FBI, nothing new here, move along…

(ZeroHedge) Claudio, from Italy, asked me about one of the disgraced FBI special agents in the Whitmer Kidnapping Scandal who, according to the article, was running his own private intelligence company. This was my response:

Sadly, I’ve seen that Claudio. FBI agent A sets up a straw man organization with “intelligence insight” where they sell information to the FBI, where they work, for big money. Because it’s secret intelligence and they control the buyer, selling them what they want, the scheme rolls until somebody turns on FBI agent A – maybe FBI agent B isn’t getting their fair share of the loot?

You’re going to ask me if the FBI has become a criminal organization. They are America’s new secret police, a wholly-owned creature of the Democrat Party, so yes, one would follow the other.

The FBI Whitmer Kidnapping Scandal has all of the fingerprints of the FBI’s activity on January 6 where operatives and special agents are dirty in their (secret) involvement with the demonstration that is referred to now as an “insurrection”. You can make of either situation what you will, the story is out there and it’s unfolding more every day. In the case of January 6,  2021, Congressional leadership with an agenda will shield the FBI.

Back to the Private Intelligence Company run by FBI agent A, once the FBI has established a Group One operation,  a lot of money – millions potentially – are freed up and the control over who gets what is documented, but never scrutinized in the way necessary to uncover the scheme to defraud operated by FBI agent A. The Whitmer case was clearly advanced to a Group One Investigation.

Likely so was the January 6 matter. The blanket of “national security” hangs far more heavily on January 6 and FBI will always find a compelling need to keep that secret. Was there an FBI agent A selling its own organization information? We have no way of knowing. How likely? It’s nearly the perfect scheme until some FBI agent B doesn’t get enough of the cut.

On the matter of January 6, some of the more colorful characters who walked into Congress to take selfies appear to be mentally ill. The exploitation of people like this by any law enforcement agency is simple and the defense of entrapment can be laughed off as the dim bulbs work to defend themselves.  The notion that they were escorted in and out of the halls of Congress by armed, uniformed Capitol Police without any physical violence taking place really makes the whole thing look like a sham and a put-up job.

A similar but unrelated scheme operated boldly by FBI Agents abroad is the way they control bounty money that is paid out on arrests of drug kingpins – usually $5 million to $10 million a pop. They only payout to their own straw men, who may get 10%. The rest is kicked back to the special agents by operatives. Because the whole matter is completely controlled by the agents operating in the field, and payouts are in cash they can make substantial fortunes. Is it ever investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility? I’m not aware of any, and I watched this go on when I worked in Latin America. Usually, the FBI agents park the cash in locations in the Caymen Islands or elsewhere in situations where they control the information flow. Again, a perfect scheme. Banks in the Caymans or elsewhere in the region issue debit cards in the name of companies owned by corrupt agents, who can use them to buy whatever they want, anonymously.

FBI special agents are not polygraphed as a matter routine in an effort to determine their compliance with laws and procedures that they’re supposed to follow.  Rather than submit to that, my sense is that they’d quit and laugh all the way to the bank.

FBI is owned by the Democrat Party. Is there any reason why they shouldn’t behave like Democrat politicians?

There is a solution to these problems and it involves changing the FBI but I have no confidence that will happen. The FBI will be defended to the last breath by the Department of Justice, which employs them.






“America hates immigrants!”…cried the Somalian refugee who married her brother and was elected to Congress.

“It’s Systematically racist against black people” …said the black man elected President (twice)

“There is no opportunity for minorities!” …said the Hispanic bartender elected to Congress.



  1. It’s been a long time since I saw Forrest Gump, but I don’t think Jenny was doing it for money (or blow, etc). That would make her a “slut” and not a “whore”. (IIRC she was incestually molested, so “messed up” is a better description than either slut or whore, but I apologize for using technical psychological terms before a lay audience.)

