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Caption: An obsessive reliance on statistics and mathematical results.

Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that can be counted counts.


Is there a Danger in Having Firearms at Home?

While the media and politicians make people fearful of having firearms in the home, we dug in and created a fact-based report to clear the air. Naturally, our findings essentially debunk false information from the gun-control lobby.

  • Of 17,215 homicides in 2022, only 15% of homicides were committed by a family member or domestic partner.
  • There are approximately 49,000,000 households with firearms in the U.S., and only 600 unintentional shootings yearly.
  • Fewer than half of all homicides in the U.S. where the victim was murdered at home involved a firearm (55%).

There’s much more in the report. Feel free to read it here: Ammo.com


Variety is the Spice of Life

Should your home defense handgun have a tactical light mounted on it? There are pros and cons. Remember that if it comes down to it, people will aim for the light, so discipline and training become critical to safe and effective operation.



A topographic map of Montserrat shows the “exclusion zone” due to volcanic activity. The roads and settlements in the exclusion zone have mostly been destroyed.





Bullet Points:

** (right) A representation of a woke, liberal American legislator – pushed around on every current (or poll), toxic, functionally blind to all truth, brainless, just a massive stomach. (also see AOC and the Squad)

** A note on the subject of participation awards.

** The definition and distinction between “propaganda,” “public relations,” and “advertising” turn on their aim. All are examples of persuasive rhetoric.

Advertising is rhetoric to persuade a customer to buy a product or service; public relations is to persuade the public to think well of an institution, company, or cause; and propaganda, as the name implies, is to propagate a religion or an ideology (i.e., a substitute religion) by persuading converts to join. By extension, public relations meant to persuade the public to think well of a religion or ideology, even if no one joins, are also classed as propaganda.

Note the distinction: public relations seek to flatter an institution, but if the institution is a church or political faction, it counts as propaganda.

Because all ideologies from 1789 onward were rooted and centered on dishonesty, the word propaganda (meaning to propagate the faith in an honest way) fell into disuse. Now, it is used almost exclusively to mean dishonest propagation of a political faction’s recruitment and public relations efforts, ranging from slanting or spinning stories to blatant gaslighting.

** Tucker discusses the NSA’s active measures.

** Iran vs Israel – The ball is in Iran’s court. HogsbreathSS and I have had backchannel chats. I don’t think that Iran wants to be humiliated any further. The population isn’t happy, and the Revolutionary Guard demands to be fed like a pack of wolves to keep from turning on their masters. I suspect that, for the moment, Iran will declare victory and settle down. Israel will continue to reduce Gaza with even greater resolve. The population can leave or accept life in heavily controlled camps. The underground lairs will be abandoned or become tombs.

** One of many memorable quotes from Ben Franklin: “In those wretched countries where a man cannot call his tongue his own, he can scarce call anything his own. Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech … Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom, and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech, which is the right of every man…”

** Where did the band Lynyrd Skynyrd get its name? The answer is here.

** What if all of the democrat party-controlled US states seceded from the United States of America? A donkey asked me that question. I replied, “Since we have the guns, we’d invade you, kill you, and take it back immediately.” Of course, the inner cities would suffer disproportionately with the cessation of welfare payments for the sake of multi-generational homelessness. I’m guessing that those people and their surviving liberal hosts would be sent to Africa whether or not their ancestors were from there. Why? They do love Africa. The Africans would likely eat them as a ready source of needed protein.

** (H/T Claudio) Radio Free Asia – Fentanyl – this problem goes back a long way.

Drugs: Are they a domestic consumption problem, or are they an international relations problem? USGOV went with domestic consumption in the 60s and kept that theme to the present day. They have a point. I remember talking to the head of CISEN (Mexican Intelligence Agency) years ago. He was a personal friend who has now passed away. He said, “You (not meaning me personally) can solve the narco problem by not using illegal drugs.” His point was that we funded and created the cartel situation through continued consumption. Either China exploits the market, or we’re at war with them. Which is it?

** BRM discusses peace prospects in the Middle East.


Crane v Mayorkas

On April 16, the House Committee on Homeland Security held a hearing with now-impeached DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to evaluate the Department of Homeland Security’s FY2025 budget request and the priorities it reflects.

Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) (who represents the district where I live) pushed Secretary Mayorkas to defend his shameful record as the head of the Department of Homeland Security. Mayorkas has facilitated an invasion of our country, overseeing historic illegal crossings by criminal aliens and record-level infiltration attempts by terror watchlist members.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Congressman, I am incredibly proud to support the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security who enforce the laws of the United States daily. Many of them risked their lives to secure our borders.

Rep. Eli Crane: Yeah, Despite your horrific leadership, yes, they do. And I’m proud to know many of them as well. They are great people, but we all know what the morale is like in the border patrol right, and it’s horrible. I hear it from border patrol agents every day. Again, sir, my question is, how have you not violated your oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, specifically Article IV Section 4, which says that you, as Homeland Security, will protect each state from invasion?

DHS Secretary Mayorkas: I work proudly every day to advance the security of the border and support the department’s men and women.

Rep. Eli Crane: You may be working every day, but […] It seems you’re working for our enemies, and that’s exactly what the American people see. That’s precisely why they supported us impeaching you, and that’s exactly why you had so many members of this Conference, who are often divided come together to impeach you, sir. 

Rep. Eli Crane: Do you think our adversaries are stupid, sir?

DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Congressman, our adversaries vary in capability, and we address the defense and interests of the United States accordingly.

Rep. Eli Crane: No, You’re not, Ok. You are not doing that. As a matter of fact, do you think it’s possible that maybe some of our adversaries, the most dangerous ones like the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Russians, etc., might employ unconventional warfare and send their soldiers because our border is wide open through the southern border without a uniform, without firearms, with instructions to wreak havoc in this country once they’re here, once you’ve allowed them to be here, do you think that’s possible, Secretary Mayorkas?

DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Congressman, over the last eleven months, we have removed or returned 630,000 people, more than any fiscal year since 2013.

Rep. Eli Crane: Well, you’re bragging about how much you’ve returned, but you don’t want to brag about how many you’ve let in, do you?


VM Comment: DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has a lot of blood on his hands. There is a lot of transferred intent in this matter. When criminal illegal aliens are allowed into the US at his direction (and the direction of Pedo Joe/Ho and The Swamp), and they commit crimes, we need to convict DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas concurrently for those crimes as an example to all.  Mayorkas is 64. He should be sentenced to solitary confinement (for his protection) for a period of at least twenty-one years until he is eighty-five for the rapes, murder, and mayhem his actions have caused. Because his actions were committed while an employee of the US Government, I recommend that his time be served at the Portsmouth Naval Prison. He should be fined the entire sum of his compensation while in the office of DHS Secretary, and that money should be put into a fund to aid the US Citizens he has harmed.



Identify the Aircraft



No, not a Typhoon



Identify the Tank


Ok, it’s sort of a joke, but really not.  Some 450 were made. What a harebrained weapon.


Parting Shot – a day late

42 thoughts on “Quantophrenia

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Hawker Hunter
    2. Hawker Tornado
    3. Hawker Sea Hawk

    Identify the Armor:
    4. Carden Loyd tankette

      1. In fairness to the tankette, it was probably better than getting out of your trench and charging
        across no man’s land, beaten by MGs and Arty.

        At least you had your own MG, and the 1/8″ of mild steel was slightly more protective than a
        wool shirt.

        – Kle.

          1. Tankettes were and are a reasonably usable thing. Like the German Wiesel, to be able to get stuff to There from Here in a bullet-ridden environment is a good thing. As long as the enemy doesn’t have any anti-armor assets, that is.

            Eh. They worked.

          2. Drawing fire is also a good thing… although mostly for the other guys on your side.

            – Kle.

  2. Weapon lights – I have lights on two rifles and a shotgun but none on pistols.

    If I was in a more pistol friendly country maybe I would have one with light on. Local courts seem to think that is premeditation. I’ve had the Australian version of carry license since the 1990’s so more update courses than I care to remember.

    Local police do not have lights on their pistols. Mostly Glock in .40 with some 9 mm

    Still trying to figure out how to fit in that third gun safe without major house remodeling. So no extras planned for the moment.

    Carden Loyd two man tank, 1926 Armed with a .303 Lewis Gun. My grandfather used a Lewis Gun in France in WW1 and my father had one briefly in WW2 until better weapons came along.

    1. So if you shoot with a pistol and flashlight separate from each other, there’s less premeditation? That’s how I was taught in the past. You lock your wrists together with the handgun and light (you call a torch). I’m sure you’re familiar with the technique.

