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There are a number of areas of political correctness that I have trouble with. There needs to be a list (updated daily) with the words that you can not say and how they should be substituted. I am only sorry that George Carlin passed away. Only he could clarify this properly.

Seth Meyers asked where comedians like Seinfeld have to draw the line, and Seinfeld bemoaned the ever-changing parameters of the “line,” especially when it comes to making gay jokes. “They keep moving the lines in for no reason,” Seinfeld said. He then described a joke he recently made about how people always need to justify how they’re always on their cell phone. 
“I say, ‘They don’t seem very important, the way you scroll through (your phone) like a gay French king.’ … I did this line recently in front of an audience, and comedy is where you can feel an opinion. And they thought, ‘What do you mean gay? What are you talking about gay? What are you doing? What do you mean?’ And I thought, ‘Are you kidding me?’” 
It’s not just the general PC crowd that has Seinfeld down. Earlier this week, he made waves after a radio interview in which he explained that college crowds have become all but impossible to play to. One supremely offended student even penned a response to Seinfeld’s sins, proving once and for all that Seinfeld is right, and social justice warriors have absolutely no sense of humor. (Click here to expose yourself to a college student using phrases like “appropriately sexist.”)

Nuclear Family – (family with a father and mother in the home) Mixed Gender Family.

Gender Re-Identification – I just learned that the word “tranny” is now banned from instagram even if you are discussing your automobile’s transmission. What is the presently correct term for somebody who was a man and has become a woman? Transvestite is out if they just cross-dress as is the use of the term cross-dress. Transsexual is no longer used nor is the abbreviation, “tranny”. When I was a kid you could say something like, “Come on, Bill, grab the stick and grind that tranny.” Saying that today has a completely different meaning.
Dwarfism –  Some Dwarfs/Midgets prefer to be called “Little People” and others say that the term is derogative, pejorative, demeaning and condescending. There were Dwarfs in Lord of the Rings but maybe they should be re-named too. The HBO Series, “Game of Thrones” has a dwarf in it and he is referred to as the “half-man”. Furthermore in a recent episode, the value of a male dwarf penis was equated with that of a tiger penis. If true, you can expect the Chinese to start killing or at least dismembering them and sending the valuable part to China.

Politicians? Let’s leave it to the late Carlin:

American Africans – or is it African Americans? And if they’re not really from Africa (Australian aboriginie for example), how do we deal with it now that apparently calling a black person “black” is frowned upon. Black people have a number of terms that they use among themselves for each other, all are politically incorrect to mention here. I could if I was black, but I’m not (even though my daughter’s chicken is good enough that it can be interpreted as possibly suggesting that she is part black). Then there are the so-called “codewords” such as “inner city person”, “thug”, “looter”, “rioter”, “welfare queen”, etc. All them need to go on the list.

American Mexicans – in the US illegally were referred to as wetbacks, then illegal aliens, then undocumented persons and now it’s “people of indeterminate migratory status” according to the Associated Press. But that could change by the time this hit’s the Internet.

Damaged People – Are they disabled, crippled, or FUBAR?

16 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. That is hilarious! I am in a "mixed gender" marriage. We make it work for us, its not for everybody…

  2. PC SUCKS! As for black's, if they are good, decent Americans (or what ever country they are from) I will identify them as Black. If not, I will identify them as Nigger. Period!

  3. I'm glad that you're making it work. Resist gender re-identification even if it would get you promoted.

  4. If you ask me (and nobody has asked my opinion about anything in some time), these PC ass wipes are proposing a society that becomes completely FUBAR, where all interactions are by definition SNAFU. These aforementioned ass wipes are just a pack of MOFOs. They can FOAD.

    How's that for a fine use of military acronyms?

  5. Acronyms are politically incorrect because they are "codewords" after a fashion. It will take time to break the military (particularly the Navy) from using acronyms such as NAVSPECWARGRUONE, but I'm sure that after the Pentagon has cashiered a few admirals, that they'll come around.

  6. If there was a list that changed (as many times a day as necessary) it would be easier for you. Simply long in with your smartphone and find out if what you were about to say needed to be rephrased. Save the inquiry. Because you need a date time stamp. Later that day it could be politically incorrect.

  7. I am currently struggling with "that's the pot calling the kettle black!" Only in my new politically correct consciousness do I entertain that it might be considered a slur…

  8. I would never be so crass and unfeeling as to use that phrase. But you know that. I think that it would be acceptable to say that if one black person was using the metaphor to another, but only then…or maybe not even then.

  9. If you can't find your ass with both hands, scream and yell about how you've been discriminated against. It'll help you to keep from getting fired.

  10. I can sense that you (a reincarnated Nubian Princess) are searching for the real you — inside. You need to start your own chapter of the NAACP, maybe start a riot or two, and get a job teaching about your Afro-American Struggle at the local college.

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