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Should History be a Part of Common Core?

The future is simple to predict (in a macro sense) because a study of history (cause and effect) allows the reader to draw parallels in the most amazing way.  The nature of man has not changed since men were able to communicate and write. It’s difficult to assess before that, but we have roughly 5,000 years to work with. When you consider the volume of data available, even a computer of modest power can compare and contrast. From that point of view, history should be an essential part of study from the very earliest instruction.

The history that is taught in schools is progressive philosophy mixed with a few facts – and vast omissions. Thus a study of revisionist history is a complete waste of time. The time taken teaching “wikipedia” history where students cut and paste to generate “reports” could better be put to hard science and math. Is that racist or progresso-phobic? Most liberals prefer “liberal arts” to science.

Empowering Despotism

There are a number of excellent examples of gun control in action across the world. Despots who desire control over a population must disarm them first or they face situations that may be dangerous to their own survival or that of their regime.

The Jews in the USA are clearly not representative of the Jews in Israel. They routinely support policies that would march themselves back into ovens. Israeli Jews have a far more circumspect view of the situation since they are surrounded by people who want to see them wiped out to the last man/woman/child.
American Indians at Wounded Knee refused to give up their arms (primarily because they needed to hunt during the winter) and the US Army killed about 300 of them. (link). It makes the recent slaughter in Orlando look anemic. 
Armed people will kill unarmed people with alarming regularity. Take Paris, San Bernardino or Orlando for example. The only answer to the problem is to empower the honest, hard working people to protect themselves from savages. Progs and elites have never advocated disarming their security details. You can’t blame them.

The Solstice

Today the 2016 Solstice is coming to a close and Wiccans are drawing their three-day orgy to an end. Naturally if you’ve been attending a pagan orgy, you haven’t been reading this blog. You’ve had other things on your mind as you exchange social diseases with your friends.

There are a number of “Litha”/wicker man festivals going on in California. I consider them a type of warm-up for Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert (NV), which is a “pagan festival” of a completely different nature. Though witches do show up at Burning Man, there are a lot of unaffiliated hippies, “artists”, freaks and hangers-on who also bark at the moon while naked. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a genuine California witch and a new age Illuminati stooge with a wicked crystal meth habit.

The typical lesbian witch crew in California considers Burning Man an event done in poor taste, primarily because it was not started as a witch-centric event. They also object to the presence of men and to the “rape culture” that exists there in the Nevada desert. Women, loaded on chemicals, pass out and wake up, having been violated and filled (with new social diseases) by one or more males (NY Times did a piece on the whole rape at Burning Man thing). Then again, it happens to guys who pass out too, so it’s an equal opportunity violation orgy in the filth of the desert.

From what witches say, Burning Man not as fun to attend as the the witch lesbian- love fests in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Both are akin to “worshiping a golden calf” but that’s just me offering up my two cents worth.

Barack Update

I heard that Barack and a massive entourage have taken over Yosemite National Park as part of one of several presidential summer vacations. As a taxpayer, I feel privileged to cover all of his majesty’s junkets to different parts of the world and the “good will missions” that his ugly wife takes to get her out of the White House (which reminds her of slavery).

One question on everyone’s lips is whether Barack will team up post-presidential term, with Rev. Al Sharpton to begin a clown show that would tour the us, and perhaps the world. Two evil clowns under the same big top? It could happen and while it’s not the sort of circus that you’d want to take your kids to, I’m sure that the lemmings/progs would line up in droves and fork over big money to see the act. It would be fun to see Barack get a pie in the face and Al fall prey to the fake flower in the lapel that shoots water. But I might wait for the MSNBC Special.

Indonesia-China-South China Sea Clash

On 17 June, an Indonesian naval patrol ship fired warning shots towards several Chinese fishing boats that were operating near the Natuna Islands, which are part of Indonesia.

You’ll recall that China claims the entire South China Sea (among other vast tracts of the Pacific) are its own domain.

