneejerk unthinking bigots, and never see the irony.


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