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I’m currently on the road so I’m going to offer a few thoughts as well as commenting on the mail.
The Democrats and people like Mitt Romney are shouting IMPEACH partly because they wish that they could remove President Trump from office and replace him with ….wait for it…. themselves. The Military Industrial Complex would like to get a reliable warmonger to keep us engaged in an endless war, the homosexuals would like somebody (other than the closeted Barack) to be their champion to make them feel good about sodomy, and the climate activists would like to see a totalitarian government that told them what they could eat and what they could throw in the trash, and would eliminate automobiles. 
One key element to impeachment and removal of President Trump is that they want to invalidate ALL of his judicial appointments. Keep an eye on that element.
The problem with impeachment, as I have stated here previously is that it’s a trial and luminaries such as Barack Hussein Obama would be called to testify under oath. Maybe Tre Gowdy would act as Trump’s defense counselor…and it would get ugly early, not for Trump, but for them. So the Democrats have to figure a way out of that. Presently, they are trying to change the rules, but that’s likely beyond their reach. For now.
Syria and the Kurds
Camperfixer – The rational among us know these are not people of character so we keep our distance, only entering the fray when necessary as an attempt to keep them in check. (cue the Gladiator “Strength & Honor” theme) It’ll get more insane, on both continents.

You make some important points. The Syrian Kurds are politically Maoist and religiously Islamic (their own brand), their export crop is opium. None of those things are something that most Americans would find desirable in a ‘friend’. They are allies of convenience. We send them weapons and they fight their traditional enemies (Turks, ISIS, and pretty much everybody else). Killing Kurds has been a sport in the Middle East for a long time. Saladin was a Kurd – but since then, they’ve been on the defensive. If the Turkish Army moves in a big way against Syria or the Kurds, there isn’t much that anyone can do to stop it in the short term. The Kurds will give them a bloody nose, but that is not defeating them.  

Yet the collective lefty media loses it’s mind when Trump says it’s a no win for us so we’re outta there. The same lefty’s are silent about Biden, Kerry, and Pelosi’s son’s getting lucrative Ukraine oil jobs without an ounce of experience (while publicly stating how much they all hate big oil). Nothing these people say is worth the powder to blow them to Hell. This will get more interesting (to put it politely), the reversal-reversal flip-flop hypocrisy will abound. 

I agree we should leave these Middle East dirt spots to deal with each other as they have been since before Christ, yet being diligent to keep them off our soil.

America has a lot of traitors in its midst. Most of them are not seriously anti-American in the sense that Benedict Arnold became. They’re Quislings of a different nature – self promoters at the expense of America. They are able to rationalize that stance.

Jim – I met a guy a few years back who had experience with the Iraqi Kurds. He said they were a rough bunch who made sure his back was covered.

The Kurds fight, and they individually understand what it takes to be a warrior. Those are all desirable traits and I don’t want it said that I am in any way anti-Kurd. However in a geopolitical sense, Syria is a loser. The Kurds need to join together to try and carve out “Kurdistan”, but at the moment the Syrian and Iraqi and Iranian Kurds are all at odds politically. Everyone wants to rule the world and be Khan of Kurdistan…old story.

Mike_C – I don’t know what to think about the Kurds. Certain persons I tend to trust (and who have experience over there dealing with Iraqi Kurds) say that they are about the only group that is reasonably trustworthy and deal well with American directness and can-do (as opposed to the two hours oleaginously praising each others ancestors and pouring tea before getting anything done). But someone else says they are merely highly skilled at propagandizing the West, and are no less opportunistic and backstabbing than any other ME group. (All the photos of brave – and reasonably attractive – female Peshmerga fighters tends to make me believe the second person. It’s no different than all the “Hot IDF Girl” photos out there.)

I thought that all of the IDF girls ARE hot. It’s very disconcerting to think that they may not be. The same is naturally true of the Kurdish girls at the front. Propaganda works, or people wouldn’t devote so much effort to promoting it. As I think most of us are aware, the Kurds (and the Americans, the Turks, the Iranians, the Jews, etc.) all have their own self interest at heart. 

Old NFO – Seems as though the Kurds want to eat their cake and have it, too (Ted Kaczinski’s phrase here): U.S. forces protect them, but they need spend no effort whatsoever in getting along with anybody.

I say leave them to their own devices, see how things go.

The Syrian Kurds are a separate issue from the Iraqi Kurds. 

Dan’s plan – No Americans on the ground in places like Syria. If we don’t want to control a place 100% then get the hell out…we can kill all of them required remotely. Arm the Kurds and let the factions kill each other. That’s what they do anyway….let just make the field level for the participants. GET OUR NUKES OUT OF TURKEY. Erdogan and his government are NOT our friends and NOT a reliable NATO partner. They are in it for themselves and nobody else…..and I have ZERO doubts they have plans to seize the nukes we have in their country when they think the time is right. 

The Turks under Ataturk made good decisions. Under Sultan Erdogan, they do not. By in large, Turks are not bad people, but as you suggest, they are not our friends. We find the basing agreements to our advantage and it provides an “island with a runway” in the Northern Middle East within easy striking distance of Russia, the Balkans, Iran, etc. I don’t know that they are any more reliable of a NATO partner than, say Germany these days. That may possibly have something to do with the fact that there are more Turkish flags flying in Berlin and Frankfurt than there are German flags. And I’m not counting the million military age Mohammedans that they recently imported.