The Indonesian navy said the Chinese fishing boats were fishing illegally and that no one was injured by the warning shots.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the firing incident on the 17th and said that the Indonesians wounded one fisherman and detained the seven-man crew of one of the fishing boats.

This was the third confrontation near the Natuna Islands this year. Chinese authorities acknowledge Indonesian sovereignty over the Natuna Islands, but the map the Chinese use to delineate their claims to sovereignty includes some sea areas over which Indonesia has sovereignty, according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Apparently that overlap encourages poaching by some Chinese fishing crews.

The three incidents this year indicate the China’s assertion of sovereignty over most of the South China Sea does not represent the limit of Chinese fishing boat operations. There is no promise that the Chinese will respect fishing rights outside the limits of the Chinese claim. Rather, the limit of the Chinese claim constitutes the safe baseline, behind which Chinese fishing boats can expect armed protection from the maritime police, the coast guard and the Chinese navy.

A confrontation between Chinese maritime police and the Indonesian Navy is unlikely. However, recurring incidents involving Chinese fishing boats are highly likely.

15 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. How do elite progs explain that you shouldn't have a gun to protect yourself, since that is what the police are for. Yet their personal security details are armed to the teeth.

    Aren't the police supposed to protect elite progs, too?

  2. I don't think that the progs feel that the police are as reliable in defending their personal interests as security guards are. If the police witness a prog committing a crime (and let's face it, progs love their drugs/child porn/etc.), they are apt to take action. Security guards are mere hirelings who have a better perspective of "who the boss is".

  3. From Wounded Knee to China via witches, lesbyterians, goof-off clowns, Illuminati stooges and Barak Obama's elegant wife.

    Top round up.

  4. NOBODY feels that the police are as reliable in defending thier personal interests as security guards are, not just progs.

    Why is it that they decry anybody else using guns to protect their interests? Are THEIR interests more important that OUR interests?

    That last question is obviously a rhetorical question. I already know the answer: liberals/progressives are loathsome pieces of hypocritical shit, and I would wish a pox on them all, and the lice of a thousand camels should infest all of their pubic areas.

  5. The lice of a thousand camels must multiply twice daily (to end the curse properly)…

  6. I misread the first headline as: "Should Hillary be Part of Common Core?" But it didn't matter to me, as long as Hillary is eventually part of the federal prison population.

  7. General population is fine with me, but I expect her to get protective custody until Barack pardons her. She needs to hope that she wins. If Trump is president, she'll be wearing an orange pantsuit for sure.

  8. That whole Burning Man thing is repulsive, and I don't think that because I'm an old gal. I reached my majority during the 60's and could never understand why girls would want to look so ugly and be so dirty. Nope, I'm a makeup, styled hair, high heel wearing type of gal.

    Mooch stomping around the park probably scared the elk. And the two snotty little daughters looked like crap, too, as well as being obviously bored to tears.

  9. Here's what struck me: When Obama and the Fine Rev. Sharpton start their clown tour, will they be handing out bread with their circuses, or will they hope Hillary carries on with that part of our degenerate government?

    Serious question: We know that Hillary is incapable of forming any kind of correct foreign policy, especially when it comes to China. Would Mr. Trump be any better, or would the Chinese write him off?

    Either way, eventually the US will be dragged into some kind of confrontation with China or give up all claim to the area and let the Chinese become the next world empire. No more Samsung, Mitsubishi, Honda, or LG.

  10. Sorry I'm late, I was attending a wiccan party and that bloody black duct tape is a devil to get off. It doesn't half come keen. Still, I learnt a lot about American history and found a new religion. So, Barrack can sod off cos clown church starts with ME.

  11. I don't know how Trump will handle China. If you owe $3,000, you're a debtor and if you owe $3 trillion, you're a partner. I think that Trump will play the partner card, pushing China out of its comfort zone.

  12. Don't be tardy to the witch party… But I think that Barack may take the clown thing on tour if you don't beat him to it.

  13. I don't know how to respond to any of that except that you two crack me up. I hope it's not dangerous.

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