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There will be no pause!

Friends have damned me by faint praise for blogging (nearly) every day. However, I set it as a goal and being the obsessive guy that I am, if I tell myself that I’m going to do it, I do it – come hell or high water. It’s like making my bed in the morning. I just do it. So here is yet another stream of drivel coming at you from Virtual Mirage. I do it because it’s like eating potato chips – or the way my daughter, Kelly, eats flaming hot Cheetos.

Thought of the Day

“The Roman Republic fell, not because of the ambition of Caesar or Augustus, but because it had already long ceased to be in any real sense a republic at all. When the sturdy Roman plebeian, who lived by his own labor, who voted without reward according to his own convictions, and who with his fellows formed in war the terrible Roman legion, had been changed into an idle creature who craved nothing in life save the gratification of a thirst for vapid excitement, who was fed by the state, and directly or indirectly sold his vote to the highest bidder, then the end of the republic was at hand, and nothing could save it. The laws were the same as they had been, but the people behind the laws had changed, and so the laws counted for nothing.” —President Theodore Roosevelt

Advice Sought

I’m looking to buy a new chainsaw. I’m partial to Husqvarna, but they want $450 for their 455 Rancher (they’re mighty proud of that saw). It seems like too much. Do you in the blogosphere have any favored alternatives?

Even though… I really like salads of all sorts, I also like the photo/meme (right) because things like drive liberals nuts.
Most of the people who I work around are more conservative than I am, however I do encounter progs from time to time. Ticking off the progs becomes a sport that for me is better than watching an NFL game (these days) – Boycott the NFL’s Sponsors.
I leave you with the challenge to irritate a prog today.

Joseph Robinette Biden — Candidate?

From Politico– “But consider the following. He has opened two policy institutes, one at Penn focused on foreign policy, and the other at the University of Delaware with a domestic focus. He has a book coming out in November, and will accompany it with 19-city “American Promise” book tour. He has an “American Possibilities” political action committee. And to borrow the teasing headline from a July profile in the Washington Post, “Joe Biden Still Wants to be President.” If you want the presidency—and if you could enter the field as a front-runner for your party’s presidential nomination—you usually run for it.”

Joe Biden felt that he could have beat Donald J. Trump like an unwanted stepchild in the last election, but because he didn’t run, we will never know. He will be pushing 80 years of age – hard – during the next campaign. He’s known for his misstatements (which were worse than Trump’s but the press covered them up to the extent they could). But the corrupt, smug, elite mainstream media will be in his corner, championing him as the next LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. Look how it worked for Hillary.

Run Joe, RUN!

It would be an interesting Democrat primary with Joe Biden running against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – battle of the octogenarians.

37 thoughts on “A Pause for the Cause?

  1. With respect to chainsaws, the price you saw is reasonable for a good one. As to brands my preferences are Sthil and Echo. A couple of years ago I paid about $400 for an 18" Sthil and a few months later about $320 for an Echo. The Sthil is a more commercial two hand for the bigger trees like a 30" diameter oak I cut a couple of weeks ago. The 14" Echo is an arborist type that can be used single handed like when you are up a ladder cutting off branches. It is also good for clearing brush.

    Back to the price, one will have to pay a few hundred dollars for a good quality chainsaw that will survive the work you want done. Cheaper saws will work but will fail in the middle of that though tree.

  2. LL,

    On the food front:

    Google 1) Blair's foods DEATH RAIN HABANERO CHIPS
    2) Route 11 potato chips MOMMA ZUMA's REVENGE

    available on amazon

    NOTE OF CAUTION my boys in south texas were a bit flustered by the heat so they are an acquired taste. Also,
    DO NO TOUGH YOUR FACE OR OTHER SENSITIVE AREAS UNTIL YOU HAVE WASHED YOUR HANDS AFTER EATING THESE maybe eat with surgical gloves and dispose of gloves then wash hands

    but you can't put them down

    maybe because you hope the next hot one will cure the previous one.

    CHAIN SAW: what kind of wood, here in South Florida we have really soft (palm trees) and very hard (mahogany) and lots of it

    I usually buy stihl

    Say it ain't so slow Joe. That would be political kabuki at its finest. There would be no survivors, so I look forward to that three way contest.

  3. "yet another stream of drivel"
    Pffft. This statement was a pitiful effort at agitprop fake news. Stop holding back. Let us know how that pacification of Waziristan by Red China is working out.

  4. You do not have permission to stop blogging. For heaven's sake – how would I know what was going on in the world without you?

    Chainsaws? This family only owns one lowly electric (as in plug in) chainsaw. It's actually pretty powerful, but we won't be cutting down any redwoods.

    I have researched other chainsaws with my tree guys and 3 to 4 hundred doesn't sound like too much.