Hong Kong and China
LSP – A “Doctor Evil”? Someone skilled in irregular warfare, a figure of shadows with a fondness for trebuchets and undying scorn for the Red menace? Clearly a fantasy.

Next thing you know they’ll be wheeling out homemade canons.

No, they’ll use the RPG-7’s that Taiwan provided to the rebels as soon as the PRC rolls in armor. I’m very very close to the situation in Hong Kong in ways that I’m not going to discus on this blog. Suffice to say that there is a way out for China and HK, but it’s not a done deal. 

raven – The Hong Kong protests are a perfect example of what terrifies the elite surveillance state. I think the term is “crowd sourced”?  Without a “leader”, someone to decapitate, all the tech in the world becomes useless. Like trying to kill an ant nest with a hammer. 

EXACTLY! The situation is one that the Red Chinese are very uncomfortable with. A popular movement (like the Tea Party in the US, recently, during the Obama regime) with no leader is frustrating to them. They are accustomed to terrifying the population but that’s not working in HK. They’ve arrested most of the people who they consider to be ring leaders, but like the hydra’s teeth, ten pop up for every person they imprison. As one would expect, they feel that the Americans are behind it because the HK protesters carry American flags. But it’s not America, it’s freedom. That’s disturbing to the oligarchs in Beijing. 

Mike_C – Thanks for the observations on China viz Hong Kong. It had not occurred to me that PRC leadership could possibly think this is all due to a single shadowy mastermind (call him Anti-Soros), but clearly they live in a different headspace than I do. 

It’s convenient to delude yourself that a mastermind is the source of all your trouble in HK rather than 90% of the population that is unhappy with you.

Then again many of my “fellow” Americans also live in a very different reality. Probably told this story before, but back in my college days (era of detente, mastodons roaming the earth) some dipstick woman asserted that if we “lay down in front of the Soviet tanks, what could they do?” and that was why we did not need a military. My response of “put them in gear” was not even understood by most of the scruffy lot standing about making mouth noises (debating would imply intellectual effort and ability that clearly was not present). An Armor guy tells me their term of art for this sort of thing is “a driver’s engagement”. Heh. Anyway, after someone explained the comment, the looks of shock, followed by disgust and hatred, I received were really something.

A Ghandi would not have survived the first tank had he risen in the Soviet Union. In fact, the reds would have wasted the gas. One bullet would be sufficient. Truth be told there were many Ghandis in the Soviet Union and they were killed or shipped off to the Gulag Archipelago to be worked to death. 

Old NFO – I’m not surprised the Chicoms are looking for that ‘one’ guy. They cannot believe that many people are, of their own free will, standing up to the BS they are trying to ram down their throats. And yes, they DO now realize how badly they’ve screwed up… Sigh…

Yes, the strange thing is that they know how out of touch they are with reality in so many ways. They send intelligent students to Satan’s Vaticans (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc) and the students receive high marks and return. Many of those students live in Chinese Bubbles while away at school and they return being able to quote this or that without ever understanding America. Likewise, they can’t comprehend nearly the entire population of Hong Kong wanting to opt out of Red China. How could anyone not love the Red Chinese?

The Military Industrial Complex

WSF – Unemployment of those grown fat sucking the taxpayer tit may be President Trump’s greatest accomplishment.

Don’t count those blood suckers out. They have as many Republican allies as Democrat allies and they will not hesitate to work diligently to unseat a president who doesn’t dance to their tune. One problem they have with President Trump is that he has SUPPORTED heavy military spending. It’s just that they would really like to have a war with an ongoing need for more war machines and logistics.

8 thoughts on “Opinions

  1. Have a safe and fun trip ( if those two are not incompatible ). I look forward to more enlightening posts upon your return.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. I held my nose and voted for Mitt, because voting for Barry was not an option. I held my nose and voted for McCain, because voting for Barry was not an option. I held my nose and voted for Dubya, because voting for Al Gore was not an option. I held my nose and voted for Dubya again because voting for John Kerry was not an option.

    My nose was getting awfully sore come presidential election time, and I held it yet again in 2016 and voted for Trump because voting for the Old Crone was not an option.

    Turns out, there was no nose holding needed this time around, The Donald has done everything I wanted him to do. More so than Reagan, and that's saying something.

    And now the stupid leftists want to impeach him over, well, they lost. Pure and simple. I am extremely curious as to how these 2020 election results will unfold. My belief in my neighboring Americans to do the right thing was dashed in 2008 and again in 2012.

    This impeachment lunacy is as crystal clear to me that the left just want to remove the guy because they hate his guts, and nothing more. Most Americans don't buy that as a high crime or misdemeanor; then again, my neighboring Americans have really let me down in a big way in years past. I don't really trust them to do the obvious right thing anymore.

  3. Sorry RHSM, I was being factious. For homemade canons read RPG. Be that as it may, Texas has been bombarded by an unexpected assault from our Old Enemy, the Weather.

    We stand firm.

  4. Fool: I think we agree on everything, except the merits of owning a 1986 Mitsubishi pick up truck. I vote nay on that one, and you cling to it like it was your true Salvation.

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