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Democrats and the Border

They are calling soldiers at the US/Mexico Border “baby killers”. What is Planned Parenthood’s mission again?

Let’s say that you are in Honduras (lower right hand corner of map) and you are seeking asylum in the United States. Further assume that you plan to walk, as the corrupt, elite, sly, mainstream media have asserted. Would you travel the red line or the blue line? The Hondurans chose the blue line, why?

Whale Earwax 

Interesting details HERE. Who knew?


Winter is Coming

(LINK HERE) The British were concerned about global warming last year. This year they are worried about global cooling.

One concern is that ad hoc raiders will attack their unarmed nation like Vikings of old, capturing maidens, treasure and everything else that they want to haul off (including delicious baked goods). I don’t know if that’s true but the Dallas Light Cavalry (Irregular) is said to be buying up snowmobiles and landing craft…

We contacted the DHC Regimental Horse Sergeant Major for a comment and he didn’t say much except that he has legally changed his name to Ragnar. The regimental commandant is said to be buying up winter gear for a campaign in the British Isles…during summer.

The whole Game of Thrones film series will become a documentary.

Riddle me this, Al Gore.

21 thoughts on “Opinions

  1. Fascinating article. I never even thought of earwax in whales let alone the level of information that could be learned from it.
    Baby killers? Really? I was called one years ago as well. It was a lie then and it's a lie today.

  2. It's vitally importnant we're properly equipped for a winter campaign, in summer. Such is the new ice age!

  3. Scientists believe that all whales, air breathing mammals, were once land animals that returned to the sea. So they would have ears, and presumably ear wax. I never thought of ear wax build up being a problem with whales, but it obviously is. The whole concept of land animals turning into whales over a long period of time is fascinating on its own.

  4. RHT447, yes, Calais would work but it would be more historically accurate if we recreated the journey from Oslo. Wherever the point of departure, the essence of the thing is to raid and bring back booty from England, that has declared itself a weapon-free environment. Sort of like medieval monks, hoarding gold, without weapons.

  5. Reporters are those who lack the talent to be advertising writers.

    Whale ear wax? Amazing.

  6. With the advance of the 24 hour news cycle and the decline in readership and advertising revenue from print, what remains of the media seem to survive on "making shit up" and reporting on which Kardashian is banging which basketball player. The anti-Trump media only reports on how much they hate the President. They don't cover the news.

    Yes, there's still a lot of money in advertising and the talent has to go somewhere.

  7. Ah, but WE can be the new Vikings in an age of ice where the North Sea is frozen…

    that's the concept anyway that we're batting around.

  8. The British built a new aircraft carrier but it isn't an ice breaker. In fact, the Brits don't own one ice breaker. And absent begging the Russians (because I think that we only have one), their fleet will likely home port in the Bahamas. Now, I'm NOT knocking that as a home port. Why not the Bahamas?

    But the Brits have been working on even eliminating kitchen knives because the Muslims (mainly) keep stabbing people with them. Soon, they'll outlaw rocks in an effort to contain unrestrained violence in the Muslim ghettos. It's become a soft place, ripe for raiding and invasion. And when you think about it, when the English Channel freezes solid, there will be more Muslims from France who will cross.

  9. "Wogs begin at Oslo."

    But honestly, the Scandinavian countries could stand to be tidied up before any excursions to the land of the Angles.

  10. Calling US troops baby killers and criminals is a half century long tradition for the media whores. The commie media handed a win to North Vietnam and the communists and they've been working hard ever since to denigrate our military and destroy our country.

  11. I don't want to set out from France. Maybe at the southern end of the Northern polar ice cap, fifty or sixty miles south of the UK. Use a mother ship as a base. The crown jewels should be ripe for the picking…

  12. They suffered no adverse results. In fact their rating soared and they all bought larger mansions, more vacation homes, longer and more luxurious yachts and faster and better appointed executive jets. Why would they stop?

  13. Then I guess I'll need them myself.

    Can I bombard them with Spice Girls music?

    Oh wait….it came from there.

    Maybe some Lynyrd Skynyrd?

    Perhaps Molly Hatchet might be appropriate given their album covers….

  14. Simple, that's where the rides were going, and food/etc was being provided. Plus they knew Texas wasn't going to put up with their crap…

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