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Captioned title: Gazing at one’s navel in the hope of finding enlightenment. The process is exceptionally woke, and I’m convinced that is how many liberal arts professors in the Ivy League gained their profound insight.

This caption was inspired by PaulM’s challenge to find longer, more obscure words with profound meanings for this blog.


Bullet Points:

** Is there an advantage to having a blue roof on your home? Your boss thinks that there is.

** NFL stadiums have walls around them, and you’re not allowed to enter unless you have a ticket. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve traveled or if you have a child with you. They don’t care if you cry or throw a tantrum. It’s an interesting concept.

** The value of fifteen-minute cities is discussed.

** Don’t allow people you don’t know to teach you to hate people you don’t know.

** (Zerohedge) Ten Percent for the Big Guy.

** The Wail Street Journey reported that on-campus activists’ demand for pop-up tents has heightened and exhausted the supply to the point where the entities/agencies that provide homeless people with those tents can no longer find them or afford them. President Biden has promised executive action to prevent “the obvious price gouging” surrounding the pop-up tent crisis.

** The gender pay gap is real. But gender isn’t real.

** Longshoremen and associated unions made it too expensive to operate the port, so it’s shutting down. The article doesn’t cite that because it would not be woke to explain the problem in those terms.

** You didn’t become selfish. You became harder to manipulate.

** LSP at John’s (his son’s) promotion to sergeant. Congratulations, SGT Heidt!


A Few Maps

Will it cause an even greater flood of Coastals into the Heartland?


Helmet or anteater? The eternal question.


Jab and test, jab and test, etc.


Of Historical Note

Richard Allen Boone (June 18, 1917 – January 10, 1981) was an American actor who starred in over 50 films. He was notable for his roles in Westerns and his role in the TV series Have Gun—Will Travel.

Boone was born in Los Angeles, California, the middle child of Cecile (née Beckerman) and Kirk E. Boone, a corporate lawyer and the fourth great-grandson of Squire Boone (1744–1815), a brother to frontiersman Daniel Boone. His mother was Jewish, the daughter of immigrants from Russia.

Richard Boone graduated from Hoover High School in Glendale, California. He attended Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, where he was a member of the Theta Xi fraternity. He dropped out of Stanford before graduation and then worked as an oil rigger, bartender, painter, and writer. In 1941, Boone joined the United States Navy and served on three ships in the Pacific during World War II, seeing combat as an aviation ordnance, aircrewman, and gunner on Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo bombers and ended his service with the rate of aircrewman first class.

After the war, Boone used the G.I. Bill to study acting at the Actors Studio in New York.

In 1950, Boone made his screen debut as a Marine officer in Milestone’s Halls of Montezuma (1951). Fox used him in military parts in Call Me Mister (1951) and The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951). He had bigger roles in Red Skies of Montana (1952), Return of the Texan (1952), Kangaroo (1952) (directed by Milestone), and Way of a Gaucho (1952). He starred opposite John Wayne and Lauren Bacall in The Shootist (1976).

Boone was married three times: to Jane Hopper (1937–1940), Mimi Kelly (1949–1950), and Claire McAloon (from 1951 until his death).

Richard Boone died at his home in St. Augustine, Florida, due to complications from throat cancer. His ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean off Hawaii.


Identify the Aircraft






Identify the Armor




Coming Soon:


Stories published first on the Virtual Mirage Blog, original stories, and tips on making money as a government informant. It’s a blend of fiction, non-fiction, and based on a true story (names and settings changed).

Cover art by Jules Smith.


“Parting Shot”

I never know which month is famous for what—there are two months dedicated to People of Black Color (POBC)/Black Colored People history and one to breast cancer. Sharks have a week dedicated to contributing to the oceans they swim in—go, Jaws!

May is  Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month- go Kama Sutra! – and in the process, offers a joint celebration that both men, women, and all of the confused genders (with the exclusion of the genderless) can participate in (right). Retired MSG Terry Schappert, US Army Special Forces, reminded me of this special month. I can only guess that he’s celebrating as best he can.

June is also National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month, of course, and another month dedicated to blackness on June 19. How appropriate.