    Our beloved VP however was almost certainly doing it for career advancement, so “whore” fits. Sadly, KH never made the effort to develop gravitas and is therefore mentally still stuck at being arm candy and an orifice or two. The giggling is attractive (to some men) when you’re young and nubile. In a decidedly middle-aged woman in a serious office it is not only unbecoming but also pathetic. Compounding the problem, the KH of 2022 is also no sort of candy, arm or otherwise.

    As to mentally ill people. I can’t diagnose that from a photo, but in the photo the two men flanking the “Shaman” are sad specimens. The one on Shaman’s left (right of photo) is a soft-looking manlet with the weak, puzzled expression of a particularly dim sheep. (And a shitty beard.) The posture of the one on Shaman’s right is subservient and unsure. Both those men are probably LARPing antifa-type leftists, but might be genuine crazy people. What I can say is that I have never met any Trump supporters who look/posture like that.

    Shaman might actually be mentally ill, one of those people psychologically drifting and looking for an identity, or rather a group to fit into to *give* him the semblance of an identity. His top tattoo is the Valknut, a symbol of Odin, and the bottom is probably Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. (I don’t know what the middle one is.) But somehow I doubt the Shaman is Asatru.

    • That’s a lot more analysis than I was. going to put to the meme. I saw Forrest Gump a long time ago and went from memory.

      People are able to manipulate mentally ill people because of the nature of the beast. There are lots of variations of mental illness. You could say that the FBI people who engage in this sort of behavior are immoral, amoral, or are opportunists within a system. I’m one of those people who hold an oath to be binding. Clearly, it’s something less than a guideline for them.

      The Veep isn’t cute. It could be argued that she never was but there was a class and type of male who went for it – and paid for it in cash or kind. Now that she’s long in the tooth with her cuckolded white husband, she must be wondering how long she’ll last.

      • At least Jenny was reasonably attractive. You have to wonder what Mr. Harris was thinking. Then you realize he wasn’t, in the conventional sense, wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Ewww.

  2. Just spent the last 3 hours plowing the 10″ of “30% chance of flurries”. Not complaining, moisture is good as we were told it would be a dry Winter, proving predictions are mostly worthless…so is trusting anyone outside your immediate circle or those speaking truth to lies.

    My simplified take on Jan.6th: Insurrectyion my a$$.

    Pelosi turned down support by President Trump because she and her cohorts set this charade in motion with the DOJ and FBI, including busing in Antifa dressed like Trump supporters; operatives like Ray Epps advancing the set up; the FBI parking their cell tower truck to surveil anyone in the vicinity (per FCC, anything in the air is free, but to do this intentionally can’t be legal without a warrant, so who signed one?).

    After the prescribed melee’ the Dem’s fed their false Perception Management narrative to their pals in the media — eg. officers killed, pipe bombs, weapons, etc, and stupid as she is, AOC said she was terrified she would die but was blocks away in another building. The Capital Police Officer who shot and killed (murdered) Ashley Babbitt, or those who killed/injured others in the tunnel, are protected from prosecution while Pelosi’s Gestapo captured and are holding political prisoners without bail…for trespassing…while dropping all charges for the actual violent “protestors” at Trump’s inauguration.

    Pelosi is more evil than The Fowch Mengele, and is saying she won’t run again because the 2022 handwriting is on the wall. Doesn’t take a genius that 25 +/- Dem’s are getting out while the getting is good, to save their rotten rear ends.

    A Fredd pox on all their houses.

  3. If both the Wisconsin and Jan 6th weren’t FBI instigated, I would frankly be amazed. Much like the ‘shooting’ down here in Texas over the Mohammed cartoon fiasco. At least there, the locals arrested the FBI cutout, and he had to give up the game.

    • That’s the only time that things close in on the Bureau. Sometimes they simply can’t lie their way clear.

    • The Democrats embraced the theater of the absurd and said “let them in”. So the Capitol Police did that.

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