As I’m working on “going Galt” far from the human stain, it’s interesting to watch the progression of events nationally as they lead up to the historic national election of 2016. Congress enjoys an 8% approval rating.  Both presidential candidates suffer from massive disapproval nationally.
The mainstream media panics as the polls are too close to call but their panders still assure America that the Electoral College will save Hillary in her hour of need and she will triumph. The “Ministry of Truth” believes that they will be able to gloss over the massive corruption that has been revealed by this election. It’s true that blogs such as this one may end as censorship takes root. But the institutions of government will never enjoy the trust that they once enjoyed without a massive overhaul. I don’t know that the capacity for that overhaul presently exists even with a Trump presidency.

It’s clear that Hillary may more fairly represent the “will of the nation” when you consider what Mitt Romney said in the last go-round. 47% of America pays no federal taxes and gets free stuff – how do you run against that?

I was out in an area east of the White Wolf Mine yesterday where the forrest turns from Ponderosas to pinions and then gives way to plains. Antelope were herded up on the plains, under a clear blue sky, and I could see Winslow, AZ far to the north, almost on the horizon. It had to be thirty-five miles away or maybe more. I took time out to scout an area to do some varmint calling. I don’t like to do that in the heavy pines in autumn because you can call bears in without seeing them until they’re on you and I didn’t want to do that. The place is a long way from the hysteria at the seat of American power. No cell phone signal, no mosque down the street, no traffic, no need to rush anywhere, and you know that if you hosted a “Draw Mohammed Contest” that nobody would care enough to show up. But the ladies do make quilts and sell them in front of the church to help support the local wilderness fire department. 
People who spend too much time in cities with their greedy masses lining up for the latest Obamaphone forget that there is another option


  1. I would bet the county tax assessor will be in touch, once your hovel is visible. I'm not sure if your county paints their helicopters black, but trust that they will spot your hovel before you spot them, black or no.

    Unless your name is John Galt, the taxman will find you. When he inevitably shows up, just ensure that your hovel looks as seedy as possible from the curb (if you have a curb), and never, NEVER under any circumstances allow any damn taxman-revenooer inside your hovel.

  2. There is no curb.

    However I will be pulling building permits under the "owner/builder" title so that I have control over the contractor during the time of inspection. I'm not one of those folks who says that taxes don't apply to him. Death and taxes are inevitable.

  3. I fear you are correct about censorship. That is one of the first things, along with gun confiscation, that occurs in a socialist society. Imagine the surprise on the faces of the liberals when they find out they are worse off than befoe, and all the leaders getting richer and more powerful.

  4. That's when they become conservatives and change their identity. Most of the sheep are happy so long as the knacker's axe doesn't chop off their head and it chops off a different sheep's head. Add to that "free hay" and they just keep eating and crapping…and voting…early and often.

  5. About tax collectors, local level. Most places you can forward pay your property taxes for several years. You are an experienced negotiator, no? Lock in something before building the hovel.

  6. So, in essence, you are 'generalling' your hovel. Good call.

    And you are right, of course. Curbs are for city folk, and I would guess you are taking the curb feelers off of your 1939 Cadillac once you get occupancy on your hovel. Just try not to run over the pungee sticks, they go right through those bias ply tires.

  7. I'm with Brig on this. Some of us were never meant to live in cities, and I'm not sure anyone ever is. Cities bring out the worst in all of us. In an ideal world, free of corruption and gov't weirdness and corporate greed, I'm not sure cities would even exist. We live in a small town on purpose, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Somewhere in the Salmon River country of central Idaho, I saw this carved somewhere, though I'm sure it came from some writer:

    Good, clean air from East to West
    And room to go and come.
    I loved my fellow man the best,
    When he was scattered some.

  8. I'm at least out of the 'city'… Sigh… Not as remote as you are going to be, but at least 'comfortable' with my surroundings and neighbors! 🙂

  9. They forget because they have no clue. They are the people who buy their food in grocery stores, because then you don't have to kill it, or worry about trying to grow it.
    I wish we were farther out; but like NFO, we are comfortable for now, and our neighbors are good ones.

    Be safe and God bless you all.

  10. My spot's looking out of the ponderosa to the north and the border with New Mexico. I wish I had the money for even an hovel. Ah well. If you end up varmint calling and the tax man shows up, show him the proper end of your shotgun.

  11. Growing up in the cornfields of Illinois had a profound effect on me, and intensified my dislike of big cities.

    Chicago was OK to go to once in a while, but my small hometown was 45 miles away, and had more than enough to keep me entertained.

    My first long-term girlfriend lived *in* the city, so I spent a lot of time there. She was far too "citified" for me, and eventually we parted ways.

    I'll be soooo happy to get out of L.A. next year, God willin' and the crick don't rise.

    And I'll be even happier that we're getting out of this third-world shit-hole of a state, too……well, at least the urban areas have turned to third-world status….

  12. The more urbanized the area, the more "homeless friendly" it is. In Santa Ana they hand out tents to that the homeless can camp comfortably in the city center. I like the napalm option but I'm hopelessly old fashioned.

  13. "People who spend too much time in cities with their greedy masses lining up for the latest Obamaphone forget that there is another option."


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