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All that President’s Day really means to me is that traffic might not be quite as heavy in the Los Angeles Basin — but you never can tell. I’m taking the motorcycle out in the morning so traffic isn’t much of an issue to me.
I don’t think that US Presidents were all bad, though they clearly had their agendas. Mr. Lincoln is still unpopular in areas of the American South where people hold a grudge. 
Most people in my generation never thought that we’d have a president that was as toxic as Jimmy Carter again but we doubled down with Barack Hussein Obama, who is nothing short of toxic. 
Mainstream Republicans speak of the banality of Donald Trump, but he resonates with their electorate. Why is that? I don’t see opposition candidates or the intelligencia discuss it without invectives.

Americans yearn for somebody who will say what they think and not what they think people want to hear. It’s true with Bernie Sanders as well, pictured above (right) next to Lincoln.

12 thoughts on “President’s Day

  1. Barry's 4X as toxic as Jimmy, since he's twice the socialist and we re-elected him, vs tossing Jimmy out after one toxic term.

  2. Nice Bern picture. And I have to say, the commies are really doubling down in the West, Russia seems to have learned its lesson…

  3. And people cheer Bernie – Bernie – Bernie! Because they prefer a senile old communist to Hillary. Given the choice of the two, they're right.

  4. "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." Never forget that America 😉

    Anyway, have a nice day doing whatever it is you do which probably involves eating savoury food with syrup on it.

  5. The portions are large here in the US of A. And we like meat BBQ'd unless it's bacon. Bacon is the holy grail.

  6. I never hoped I'd see times like these again, but in the pantheon of toxic American presidents, Jimmy Carter is a mewling infant compared to 0bola. If zero gets to pick Scalia's successor, it will be even worse.

  7. If the Senate confirms some leftist cur, we need to start heating up the tar and gathering feathers from chicken coops.

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