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It’s easy to pick on progressives because they’re naturally funny. They provide endless entertainment to conservative bloggers, and they take themselves so seriously.
They stop being funny when the enter public office and begin to tell everyone what they should be doing or how they should be living based on the absurd antics and goofy ideas that made them entertaining in the first place.
Nobody is more of a liberal/progressive icon than Bill Clinton’s scorned wife, Hillary.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Correct the Record – run by Clinton ally David Brock – is spending a million dollars to challenge social media users tweeting and posting negative things about their candidate. 
The plan is being put in place in part to address the enthusiasm gap between Clinton supporters and those backing rival Bernie Sanders – known for their ability to dominate the social media space – as well as the passionate supporters of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.
So if you find that this blog is under attack and is shut down by Google the next time you swing by, you can thank Hillary for her commitment to upholding free speech and the Constitution. 
On the counterpoint, PJTV is shutting down. It’s been a bright and cheerful light in the conservative movement. This is the last afterburner:

If Bill Whittle had been progressive, George Soros would have kept him going…but that’s not how it worked.

13 thoughts on “Progressive Icons

  1. There's a code that the military uses in POW situations. I'll teach it to you in case you're captured.

  2. That's too bad about PJ — but the Indian/African infographic? Hahahahahahahaha. You should fit that other goof in there, Shaun King. He's, ahem, "black."

  3. I subscribed to Bill's own site, as Ed posted. I never had subscribed to PJTV, but Bill is worth it. He's taking the old Trifecta crew and doing a series called Right Angle. They're not doing much Member's Only content, but whatever new content there will be members will get a couple of days ahead of mass release.

  4. Shaun King is emblematic of everything about black lives matter – a complete fraud.

  5. It's incumbent on all of us to support good things where and how best we are able. Good Job, SiGraybeard

  6. Proud to say, I have financially supported PJTV for years, and regret none of it. Godspeed, Bill.

  7. I like and will miss Bill. I would like to watch his new location, but I won't pay the nine plus dollars (and put up with all the begging for more emails that follow) just to hear him. I'll just read your stuff instead.

  8. I've had Bill Whittle dot Com bookmarked for quite some time. I guess now I'll use it more often.

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