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Run Joe, Run

Anyone who has to deal with government needs to deal with both sides of the aisle. The defense contractors (Beltway Bandits) have it down to an art. Here’s a photo of one of my business partners with Sleepy Joe Biden.

Our fellow blogger, Fredd, predicts that Slow Joe will end up being the Democrat nominee because he’s the least radical of the bunch. Fredd may be right because the hysteria among progs has become deafening. Every single day they double down on stupid with another bout of insane crap, trying to demonstrate HOW left they can go.
Common Sense and Student Loans
The message should be, “don’t take out a loan that you can’t afford.” I knew a guy in grad school who lived on student loans for seven or eight years, limping along, taking the minimum number of classes. It was his ‘income’. Today he lives in China and hasn’t attempted to pay a dime back. The thought that we should all band together (including people who paid off their student loans) to cover people who foolishly took out more student debt than their liberal arts degree would ever be able earn them (makin’ bacon at the Waffle House)  makes sense only to people who want a free ride…and political parasites who want a vote.

12 thoughts on “Friday Follies

  1. Wonder if Biden would have made it this far if he wasn't from a very small state.

    My middle son is paying off his student loans, painfully, one month at a time. Has a BA in some kind of now, obsolete, computer programming. Works as a machine operator in a plastics fabrication factory.

  2. That photo with Hillary and Trump from 2013 is priceless. It's GOLD! Lol. I'm just getting way too much enjoyment from it.

    My youngest is stressing over paying down her student loans fast enough now that she has a good job in her field. She's attacking it because she doesn't want the debt. No way she should have to pay for the deadbeats who want a free ride.

  3. "don't take out a loan that you can't afford"!!!
    be it a student loan, a house loan, a car loan… any kind of loan.

  4. My dad was a lathe operator with no college education. I don't even remember now if he graduated high school. But whenever I needed help with fractions, he was my go to person.

    No reason for my comment, other than your son being a machine operator reminded me of it.

  5. Congratulations to her and God bless.
    I definitely agree that we should not have to pay for those who choose unwisely. Life is not fair and it's time people learned that.

  6. I am going to take that Killary photo and post it to my faceless book page.

    And what Brig said. Great post and comments, as always.

  7. You’d think that was common sense. No person or company can spend more than they earn. Government, on the other hand…

  8. Higher education clearly has its place, but it’s not for everyone.

    The grievance studies and interpretive dance majors who need loans should reconsider.

  9. What an outstanding opening infographic! Picture the scene in the '16 victory suite as bottles flew and the HARRIDAN attacked rainbow MOOK with clawing talons.

    Didn't the Grand Commander offer to buy her barge full of celebratory fireworks?

  10. The witch wouldn’t sell the president the barges of fireworks. She thought she had it in the bag… but The Bag had to go back home with Bill.

  11. Yes, Joe Biden will get the Dem tap for the nomination, super delegates and all. Then comes the campaign and debates – where Joe will demonstrate why he never got traction in his other two attempts at assuming the Oval Office. He's just not that fast on his feet, and rather than come up with a one-liner on the spot, he produces a gaffe that he has to walk back, and his walk back efforts are not all that smooth.

    Hopefully, he is the nominee, where in the general The Donald will mop the floor with him and win 49 out of 50 states to secure re-election.

    Of course, he could fall on his face in the primaries (not beyond possibility), and Pochahontas will get the nod. She will then promise to forgive the trillions of student load debt, provide free college for the entire world, outlaw Amazon, mandate a $50/hour minimum wage, take away all guns and wreck the country in general. Or at least that will be her platform enroute to losing all 50 states to The Donald.

  12. Plagiarism derailed DuPont Joe's ambitions once…

    "In September 1987, newspaper stories stated he had plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. Other allegations of past law school plagiarism and exaggerating his academic record soon followed. Biden withdrew from the race later that month."

    … surely this neat trick will work again and put down that old dog for good.

    His fellow dims will (probably) out him in the primaries, betting on this happening sooner rather than later with so many thirsty impatient hyenas.


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