The Long Hot Summer of 1967.  Some of you are old enough to remember them. For those who are not, you may have heard of the riots of ’67 and ’68. There is a comparison and the article (linked) on is worth a read.

One difference between then and now that I have noted was the large presence of white anarchists, thugs and shot callers directing the angry black public to destroy their own neighborhoods. They delivered loads of bricks to be thrown by the inner city youth, they directed them to targets of opportunity, and they had radio coms to better organize the riot. In 1968, if there were white people whispering into Martin Luther King’s ear, they did it most discretely. Not today.

In 2020 the Democrat Party and its media allies all but organized and led the destruction and discontent in the hopes of unseating President Trump. So it’s the same and different. In 1968, there hadn’t been a two term black president in office, and unemployment in the inner city wasn’t at an all time low.


  1. President Trump must have them terrified of his being reelected.

    I’m starting to believe that he was planning on two terms from the beginning. “Act I” was to get the economy going again, and to regain our self-respect after 8 years of The Obamanation.

    “Act II” was going to be “Drain The Swamp”. I think he should change it to “Nuke The Swamp” after all the trouble that’s been caused. I mean go all medieval on them. Take no prisoners. Everybody does hard time, or is exiled from our shores.

  2. When President Trump is re-elected, the lunatic fringe will double down aided by their paymasters. I foresee two to three more years of unrest. Most of the Dem mayors will be up for re-election in 2022. Will the voters kick then out?

    Along with President Trump’s reelection, we may see many new faces in the House of Representatives.

    • A majority in both houses of Congress without a traitor like Paul Ryan calling the shots against the President will cure a lot of ills.

  3. Note that the riots were “mostly peaceful” back then, too.

    Of course wars are “mostly peaceful” too, only a small percentage of the forces fighting at one time.

    It’s like “slightly pregnant”.

  4. President Trump’s biggest mistake was not assigning everyone in the Washington DC DOJ and FBI HQ to various sub-Saharan and Shitholistan US Embassies. Anyone not able to be assigned overseas gets sent to be a Federal LEO at an Indian Reservation or Eskimo Village.

    Before November 8, 2016, they actually committed relatively few crimes, so just like Nixon, it wasn’t the crime it was the lies and coverups that will get them.

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