It Began Here

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It began with a government putting itself into people’s lives where it didn’t belong. 
It began with arrogant politics.
It began with a move to take firearms in Concord, Mass.
Powerful people had best remember. Beyond urban hells and Indian reservations, not many counties went for the Democratic Party west of the Mississippi.

8 thoughts on “It Began Here

  1. Aww, it'll never happen. Dems should relax and take another sniff of their drug of choice….

  2. I wonder if you asked the people on the reservations if they would trade in their free money for more freedom to do what they wanted on "their" lands – if they would still vote blue…

  3. I don't know if they are so addicted to the "free money" that they could ever break away from the cycle. The Federal Government destroyed them at a fundamental level.

  4. Widespread civil disobedience is something that we haven't seen in our history. The anti-Vietnam War of the '60's/70's was about as close as we came in modern history…so far.

  5. The progressive women need to visit their abortion clinic to insure that conservative reproduction exceeds theirs…

  6. Just like the feds destroyed the black community at a fundamental level. It's poison they are pushing.

  7. With the Indians, they did it at bayonet point. In the case of the negroes, they simply bought them off without the need of herding them to reservations — but the end result is the same.

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