17 thoughts on “Dana and Tyrus

  1. I watch the Greg Gutfeld show from time to time, and Tyrus is always sitting down.

    But I am not all that surprised by how big that guy is. The WWE tends to discriminate against little folk.

  2. Like Fredd said, he's always seated.
    I'd like to see him standing next to Gutfeld.
    Tyrus is brilliant in an understated way.

  3. I was reminded a bit of this photo.


    In what other group would Arnold be the little guy?

  4. Interesting you'd post that. There were giants in those days, not least the red haired kind at Lovelock Cave. But they were cannibals, Tyrus is a different breed.

  5. He may be a sore loser…then you'd have to make sure that you had that .357 (God made men, Samuel Colt made them equal)

  6. Full disclosure, I met Arnold when he was the California Governor and he's my size. Which means that he's not that big.

  7. According to what I found Arnold is 6'2". I'm 5'6" so that's good sized in my book. On the other hand there's no doubt about the size of Wilt and Andre.

  8. Last year at some point, on the Gutfeld show, Tyrus and Kat Timpf did a "man on the street" series. I don't know how tall Kat is, but she seems narrower than even Dana.

    In one scene that I remember, Tyrus picks up Kat Timpf, tucks her under one arm, and walked off with her.

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