    2. Same here, lights on a rifle and an AR, but none on handguns. Likely the shotgun would be my first choice to defend our castle in the dark. My choice of weapon light is INFORCE. One of the features I like is that you can set them to click on and off, or press and hold.

  3. LL

    Don’t ask me how to make sense of judges and liars opps lawyers.

    Yes have done that with torch and gun.

    Mostly called torches here but flashlight is becoming a term with younger people- TV / internet.

    Most of my early training was army and pistols were not a big thing. Carried an issue Browning 9mm for a while when doing rear echelon signals.

    Lots of pistol training when I got into IPSC 1990 or so then more after I started private contracting with my own small security company including Australian carry license.

    Just do electronic security these days. Easier than dealing with people.

  4. Quantophrenia…first mind bent thought was I read that as “Quadrophenia”….we won’t get fooled again.
    Mayorkas speak- Do these types learn this sort of non-speak speech, or is it built into their wiring? Geez, what a putz.

    1. I see what you did there, but wasn’t that song from Who’s Next? I like their Eminence Front song very muchly, too.

      Mayorkas sucks, and there is no refining it. I doubt that one can remember when he first sold out. I used to wonder how people like him – how can anyone “like” him? – can stand to look themselves in the mirror every morning and then it came to me that his image wouldn’t appear in a mirror in the first place. Prison? Stood up against a wall along with all them other sumbitches he calls friends a quicker and much more satisfying solution, “pour encourager les autres.”

      1. You are correct (for those of us who were there when the albums were released). I mixed and matched albums because of the times we find ourselves…begs the question: “Who’s next?”
        The Founders – knowing the heart of man – wanted to install a level of governance that enlisted the best of us so it could not be corrupted…instead, as with anything, the demented narcissistic infiltrators have morphed a solid system to the point The Founders would be hanging at dawn everyone of these morons and reprobates…the the perpetrator’s surprise.

        1. WWW/PaulM – I know some of you will dismiss what I write as foolishness, but something happens when people embrace darkness and wickedness. I think that DHS Sec. Mayorkas is one of those people, but many like him are in the Swamp. I’ve met them (not him, but them) in the course of my profession. There was a cartel lawyer referred to as El Diablo, whom I’ve mentioned on this blog before. I met the guy in Mexico on a few occasions. He ended badly. The other narcos plucked his eyes out for a starter. His presence sucked the light out of the room. It’s not a role that anyone should aspire to.

          1. No sir, I don’t dismiss it at all. I’ve lived a relatively sedate life, but I’ve seen enough of that sort of thing to be fully convinced it exists, and plenty of it. Satan walks amongst us, and many choose to walk with him.

            “Choose this day whom you will serve” Joshua 24:15 (in part, do RTWT) has some sharp teeth in it, and many are bitten.

          2. X100…zero disagreements here, in fact, when viewed from the spiritual aspect it makes perfect sense that Satan has these people’s minds, they believe what they spew while thinking those questioning them are easily snowed.

  5. “Stand them against a wall” is a waste of a great resource. Running targets are a great challenge and great practice. I believe it may have been Jeff Cooper who said that every man should have to run for his life at least once in his life. It made you appreciate everything so much more.

  6. Warfare movie; looks like some big sell with the credit legacy for the producer and director. I’m just wondering how well funded this is compared to recent propaganda in ” civil war” and ” leave this world behind”. Wouldn’t the Left just love to see chaos and violence reach a point where ” Marshall Law” or ” shelter at home” orders are justified?

    To just sell action, is that enough? The common ol’ western theme of “revenge”, is that sufficient to hold interest? Is anyone calling the real mission of funding of the these sequential films outright nefarious? My friends are very concerned there is more than ” entertainment” developing in the film industry. I’ve heard of a few investors, but surely there’s other philatelists with deep pockets investing in the theatre business. I see the graphic of ticket prices, h/t L.L. What about overall drop in ticket sales in recent years? IMHO there is a subtle intent for a hypnotic guiding of the masses into feelings of hopelessness and nihillistic beliefs.