40 thoughts on “Omphaloskepsis

  1. IDA-
    1. Breguet 482 strategic bomber
    2. Blackburn B-54
    3. B-24 Liberator
    4. Bellanca 28-92
    5. ISU-122
    6. ELC EVEN 90

      1. Worlds coming to an end I guess. I find the cover photo/painting, hauntingly beautiful. Espeacially the old TV antenna’s on the roof. As usual awesome cover work for the short stories goes out to Jules!

        1. Starlink was resetting the Sat’s, slight delay with the fastlane seamless interconnectability.

  2. Asian Pacific Islander Desi? What a crock of warm spit. Why not be honest and call it “Miscellaneous” — because that’s what it is as a category.

    As an East Asian I acknowledge close kinship with the Dwarf Rapists and the Garlic Eaters, much as it pains all of us. But Desi? Wigga, please! They despise us East Asians in general, and hate the Chinese particularly almost as much as they hate “The English”. And we EAs (C, J and K) despise them right back.
    — [long rant about our new ruling class (e.g. Sadiq Khan, Humza Yousaf) vs our current ruling class redacted. You’re welcome.]
    Apart from mutual loathing, EAs and Subcons don’t have all that much in common, either culturally or genetically. It’s a ridiculous grouping of (in)convenience. As for Pacific Islanders? Even less in common. And I’m pretty sure some Samoan dude is not thrilled to be lumped in with me. Sheesh.

    1. Tell us how you really feel Mike_C ?! I hear there’s goingtobe a big circle jerk in Hawaii with SECDEF.


    1. Who writes this stuff?!! Hilarious with exceptional straight-faced delivery. And that’s only the second clip I’ve ever watched that goes right to the 8th Grade/12 year-old brain. It’s like a Suthin’ Boy – tongue seriously in cheek – Three Stooges. About lost the coffee laughing without letting MrsPaulM know what the fuss was all about (she’s working…I’m goofing off…so to speak). Mike_C…you are welcome at my homestead campfire anytime.

  3. What isn’t mentioned regarding the shutdown of Portland #6 is the huge amount of cargo theft that has been linked to that port. And, yeah, linked to the unions, too. Gee, whodathunk.

    As to the tent shortage, gee, who knew that the commie hamasophiles would actually do a good thing, of course, without realizing it?

    1. Having lived in the L.A./Long Beach/San Pedro harbor area for most of my time in SoCal, I’m reeeal familiar with cargo theft. The LA Harbor Police (a completely separately sworn agency from LAPD) gave a talk at my radio club some years ago (we shared the same building in Pedro) about how crime in the Harbor Area has changed over the years. At first it was 99% cargo theft. Then came drug smuggling, and then people smuggling. Cargo theft ran from “Get Out Of The Truck” at gunpoint, to extremely sophisticated organized theft with correct (forged) documents, and repainted tractor-trailers with bogus markings. They’d show up 45 minutes early, snag the load, and be gone, never to bee seen again. Some of my first wife’s relatives were Longshormen, Crane Operators, and General Labor in the port., and they’d tell me stories about what went on in the port.

  4. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Bréguet 482
    2. Blackburn B-54
    3. Consolidated B-24 Liberator
    4. Bellanca 28-92
    Identify the Armor:
    5. ISU-122
    6. ELC EVEN 90mm

  5. Omphaloskepsis-Could be those who are thought to be “contemplating their naval” are really using that as a technique to disguise the fact that they are just looking for lint.

  6. After further thought I’m now fully in “the camp” (with new tent and zip ties) of letting Universities fail miserably as a consequence of their Leftist (aka Marxist Commie) attitude. This [clearly professional] agitator crowd – who have no clue what it means to be a productive member of society because their parent(s) told them they were “all that”, coupled to the cancer that is Social Media, makes them believe their own hubris. Mike Rowe says there are 11 millions jobs unfilled…my comment to any one of them: “GET A JOB YOU LOSERS!”
    I see we’re pulling cultural favoritism again as we started a new month (no offense Mike_C, not your fault they created this without your consult). Now I want a “Polish-German-Hungarian-Czech-ScotsIrish-English-American” month…heck…I’ll even take a single week. We could have Perogies, Brats, Borscht, Fish-n-Chips, Bangers & Mash, and Shepherds Pie…washed down with a Guinness (warm) followed by some Vodka with some Earl Gray later one (no Sweet Iced Tea!) I’m appropriating ALL of my cultural Heinz (not John Kerry) 57 heritage.
    Terrific cover page artwork…well done Jules! (just whipped that right out, like a top shelf artist savant). Will add that to the growing list in the Amazon Cart when it appears.

