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A lot of people need prescription glasses. At age 60, I find that I need reading glasses for close-up work that includes tying a fishing knot on a lure with monofilament line. Mia culpa. That’s not unusual.

Hillary’s Fresnel Prisom glasses are something all-together different, and yet, the media says nothing about the cause – we can see the effect.  (Daily Mail) reports that she’s wearing glasses on the campaign trail for the first time. I am not going to make a hemianopsia diagnosis here on Virtual Mirage, but it’s time that America demanded a THROUGH PHYSICAL, with results made public as more and more information surfaces about Candidate Clinton’s deteriorating condition.
Is it the same old mental instability or is it something more: organic brain damage and a blood clot, the old drug and alcohol abuse and is she suitable to serve as President?

14 thoughts on “Prescription Glasses

  1. That DM article is from last Feb., but the fact that she needed Fresnel lenses at all speaks volumes. Speaking as an optician, using a Fresnel lens for as many months as she did indicates a very slow recovery from her double vision.

  2. I think that the point is that before she takes over the Executive Branch of Government, there should be a physical. In fairness, Trump should have one too. If either one has physical issues that may disqualify them, don't we need to know?

  3. The current POTUS still owes us a drug test, but I'm quite sure we would not be able to decipher it.

  4. Imagine that, making the POTUS take the same drug test that everyone else needs to take to keep their special access clearance.

  5. I have a different alternative. She will live in the basement of the White House casting spells with George Soros.

  6. If we disallow all brain damaged politicians to serve, then what would our nation look like with no Democrats? Better, I would posit.

  7. Yes, but my experience with the Republicans is almost as dismal. Recall that I handled political corruption matters in Orange County, CA – and all of those investigations were of Republicans.

    What is the difference between a white rat and a black rat? The color of the fur. That's it.

    Admittedly, there is a big difference between Trump and Clinton — but there wouldn't have been between Jeb! (the Party's choice) and Clinton.

  8. Ah but if we lost some Republicans, too, that would be no great loss. We could stand to lose a few dozen, I think.

  9. Blind, mad, harridan, crone, just some of the words used to describe this malfunctioning AI in its crazed lust for power.

    But you'd think DAARPA would've sorted out the vision circuits by now.

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