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My company, Consulting Services, has recently been retained by USGOV as to the matter of the US Mexico Border.  There are some things that I can say at this juncture and some things that I can’t. However, despite what nay sayers will tell you, construction of “the Big Beautiful Wall” is critical to national security. The current situation is so degraded and there are so many tunnels that the high value aliens take who pay $20K per head to cross through a tunnel, that it must be stopped for everyone’s wellbeing. Who are those high-value aliens? Middle Easterners with ISIS, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda affiliations and Chinese. They go through the tunnels by the hundreds, but each one of them is ‘trouble’. The regular Mexicans just packing drugs or crossing to find work, go where there is no fence. The Big Beautiful Wall is designed with below ground sensors that will detect tunnels.
I was asked a question in Mexico City last week regarding NAFTA. I replied that the big question is whether we should be dealing with the President of Mexico or Ruben Osevegera Cervantes (El Mencho), the most powerful drug lord in Mexico. 
Mexico is a failed state where the Narcos and the major industrialists who back them call the shots. And people in Mexico know that the place is circling the drain. There is a presidential election coming up this summer and it’s not going to be pretty. The people are fed up with the government and if the election was held today the anti-US communists would win power. The value of the peso is in the tank now. If the election goes to the communists it will plummet like the Venezuelan Bolivar (currency). 
A wall makes perfect sense to all but the most self-absorbed who have motives that are not American motives.
Illegal immigration is down by 70% but it’s still an issue and will remain an issue. An unstable Mexico makes the construction of a wall even more important.
The Trump Presidency
All I can say after the first year is that President Trump is good to his word in trying to make America great again. The stock market has never been higher, consumer confidence is up, job creation is many times higher than it was during the dismal years of Obamanaiton, government is shrinking in size and slowly but surely, the swamp is being drained. It’s true that Hollywood liberals, Republican RINOs and the corrupt, smug, sly, filthy lying mainstream media and their progressive masters are very sad. They predicted gloom and doom and America is pulling itself out of the pit that they prepared for us. 
Sad, bitter has-beens like the Bush Dynasty, the abortive Clinton Dynasty, George Soros and his cabal, and Barack Obama whose legacy was trashed by the electorate in their election of President Trump, still grind their teeth and hope for some modicum of success. But it’s illusive. The Mueller probe isn’t going anywhere and the corrupt FBI has been called out for what it is – an ‘organ of the power elite’, not a mechanism of a justice system.
US relations in the Middle East and in the Far East have never been better with the exception of North Korea (soon to be just Korea). The Germans are angry with the President, but they’re an Islamic Republic now, aren’t they?

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  1. His election is an, "Oh shit!", event for all those who knew their lawlessness, political or venal (or both) would be winked at by a Shillary administration.

    Seems like every day new revelations tax the media's efforts to keep a lid on, or spin, what the Deplorables have known intuitively for years.

  2. Donald Trump's election itself was a resounding success, even if the only measure of that success is the defeat and repudiation of the last quarter of a century of terrible presidential administrations: the Bushes (da boaf a yuz, as they would say in Philly), the Clintons (yeah, da boaf a yuz, too) and the Obamas (including Michelle, da boaf a yuz).

    Note to those of you not educated in public schools: 'da boaf a yuz' translates to 'the both of you'

  3. The corrupt media's efforts to spin will continue, so long as advertisers fund their drivel. And there are many millions of people who hang on Rachel Maddow's every word. Lemmings…

  4. I think the Wall be a huge benefit for Mexico since today's situation foster crime and increase the volume of people using Mexico as a stepping stone to the US. When the Wall is functional the cost to use Mexico and the border areas will increase since the probability to succeed will be reduced due to higher risk. Other alternatives will of course arrive but the alternative cost will always be there and most likely a log higher. With no wall as the current situation it is almost an incentive to become criminals due to the profit. A solid wall will also reduce the tax burden for the US citizen since one of the consequences will be reduced illegal immigration with all the costs incurred.

    I guess when the history book will be written in some year from now the Wall will be defined as a paradigm when border control started to take place. Hungary built a fence and reduced illegal immigration with more than 99 percent. The sooner the Wall is there the better. It will make the US safer and more attractive for people appreciating safer communities and less crime.

  5. The big question cube is whether or not you are tired of winning yet? President Trump said that might happen eventually.

  6. Mexico has used illegal immigration as a safety valve to deal with the discontent inside their own country. Conditions in much of Mexico are horrible and squalid. The place is always close to upheaval – but people are usually not motivated enough to trade their lives for change. They just go to the US. There is also a lot of illegal immigration into Mexico from Central America. The wall will create a stopping point for those people as well and they'll back up into Mexico.

  7. I wonder how many drugs are being shipped to Canada and simply walked across the border – in particular the opioids like fentanyl. Your thoughts…

  8. Yes, but we weren't progressive. If you recall, it was Barack Obama who said that it was time for America to let others win, and to fund their victory.

  9. Fentanyl is produced in a few clandestine laboratories. From what I've been told, most of it is intended for Mexican and US markets. Getting it into Canada is easy. It's a matter of supply and demand, and cost. There are enough people dropping dead in the US and Mexico that you'd think that Canadians would have better sense…but with dopers, sense doesn't enter into it.

  10. The liberal freaks and misfits oppose a wall because it means that there won't be an endless supply of illegal aliens who vote without having to show ID. What civilized nation doesn't require an ID to vote? Yeah, just us.

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