Governor Jan Brewer from Arizona appeals for the United States to act to protect US Citizens from dangerous illegal aliens.

barack hussein obama has a few signs put up as close as 30 miles from Phoenix warning Americans to stay out of territory claimed by drug cartels and alien smugglers. Progressives claim that the President of the United States of America had signs put up to warn US Citizens that entering “alien occupied America” was dangerous. How can I argue with the president’s logic? Look at that photo – a caring president, and some would say, a face that expresses the essence of hope and change.

It actually is a big change to have a US President cede US Territory to the control of organized crime cartels openly and without any effort to oppose them. Are these organized crime thugs the people who will seek amnesty in the US if obama has his way. My sense is that they are. That’s the change I can believe in!


  1. Good for Jan Brewer. We need more leaders like her. God bless her in her efforts to safeguard Arizona and America.

  2. Sounds to me like she's getting this all on record. You know about this kind of thing, LL, can she call up the National Guard or organize a State Defense Force? That's about the only option she has left, and she's not doing this ad because she loves standing in the desert in 100 degree weather (particularly as it's infested with armed foreigners who are openly threatening her police and citizens).

  3. NEWS FLASH … Obama surrenders to Mexico !

    Arizona needs to place landmines on the border. Damn if only we could that rumor started.

  4. Even those of us who didn't vote for him didn't expect him to be quite this bad for an inexperienced senator. Those who did vote for him had no clue whatsoever, only those sparkly eyes, and big ears and the hope for a false messiah made them so cuckoo . I hope no one wants this kind of president to succeed at his deceptions as it would mean disaster for all of us.
    Thank you for a great post LL.

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