On his first day in office, President Trump met with business leaders and then he met with union leaders. Both groups were very excited to work with the President to help bring jobs to the nation (and make America great again). The Democrats are outraged that Donald Trump is stealing their mojo. Union workers were their bread-and-butter voters. Maybe not anymore. The progressive movement has always preferred grievance voters to union members, who lowed like cattle on their way to the slaughterhouse as did inner city voters. Those two voting blocks are in danger of deserting the Democrats and their leadership understands that. They just don’t know what to do to stop it — other than calling the president dirty names, dressing up as vaginas, etc. 
They strike back by giving $221,000,000 to Palestinians in the closing days of the Obama Administration. (more here). Barack also released billions of dollars to climate change organizations as a species of f#%k you to the American taxpayer. The grievance voters usually like this sort of largess from the government that’s underwater to the tune of $21 trillion. My sense is that going forward, this sort of nonsense will be stopped and the damage done by the previous administration will be explained. 
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On Day-One of the Trump Presidency, President Trump signed an executive order that banned US Taxpayer funded abortions outside of the USA. It’s the so-called Mexico City Policy (read more here). 
Why were we (the taxpayers) funding abortions outside of the USA – ever? 
There are a lot of funding efforts outside of the US that President Trump will be stopping in his effort to focus on America first. The United Nations scams will be among the next to go under the funding knife. 


  1. Trust me on this – the screeching harridans are despondent over not being able to fund overseas abortions. 600 million dollars could be assigned to health care for the vets.

    What is their thing with killing babies and calling it "reproductive health.

  2. Some Democrats see the writing on the wall, others not so much: when the rust belt shakes off its 40 year funk and begins to pump out cars, trucks, refrigerators and washing machines like gangbusters (using union workers), they can write off winning any national elections for the foreseeable future. When they lose the union vote, these liberal politicians are toast. Trump is indeed stealing their mojo, big time.

  3. And it begins… 🙂 And the meltdowns are going to be EPIC if the last couple of days are any indication!

  4. So far Trump's done exactly what he said he'd do, which is driving the elite left nuts and lifting the spirits of regular folks like you and me.

  5. So the other day I was bored, and because I'm grounded to the couch until the meds kick in…stupid asthma…I was wondering around the Whitehouse.gov site and looked at positions that resumes could be submitted for. Idle curiosity, am NOT moving again, especially to DC!!
    So, when you scroll down the page there is a list of boards/commissions/agencies you can submit your resume. OK, fine. I get the Library of Congress, and Consumer Product Safety Board, but why are there 3 (!!!) different boards/commissions/agencies involving Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and the Arkansas River? And why are they a federal thing?? The folks from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas can't meet for coffee, get a banquet room in the local diner in some town near the corner of those 3 states and talk stuff out? Really? We the taxpayers of the other 47 states pay for this because…? Read down through the list. Another one was the European Development Fund? Thought that ended a couple of decades ago? The African Development Fund? Why am I not surprised there. Maybe this is why the incoming administration was told they would have to fill 4000 positions. Me, I'd take a red pen and draw a line through a bunch of them, or send them back to the states involved.

  6. Transferring $600 million currently used to kill babies in other nations to health issues in the US makes sense. Naturally the liberals are incensed.

  7. The Democrats are living in a world of pink vagina hat denial. The number of grievance voters is insignificant if President Trump turns the rusting tombstone factories into vibrant centers of manufacturing. And that's his plan. There won't be much of a Democrat Party remaining. I think that their leadership sees that. Soros sees that – and they're panicking.

  8. I don't think that President Trump will be slowing down. He's accustomed to 18 hour work days. The complaint his corporate people had is that he works constantly and expects everyone to keep up.

  9. We need to do both.

    And I hope that the rain didn't wash out your garage, Dr. Jim. If you need a hand, I can drive to Long Beach tomorrow. E-mail and let me know.

  10. Just praying the good works will continue. Would be nice to hold back the devil a little longer.
    I couldn't read the fox news thing for some reason, but I don't really need to. I still don't know why he hasn't been tried for treason.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  11. Barack lacks an American heart, LindaG. Trump has one, clearly, and it galls the progs. He's gone – good riddance. The same with Hillary Clinton – who knows or cares where she is. We know that she's scheming and so is Barack because that's what they do, but they will remain only a footnote in American history.

  12. Thanks, LL, but we dodged a big one this time.

    Minimum water intrusion in the garage because when I was doing all the work on the Supra this summer I'd unboxed all the car parts and put them up on some shelving in the garage.

    I had ONE box that got wet on about the first 1/2" where it sits on the floor, and we didn't get any water in the garage other than in the far corner of the big door.

    Really lucked out this time!

  13. LindaG: Love how you put it, "holding back the devil a little longer" because yes, the devil is just taking a coffee break and will be back.

  14. LL: You're right. Obama lacked an American heart and, as much as he tried to hide it, it showed in his policies. I'm glad we're on a more common sense track now.

  15. He also starte hsi own executive order signing… opening the pipelines, opening the land across the Indian lands, helping the small businesses, etc (though he did throw in that they were subject to negotiations) and air strikes on ISIS. Not a bad start.

  16. They're howling bitterly. Especially at the first three days of Trump. They're behaving like raped apes.

    The corrupt, smug, progressive, elite, mainstream media are losing their most hallowed ground as the press briefings will be held at the White House Conference Center (across the street) where 25-50 members of the public can ask questions too… oh, the burn.

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