    1. I think the movie theater business is dead. They have big money tied up in buildings, publicizing and advertising, and releasing agencies like Miramax and Tristar, but that’s a dinosaur. Dune 2 is available on my television for $30. In a few months, it will be featured free to induce people to buy Prime or Showtime or whatever. Ticket prices reflect the price of a hamburger. It’s all insane. I have satellite TV that I pay for every month, but if I watch 6 hours a month, that’s about it. It’s simply uninteresting. The movies they make are likewise uninteresting. I took my grandsons to see the latest Ghostbuster film because they wanted to see it but it was stupid. Not worth $2.00. I did it for them and they weren’t that entertained. They have a 60″ flatscreen at home.

      1. With streaming, you have to rent a channel to get a movie or series, as opposed to picking and choosing a theater, and dinner afterwards.
        I put a movie in my watchlist in Amazon and next I know, it’s not available or I have to rent it.
        And now commercials. Unless I pay more. Again.

  7. Powerful images come to mind considering Democrats being “escorted” to Africa and as a protein source. Some of those images include a caption reading “Bet’cha can’t eat just one”, large piles of empty loperamide (Immodium) containers, while an entire cannibal tribe squats, holding their aching bellies and noses.

    1. Yes, we should send palates of immodium along with the protein just as a matter of common courtesy.

  8. BTW, I found myself staring intently at your two header pictures/graphics. AI? Epic detail that draws one into the frame, like I’m there. Maybe I have a Saturday morning fascination with Egyptian era day-to-day as presented (seems more benign than what it likely was). Doubtful the gals looked like that, not that we could truly know.

        1. An A.I. run fighter just bested a Top Gun quality pilot in a dogfight. The genie is out of the bottle.

          1. That’s some serious software coupled to incredible “on the fly” computing power. Instincts cannot be replaced by a computer no matter how good it thinks it is…especially if a sensor or battery quits. Hell, my exhaust sensor acts up because I hit the exhaust brake once too many times, then the computer “senses” a fault and the check engine light pops on. I know nothing is wrong.

            “Sully” testified to this “aspect” when the NTSB stated he still had engine power and could have landed at either of two airports instead of on the Hudson. Sully said he had no power, the ACARS was incorrect..he “felt” it go. Once they raised the engine they discovered the vanes were toast…he had no power. Also, simulations were pre-known as to what happened versus real time. Sully demanded they reinstall the “human factor”, they added a mere 35 seconds of “delay” to simulations (which had been done over and over until they got it right…vs ONE time). Even with a paltry 34 seconds it proved Sully’s “instincts” were correct and the “flight science” was incorrect. Can’t remove the pilot for [at least] the important missions…AI has no “feel”…but it could prove useful to avoid pilot error or deaths. It’s an adder, not a replacement.

  9. Regarding Mayorkas, many states have a ‘felony murder’ clause, that being all the people involved in the crime, not just the killer, can be charged with murder. Mayhaps Florida or Texas can charge Mayorkas with ‘felony murder’ in an illegal alien murderer case. Florida and Texas have and do enforce the death penalty, or life without parole for many murder charges.

    1. That was my theory of prosecution for Mayorkas. Most states have felony murder statutes and transferred intent. The likely and probable consequence of allowing criminal illegal aliens into America would be that they would continue their pattern of murder, rape, and mayhem. President Biden can’t pardon him for committing crimes prosecuted by the respective states. LWOP would be appropriate – for each case.

    1. More Islawanda than Rourke’s Drift. You know the current administration will pull a “Hillary during Bengazi” to any servicemen who get attacked.

  10. I have a combo laser/flashlight on my home defense pistol. The thought of trying to hold a flashlight in one hand and pistol in the other seems cumbersome to me. In high stress, holding one item with two hands seems preferable to trying to hold two things with two hands. Plus, (hopefully) greater accuracy with two hands on the pistol. Better than the shotgun option since the mag holds 21 rounds of .40 SW.

  11. Everything is sales and marketing…we are being lied to every day in order to get us buy something or buy INTO something. Dad used to say “take half of what they tell you then believe half of that.” Now it’s about .1% is truth, the rest is designed to get us to believe something about something, mostly it’s garbage offered by people who talk for a living telling us what someone said…in their terms with their biases and self promotion (what a gig). The so-called “informers” tell us to believe them (pick your poison outfit) while simultaneously telling us everyone else is offering “misinformation”. Yeah, right….”consider the source” is wisdom to avoid being made a fool.

    Trust but verify.

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