  5. I was thinking of a Sthil as well. I'll take a look at Echo. I haven't bought a chainsaw in quite a while and recall what I paid (mumbles) years ago. It's ok to tell me not to be a cheap ba%tard.

  6. I really hope that Slow Joe runs for president. It would give me a reason to watch the corrupt, nasty, elite, smug mainstream media, eating popcorn, and laughing as they sing his praise along with the chubby harpy (Hillary) who really wants another shot at the title.

  7. The Chinese are indeed having trouble with the security of their belt road through Pakistan (to the sea). A trained chimp could have predicted that the Pakis would rob them blind and kill this or that mandarin sent to count beans. That's why they're pushing the new road through Iran – good luck with the Persians being any better than the Pakistanis.

  8. I'm actually thinking of contributing $25 to his campaign fund just to receive the newsletter. Naturally I'll share it here.

  9. I even looked at the electric chainsaws. You get about an hour of moderate cutting on a battery charge. The batteries are ruinously expensive if you want to keep two or three handy, but it's an option. The research continues. I am going to take BillB's suggestion and look at Echo too.

  10. Lots of loggers in my extended family, and the Cowman & used to cut a minimum of 8 cords a year for the fireplace, so my recommendation is: Don't be a cheap bastard, get the Stihl.

  11. Chainsaw? Stop being a pussy and use your bare hands 😉 You've got a White Wolf Mine to run, remember!
    Love the sale meme – stealing that.
    Since I can pretty much irritate anyone without trying, challenge accepted.

  12. Well, in wood burning country there are a few favorite brands. They are Stihl, Husqvarna, and Homelite. I've used them all and I have a 35 year old 20" Homelite. I used to cut 10 cords of wood a year for my personal use. It still runs like new and with an Oregon Skip Tooth Chain on it she purrs. I did see someone walking around in Home Depot with a new one in a box last week. If you're going to use one a lot then pay for a good one.

    Number two from the wood burning high country. NO FIREPLACES! Get yourself a good wood burning stove. Also, if it gets really cold, as in Truckee cold, have a second heat source. I have gas central heating. If you have questions about mountain living, please ask because I have 37 years of experience.

  13. Also, pump the locals for advice, but under no circumstances tell them you're from California first.

  14. You can't take down timber with your bare hands. Beaver's can do it, but I'm clearly NOT/don't have a beaver.

  15. I have AZ plates on the Raptor.

    I'm using a combination of wood stove/fireplace/propane as combustible sources of energy. The fireplace adds ambience that I like, the wood stoves get hot and when it's cold and the stove runs out of burn, the thermostat will kick on the propane.

  16. Stihl stihl.com/STIHL-power-tools-A-great-range/0100/Chainsaws-saw-chains-guide-bars.aspx


    That is a brand for professionals.

  17. Remember to invest into a solid arbortecforestwear.com/arbortec-range/chainsaw-trousers
    If you have cut-resistant chain saw boots you will be safe and sound. stihl.com/STIHL-power-tools-A-great-range/STIHL-Personal-Protective-Equipment/01530/Cut-resistant-chain-saw-boots.aspx

  18. Chainsaw trousers and boots were items I hadn't considered. Is that too much of a good thing, or prudent equipment?

  19. I'm not saying that agreeing with Jules to save your life isn't a bad self-defense mechanism. It's totally prudent.

    "Yes Jules."

  20. You are not bullet proof… accidents happens in a split second. The benefit with the trousers cannot be appreciated enough, especially if you have experienced the feeling of the chain hitting your leg by accident. Without the trousers you get a flesh wound that hurts and unlucky you risk to bleed to death. If you have one, the chain stops immediately and no one gets hurt. Living in the forest I appreciate the equipment. It is like going in the battlefield with a big gun and no bullets, something is lacking. Even soldiers today appreciate a good helmet and bulletproof equipment. Good luck with your new equipment! hindawi.com/archive/2015/459697/

  21. I'm sure you wear proper equipment when riding the Duke, so why not proper gear for doing something with the potential to be equally as lethal?

    I'll ask the in-laws about chainsaws. They cut and split LOTS of wood…..

  22. I wear a helmet and gloves when I ride the Diavel. And levis. But not when I drive a car, which is just about as lethal if you screw up it's operation.

    That said, I think that protective gear is a reasonable precaution when operating a chainsaw. It's just that up to this point in my life I've never done anything more than put on gloves and glasses when cutting wood.

  23. Get a Husky, I have a prog target in mind already for today, Run Joe Run, and you look a little startled in that photo.

  24. PS – I went to the Biden website and signed up for his bull$hit so I'll share that. I didn't want to contribute but promised to send a check…it's in the mail (and I'll call you in the morning, I really will).

  25. Can't go wrong with either a Husky or a Stihl. Six of one. I just like the funky name, and that they also make motorcycles.

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