Prog Land (a Sunday sermonette)

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In my comings and goings, I’ve decided that I don’t understand progs at all. All of the prog actors (who oppose the responsible, legal ownership of firearms) star in uncompromisingly violent films which glorify lascivious images of sex and the wanton use of firearms to get what they want without suffering any consequences. I won’t go down the list because it’s all of them.
Mohammedanism is likewise never named as an enemy out of fear or potentially hurting the feelings of terrorists who actually burn people alive and drown them in cages. None of this makes any sense at all.

Hollywood, self justified in all situations, lavishes money to stop the private ownership of firearms because according to them, they are all used for evil purposes in films…in fantasy…in the goofy realm where the progs live.

24 thoughts on “Prog Land (a Sunday sermonette)

  1. Everybody is LaLa land lives somewhere else in their head. I lived in the area for about three years or so, and everybody I met down there had a script in their back pocket. As they bused tables, they would be memorizing lines from this back pocket script for their next audition (which they never passed). As they took my order for a Big Mac and fries, I saw that script in their back pocket. These guys were all actors, directors, writers, producers, etc. Or were going to be. In the meantime, they had to pay rent and eat, so their 'day jobs' were just temporary until they got their big break. And that big break never came for 99.9999999999999999999% of them. Just like lotto players. They have no chance, but spend every cent they got on tickets.

    Every damn one of them. Living in fantasy land. It is no different than those kids playing pick up basketball in the inner city on a bent rim with no net; they are going to be NBA stars, the next Steph Curry. The work on their moves day and night. And none of them make it and turn to crime to make ends meet, because they have no other marketable skills.

    Living in fantasy land, it's not just a Hollywood thing.

  2. They don't have to make sense except to themselves. You and the rest of us don't count because we aren't famous. There's a set of social rules for "artists" and other elitists and another set for the unwashed like us. They believe in the Marxist maxim "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" They are the most able people on earth and they need all their perks like private airplanes and luxury yachts. We only need to travel commercial cattle class because that is what we are in their eyes. We exist only to pay for their lifestyles by buying movie or sporting event tickets. The athletes aren't quite as bad as the actors.

  3. Race baiting, anti-police, homosexual, socialist, pro-Muslim touchy feely is in right now. So it makes sense that the Hollywood elite would show off just how culturally fashionable they are by adopting even the most stupid of political fads. They don't give one thought the double standard they have.

  4. A surprising majority of those people who 'make it' on the 'talent side' (not the tech people) have trust funds. The trust fund money allows them the freedom to hang out and meet/have sex with/do drugs with the right people and get themselves embedded in the culture. I've seen it myself, being a denizen of LALA land.

  5. I'd say job well done to those of us fly-over country types (the great unwashed) who have done such a great job enabling their excesses and satiating their greed, their orgies and their frivolity. Time to take a lap America and dish out more money.

  6. Steamboat Springs, CO is home to Perry Mansfield, a summer theater camp, and others. My late father was involved there on the livestock side and my sister a riding instructor. The rich kids all seemed to hunger for something authentic. Not finding it in their lives, they created a facsimile. Sad, really.

  7. I'm supposed to understand them? I thought that caused irreparable brain damage and fatal douchebaggery? I really don't want to risk it.

  8. I would not be surprised to learn that those who make it in the biz (the talent, not the tech droogs) have gobs of cash already at their disposal. The rest of the stupid wannabes from Omaha, Toledo, Oklahoma City and Steubenville saw an episode of 'Gilligan's Island,' and figured they could be the next Ginger Grant. or Mary Anne. And they won't be, under any circumstances, but will end up working the french fry baskets at In-N-Out Burger. With of course, a script in their back pockets…

  9. Do you remember how "Leonardo" got himself in trouble with a bear? Typical inane prog stunt.

  10. I feel that people who were raised in the country in a more 'authentic' environment always had a leg up despite popular wisdom to the contrary.

  11. There are people like John Travolta who (according to his own memoirs) sold his ass for a role. There are others who have family connections because nepotism in Hollywood is critical. And there are those who have independent incomes. Sometimes they come up the hard way – with raw talent. But for the most part, they're cutting the potatoes fresh for In-N-Out (quality you can taste), as you suggest, with a screenplay in their back pocket.

  12. Nepotism in Hollywood is most certainly on display for everyone to see. Does anyone think that Tory Spelling would have gotten to first base in Tinseltown without her dad (producer-movie mogul Aaron)? Not a chance. How about Nicolas Cage ever getting an audition without daddy Francis Ford Coppola pulling some strings? No way. Where would Kate Hudson be without her mommie Goldie Hawn paving the way? Nowheresville. How about Sean Astin (Frodo Baggins in 'The Hobbitt') breaking into showbiz without pop's help? (John Astin, 'Gomez' on the Addams Family series of the 1960's). Wouldn't have happened.

    I could go on.

  13. Note: I don't get out to the West coast often, but when I do, those In-N-Out french fries are the absolute best. Anywhere. I am slobbering as I type this. Really.

  14. In-N-Out is now headquartered in Dallas and their hamburgers are now sold in the Lone Star State!!!

  15. OOOOOH, I'm conflicted, LL: when I'm in Texas, I become a Whataburger guy. Now In-N-Out has horned in on Whataburger turf in the Lone Star State? I like how this is shaping up.

  16. In-N-Out is 'quality you can taste'. Whataburger doesn't make that claim. One of the best burgers in Texas is to be had in Hillsboro at LSP's compound.

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