What a Country!

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You murder your own son who suffers from epilepsy for being ‘a demon’, and abuse children while you train them to conduct school shootings. You’re taken into custody along with co-conspirators and then you’re released on a signature bond (no money changed hands) which is essentially an own-recognizance release.
Since when is a murderer and his co-conspirators given an OR release? The judge reasoned that it was because the murderer was a negro and a Muslim (members of an oppressed minority). 
Law enforcement stressed that they were both a danger to the community – having murdered – and a flight risk. The judge, a democrat, rejected that as racist prattle.
Welcome to the progressive movement.

29 thoughts on “What a Country!

  1. That kind of justice is only found in Judge Roy Bean's courtroom and New Mexico. And the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. And certain districts in Manhattan.

    Other than that, this is the land of the free, home of the brave.

    I forgot San Francisco, Boston and a few other rats nests, but the progressive movement hasn't taken over yet.

    Now, if you don't mind, I shall retire to within the confines of my mansion and berate my butler for serving the Steak Diane too well done.

  2. …you forgot Austin and Portland, where the residents aspire to be weirder than San Francisco. Have you noticed that there's a species of dysfunction that draws freaks to different places in the country. Seattle seems to pull them in as well the way a beach and surf pull lemmings.

    I take heart in the nation that elected President Donald Trump – but have serious concerns because they were also stupid enough to elect Barack Hussein Obama. The Obama Medicine Show pushed President Trump to run.

    I hate over done Steak Dianne.

  3. And the headline on NPR's website says:

    New Mexico Compound Members Are Granted Bail;
    Judge Receives Death Threats.

    Still another WTF moment.

  4. How could I have missed Seattle and Portland, being a northwest kind of guy? I think my brain is rotting.

    And I really gave my butler a piece of my mind over that Steak Diane catastrophe. His defense was that Aunt Sally dropped by the kitchen and….I stopped him right there and told him 'enough said.'

  5. Yeah, the Islamic murder cult members need to be set free…before trial. In what twisted world does that make sense? I guess that it goes along with not being able to figure out which restroom to use and the horror that is drinking from a straw.

  6. Now, now, LL. The judge did order him to wear an ankle monitor.

    That has problems, of course. No telephone service in that part of the county.

  7. I wonder if we put an ankle monitor on every one of the 600,000 military age Muslim males in Sweden if that would stop them from raping the young Swedish women? Of course the news black-out is doing that for the Swedes, right? Why would they need ankle monitors. If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody there to hear it (or if a Swedish woman screams), did it make a noise?

  8. Forgive my feeble attempt at sarcasm. That area is familiar as I repossessed a few cars there. The area residents might take matters into their own hands. Raton, NM has a deserved reputation for being a tough town.

  9. I don't advocate violence, but if sitting on a jury, I'd acquit anyone who took matters into their own hands in this case.

    I made a comment after I saw it on TV. Sometimes the progs are just begging for a 'vigilance committee' to take jurisprudence into its own hands. This would seem to be one of those situations. Naturally, it would be a rallying cry for the socialists and so forth. Murder, training children to engage in school shooting, child abuse, etc. are very serious matters. The judge in this case didn't see it that way.

  10. The US is heading towards socialism. I guess the Bernie effect and the Venezuelan success makes impact on the inner city people. I do not know but it must be the negative Flynn effect that starts to make an impact.

    With the new pluralistic multicultural wind that blow over the country and makes the left prosper in the US with fluid genders and progressive snow flakes with the help of FBI and MSM, socialism is the answer.

    According to a Gallup poll published Monday, a majority of Democrats no longer hold a positive view of capitalism, while nearly 60 percent of them feel good about socialism. More than 70 percent of Republicans, on the other hand, see capitalism positively, while only 16 percent of them have a positive view of socialism.


  11. >In what twisted world does that make sense?

    I get that that was rhetorical. But here is a serious answer. It makes sense when intersectionality forms the basis of your world view. Strip off the obfuscating verbiage, and intersectionality means: make a list of how many kinds of loserdom and perceived (or claimed) victimhood you "suffer" from. The more kinds of victim and loser you are, the higher you are on the social scale. If you want to get fancy, it's not just one point per factor, you can apply weighting factors to each point. (i.e. "All NAMs are victims, but some victims are more victimy than others.")

    Counting up how many points Siraj ibn Wahhaj and his followers have is left as an exercise for the student.

  12. Of course, Siraj's women have more points than he does. If he raped them, and you could lay tall odds on that, then they're also #me too women. And on and on – lots of points.

  13. I suspect that those were the same polls that predicted a landslide for Hillary. It depends on where you take the poll and who you poll. With more Americans employed than any other time in history, the Dems may have trouble convincing them to hand over their paychecks to social justice warriors.

  14. It must be something wrong with the educational system that teach people that socialism being a solution. But the 68' generation has influenced the mindset as it seems. Hopefully you are right about the bias and the lack of quality in the poll. The grim future is that less people are working in companies and more people being "dependent" on income from political spending. When the US start loosing its ability to create but wait for what politicians will do, the future will be a sad place.

  15. I watched this on the news last night and I was flabbergasted. I cannot believe these people are being set free. Not in America. I see that there have been several death threats to the judge and I'm not surprised. The world's gone bloody mad.

  16. I do not have enough ammo.
    I can never have enough ammo.
    but it's coming, and I can't afford a redoubt.

  17. There was a plea from the radical left regarding an URGENT need in America – tampon vending machines in men's public restrooms. No, I'm not making that up. Apparently there are men who once were women, who are distressed not to have feminine hygiene products readily at hand. I'm sure that the Cities of Portland, San Francisco and Austin will get right on it.

  18. And now, the FBI bulldozed the place leaving ammo, bulletproof vests, and documents scattered across the landscape.


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