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The Planet Rang Like a Bell

More on that HERE. The event took place on November 11. I am guessing that an underwater volcano let loose, accompanied by sub-oceanic earthquakes. But the planet resonated from the event. A more interesting question that we don’t have an answer to is how often this happens historically. We’ve only been able to track these sorts of things for a few decades.

This is one of the ever so famous photos taken of the Earth by the crew of Apollo 8 from orbit around the Moon on Christmas. Their reading from the Book of Genesis on December 24, 1968 still moves me.

Progressives remind us that the current decline in sunspot activity is only temporary and will not reduce global warming. Only usurious taxes, levied soon to the US, Canada and Europe will save the planet (they say). They are ice age deniers. Some of them even deny the Maunder and Dalton grand solar minima that resulted in mini-ice ages. None of them know WHY ice ages occurred in the past.

None of them know why the planet rang like a bell on November 11, 2018 either, but I’m sure that a tax would keep that from happening again. It would have to be a really BIG tax.

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  1. The November 11 event was interesting and yes, there has to be a BIG tax to keep the planet safe. It's raining here in Texas and thunder rumbles across the dark sky. Have we paid the Weather Tax? No, we have not.

  2. Until you pay ENOUGH tax, the liberals will not love you; lesbians will not dance before you; trannys won't — transmit — or whatever they do, in your presence; and your weather will be unpredictable. The illuminati won't give you good advice like they gave Macron recently.

  3. "Global Warming/Climate Change" is the biggest grifters scheme in the history of homo sapiens. And as far as the left is concerned……it is not possible for the hoi polloi to be overtaxed.

  4. It was the French, of all people, who drew a line in the sand. Sometimes (as during the French Revolution) even they can be dished out more than they can take.

  5. California, epicenter for climate absurdity, now want to regulate cow farts. More make work jobs for people with otherwise useless degrees and high student loan balances?

  6. Never underestimate the foolishness and fecklessness of a liberal. Or their their love of taxation and control over the proles.

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