This comes from a column called The Feminist Heroine’s Journey which appeared last week on the Arkhaven Comics website from the pen of one calling himself The Dark Herald:

Go there to read the whole thing, and see the image and links. Here I merely repeat the core of the document, which he emphasizes were rules told to him, not that he made up. The words below are his:

[Here are] required steps for properly representing a feminist heroine in movies and TV …  It makes a lot of things very clear to me. Including how otherwise talented writers are so consistently ruined by these rules.

First. The patriarchy is real and must be treated as such.  The female protagonist is oppressed by it.  This is not optional.

Second.  She is already the key to a better world.  She has all the skills she’ll need, inherently.  She’s the Avatar, you just got to deal with it!

Third.  Her biggest challenge isn’t defeating the antagonist, it’s defeating disbelief in her.  Men, in particular, won’t believe she’s as amazing as she really is.

Fourth:  She is better than any male mentor figure.  There is nothing that she can be taught by a man regardless of his age, experience, or expertise. The guidance he gives is just another example of mansplaining and must be shot down hard by her. If there is a male mentor then he is the first man that must be defeated.

Fifth: She enters a new world that forces her to prove herself.

Sixth: She escapes the patriarchy. She now breaks the chains that held her back.  Usually by confronting her true male oppressor.

Seventh:  She is briefly overwhelmed but then bounces back.  This is where she levels up her already enormous power.

Eighth: She defeats her male oppressor.

Ninth:  She is now an independent woman who will never need a man.   And she must continue her journey alone. Any other person in her life will hold her back. She will never love or be a wife or a mother. Those things would all hold her back.

Tenth:  Realized self-actualization.  She was always a goddess and just needed to believe how awesomely amazing she always was herself.

This list of requirements seems to fit every single one of the Mary Sues that have ruined every franchise.


  1. It’s also how so many female politicians have begun to queer many people who have voted for… female politicians.

    There are good politicians and good people out there who are female. Excellent heroines, people who put their all on the line for the cause of justice and freedom.

    But it’s the fembots who follow the above rules that are the horrors out there. Like, oh, wanting to wear sleeveless dresses instead of conservative dress in Congress, then bitching about how cold it is. Just like so many women in business, who do the exact same damn thing while men have to wear longsleeve shirt and tie and even having to wear coats, long pants and closed shoes while the fems are allowed to wear skirts without hose and open toed shoes.

    Yeah, push bullscat rules that hamper men but promote women in anything and you will start to piss off half the population at least.

    • It’s the Hollywood crowd who pushes this narrative and has these guidelines that brought you Captain Marvel, She Hulk, etc.

  2. “Self-actualization”…the key to understanding the Feminist “mystique”.

    It is what “The Collective” (aka The Hive) thrives to maintain relevance. It also despises humility and gratitude.

  3. The problem with those rules from Arkhaven is that they’re not just comic book rules. They’re in pretty much every TV show and movie that there is. Which means without vivid examples to the contrary kids will grow up believing that’s reality.

    I pretty much stopped watching TV in the ’70s or ’80s with rare exceptions, but in every sitcom I can think of the guys are doofuses (doofi?).

    Out of “how bad can it be?” curiosity, I watched She-Hulk. Yeah it had the “all women are better than all men” and the “no man can teach a woman anything” vibe but so does every other TV show I know of. Is Homer Simpson is ever better at anything than Marge – besides drinking?

    I think of She-Hulk as just another sitcom about a woman lawyer who suddenly gets this superhero ability and both the good and bad sides of it. It’s not a documentary.

  4. I’ve known many competent women and promoted more than one. Others are relatives. All of them lived with whatever obstacles were in their way and pressed on. Discrimination exists in all forms, in all times, and all places. That it is wrong doesn’t make it go away.

    Equality has been achieved when women have the opportunity to prove they can be just as incompetent in high office as any man.


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