  7. I like the big words and the art that goes along with them! I had to look up the words but I can just enjoy the art 🙂

    “Have gun, will travel. Wire Paladin San Francisco” That was a good show!

  8. LSP – One proud dad…and they certainly grow them bigger in Texas. Congrats and well done sir!
    I did notice the words getting longer…and more obscure. If this one is about navel gazing for enlightenment then what is it called to count the hairs on ones arm…like we did when bored in English class? Gotta be a word for it, even if AI generated. Speaking of AI, there’s this: Rowe-Carlson discuss Obama’s AI in the workforce commentary (hint: more government employees),

  9. I have a cousin that is in the Longshoremen union in Brunswick GA. He makes a 6 figure salary for driving BMW’s off of a ship to a parking lot. He was in his third year of college when he got hired to off load cars almost 30 years ago.

    1. My father married into the Long Beach, CA Longshoreman’s Union ILWU13 leadership. His fourth wife. (he had four children with his first wife, none with subsequent wives) They were essentially a thug outfit back then, 50 years ago. My status as a teenage step-kin meant that I could have likely stepped into the union if I’d wanted that. I didn’t, so it never became an issue. The pay was very substantial, as you suggested. If you moved up, there would be significant graft. They fought pit bull dogs in the desert in pits, literally, beat people up, maybe killed them too. I wasn’t read in to all they did, but the beatings, the dog fighting, etc. was just business as usual. Irish mafia.

        1. Your observation has a significant historical context. Organized crime is drawn to the vice-related activities associated with sailors returning from a long voyage with money in their pockets and the exceptionally lucrative government and private contracts associated with victualing and repairing a ship. They brought rich cargo to those waterfronts.

          1. i read they had to close portland #6 dock due to the union wages and them stealing so much of the cargo.

  10. Looking forward to the book. Great cover by Jules. Will there be a print edition or just kindle? And of course, if a print and kindle edition, which one better supports the blog’s future?
    What’s withPakistan’s high rate of diabetes? I realize insulin and other drugs are expensive but that’s the treatment, what’s the cause if so many cases?

      1. Diabetes has a lot to do with genetics. I’m not a doctor. The proof is on the Internet. Is it credible? You be the judge.
        As to the book of shorts, it will be out in paperback and online digital formats. I have to go through the (for me) hassle of dealing with the paperback formatting. I hoped that Jules would have done that because she’s good at it. I’m thankful for the cover that she did. It will have to wait until I get back in June. In my spare time, I’m working on the second volume. It will have more original stories since I’m no longer posting them on the blog. It’s about halfway there. The novel Hungry Ghosts is on hold. I only have so much time to devote to writing and blogging (both unprofitable hobbies, but I enjoy doing it).

        1. PS – The cannibals in New Guinea seem to suffer from diabetes – likely from the sugar-rich relatives of Pedo Joe that they consume.

          1. You sayin’ relatives of Pedo Joe are akin to “sweet and low”? (and all that infers)

        2. Diabetes has always been defined as high blood sugar; there are a multitude of causes; they’re still investigating only a few of the tremendous number of binary switches we’re calling “genes”.

        3. Do you know what affect diabetes more than normal food? Stress, illness all screw up the A1C and the immediate blood sugar counts.

          I know this from tracking wife’s levels. On a healthy day she can eat just about anything and it won’t affect her BS. On a bad day she can drink milk and eat plain rice and her BS will be sky high, tracking with her temperatures.

          Finally confronted our doctor about it and he grudgingly said I was right.

          He’s the best doc we’ve ever had and I still want to bash his head in when he tries to push the party line.

  11. News Alert: Prime jut dropped The Greatest Living Englishman’s Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm…gotta grab me some fish-n- chips with a warm pint.

    1. I watched it. It ended quickly. Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan were NOT cut out to be pig farmers. You don’t name them if you plan to kill them and eat them.

  12. Just put on First Blood. Haven’t seen in years. Also on Prime. Gotta grab the popcorn.

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