17 thoughts on “Photos Don’t (necessarily) Lie

  1. Few people outside of Florida know of the predatory nature of the lawn flamingo 😉

  2. I saw you there with a bag of popcorn, witnessing the carnage, and eating. For all that's good and holy, don't offer your popcorn to the lawn flamingoes.

  3. Soon to be a major TV event….."When Flamingoes Attack!".

    Check your local listings for time and channel…..

  4. Pink Velociraptors. With apologies to Ghallager, keeps the neighbors kids in their own damn yard (along with their dogs, cats, and Triceratops).

  5. The old Hitchcock thriller, The Birds, gave us fair warning. Tippy Hedron screamed convincingly.

  6. Could Gallagher's sledge-o-matic defeat the pink menace? I'd like to say "yes", but I somehow doubt it.

  7. I think she was actually screaming with revulsion over the advances Hitchcock was making, but I agree she used it to good cinematic effect….

  8. Maybe that too. I know Tippy and her children, Melanie and Scott. I worked with Scott back when.

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