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New ATF Regs


Those Lovable Donkeys


AOC Speaks

It’s interesting that people like AOC, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Hank Johnson and Rep. Ilhan Omar are the brain trust of the democrat party.


Jet EngineExpained



The Mongols and the Romans (with some overlap) at their peaks.


I was asked about Iran today on a phone call. I explained that to me, it’s a land where men are men and goats are nervous. And if they get out of line, the Jews will deal with them if the Americans are too timid. They had a lot going for themselves when the Shah was in power. You can argue that if you wish. It’s a free Internet for now. But they threw it away for the beards. Never a good choice – to be ruled by the beards.


Heart Disease Mortality Rates (by county)

If you ask me whether the map is valid or what it really means, I can tell you that I don’t have the answers to either question. There are clusters that indicate problems either with lifestyle or a lack of care. Or both.


A Map – from our fellow blogger, John Coffey


Where do the world’s 700 million pigs live?

The map didn’t come out that clearly, but there’s a cluster in China, in Europe and in the American Midwest. Because man doesn’t live by brisket alone.


The map does not differentiate between “good Christians” and whited sepulchers.


Relocating Drug Kingpins

I realize that there are different opinions about where to put narcos who have made deals with the government….but Spain is flooded with Colombians and nobody is sure how that happened.

20 thoughts on “In the News

  1. It would be interesting to overlay the heart disease map with one showing “Southern Comfort Food”.

  2. Yep. That’s how a jet engine works. Totally.

    As to the New US Map, Florida Man usually isn’t, from Florida, that is. In Florida, yes, but usually FROM somewhere else. If only other states would have stopped using Florida as a dumping ground for their losers…

    1. I saw that. The blatant disregard for constitutionality shouldn’t have led to a vote in the first place.

      The US Senate – what a bag of crooks.
      The House of Representatives is worse, and that takes some serious doing.

  3. The democrats will make a whole lot of the fact that the majority voted to say Mr. Trump was guilty and it was just that pesky super majority thing that kept them from convicting him. No matter what he was still acquitted so can continue to be the boogeyman to the Democratic party.

    1. I found the Democrat Party’s masturbation over their “power” to be disgusting. The republic is over, and we have the scraps of what remains with a very very thin vernier of respectability, and the US Capitol is an armed camp, not because of need, but as a show of force. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess but it doesn’t bode well.

      1. Pandering to their base and laying the groundwork for future outrages.

        Noticed they had the two worst Colorado Representative presenting the case. Joe Neguse from Boulder and Pelosi’s sister in booze Diana DeGette from Denver.

  4. When the wind is not blowing (rare event), you can actually drive I-80 in Nebraska without touching the steering wheel for longer than six minutes.
    Don’t ask me how I know 🙂
    Hope your recovery continues to go well.

    1. The wind blows in the Midwest almost all of the time. If you’re from there, you take it for granted. And it can turn from blowing ice cold air to warmer air almost like turning on a heater switch. Amazing.

  5. “ Where do the world’s 700 million pigs live?”

    Pretty much where they die too, I think.

    1. There are a lot of pigs in DC, swilling from the trough. I think that they go elsewhere to die.

  6. All I can say about that heart disease map is that I’m eating as much cheese and red meat as I can, and I still can’t seem to bring up RI’s numbers.


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