Fourfer Twofer Tuesday

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A progressive prayer:

A message to all progressives that they may be disturbed to see:

Thoughts from Dear Leader:
Many people believe that Barack is a sociopathic narcissist. While true, that doesn’t mean that he won’t keep a promise to people that he values:

10 thoughts on “Fourfer Twofer Tuesday

  1. Nah, Obama's kept lots of promises. He promised to fundamentally change the US. He's done his darnedest to see that happened. He promised hope and change. He got that one half right.

  2. He had a very big agenda coming in. He broke healthcare…his signature achievement. But there was a lot that he wasn't able to do. He is the single best firearms salesman in the history of the USA. And every time that he works those blue gums, Americans go out and buy more firearms.

  3. Darn tootin' that man can sell guns. Unfortunately, the gun sales have been driven because of fear of Obama. We should not have to fear the president of the United States.

  4. No, but when America is in jeopardy, it arms up. There may be a lesson in that for the anti-gun people. But the progs are too stupid to get it.

  5. It's his family name, the Islamic Marxists from Kenya who joined with Marxists in Hawaii to create Himself.

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