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Log Item: Lunch in Ponder, Texas

At the Ponder Steakhouse, the pies are home made and fresh, and the steaks are cooked to perfection.

Next door to the Ranchman’s steak house is the Bank of Ponder. It was made famous by Bonnie and Clyde. It’s the very first bank that they tried to rob. 
Unfortunately for Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the bank had no money in it. They had to drive north to another city and pull another bank robbery at a more prosperous community.

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  1. When I was stationed at Goodfelllow AFB in San Angelo TX (4 hours, 7 minute drive from Ponder), the best steak I have ever had (with all the fixin's) was at a run down, dumpy hole in the wall called the Western Sky Steakhouse. This was in 1975, (that would be 40 years ago for you liberal arts majors).

    I see it is still there, and gets pretty good ratings, (and some bad reviews because of the old building its still in) and that's saying something in Texas. Even bad steak houses are good in Texas.

  2. PS: Texas chicken fried steak (which is not chicken, it's beef, sometimes confusing to liberal arts majors): Texas makes it best, and in Texas the best two joints that serve this American delight are both in Tomball, TX:

    #2- Goodsons. The red eye gravy and buns are bottomless portions. And the chicken fried steak is awesome.

    #1 – Mel's Diner. A real dumpy shack, and the weeds in the parking lot sometimes will put a dent in your bumper if you are not careful. But once you navigate the broken hinge screen door to get in, the chicken fried steak that hangs over the sides of a dinner plate will blow you away.

  3. I went to Babe's in Sanger for dinner and had the chicken fried steak, but they did not serve red eye gravy.

  4. Texas sounds like a lot of fun, and indeed, like Woodsterman says, I'm not sure they allow vegans across the border.

  5. My Uncle used to take us to that steakhouse back in the '70s, when we were visiting Denton from England. My Mother swears it "isn't the same," but she has an aversion to restaurants.

    I remember its chicken fried steak being excellent, and now I want a return match. Thanks for the reminder!

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