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Follow the Energy

Germany suspended approval for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline but natural gas accounts for a quarter of the country’s energy mix, and more than half of it comes from Russia. The politics of energy has shaped the world throughout all of my life. It’s always important to follow the money and the energy – not always exactly the same. The only significant export that Russia has is oil/gas. Oil topped $100/barrel.  Russia is making bank on the war.

Consider this.

Imagine being a Leftist who voted for Biden because Trump is a fascist and incompetent and insider threat to national security.



The Flying Command Posts are flying. One in CA, and one in FL.

Global Hawk…in God we trust, all others we monitor.

Why are 15,836 people tracking this Ryanair flight from Suceava, Romania to Rome?



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Meanwhile, in the Islands


  1. Ah hand grenades. Fun for everyone.

    Very amusing when a warrant officer demos them as a how to, but barely gets it a quarter of the way to the targets. He gave a much better demonstration of the AJ fade afterward.

    Not looking forward to the next few years/decades. After Afghanistan debacle and the Ukraine being led down the garden path I can’t see how anyone would put any trust in promises from the USA. Even leaving aside the wider how’s and whys of the current unpleasantness I can’t see any good coming from the instability.

    • Nobody should trust USGOV. No longer a democracy, Jo & Ho were installed and nobody really know whether we will ever have another election.

      White people have been formally identified en mass as enemies of the state. That includes race traitors who identify with “white values”.

  2. yeah, why are 15k people watching that flight? i watched a k46a tanker take off in n.c. , get up to 50k feet at 500knots, make one long loop and land again. sr71 refueling?

  3. First we had the China Virus as a world “pandemic” taking a wrecking ball to countries, now we have a projected war that may or may not involve all nations as oil becomes the currency fueling this idiocy by a lunatic who wants Mother Russia put back together, and a feckless _Resident of our Oval Office who think sanctions will dissuade The Joker from his path. China is the largest Russian oil recipient, gee, wonder why Joe Tzu (really funny meme) is pandering. (Not a question)

    This is gonna get ugly….so “music” it is…better than the alternative of watching and worrying.

      • Well, Behar is worried her Italy vacation will get sidelined…because…she’s important and can’t be inconvenienced. Seems Italy and Belgium’s diamond industry aren’t playing with Joe’s useless sanctions.

    • I’m not particularly a Putin fan, but he’s not the one destroying our nation from within, claiming to be “your fellow American” and sanctimoniously saying “as a fellow white person, we must do better” when convenient for his propaganda purposes, but claiming special victimhood status the remaining 99% of the time.

      Putin is not pushing sexual perversion on us, nor promoting miscegenation, nor actively destroying Christianity. In fact, so far as I can tell, he’s against all of those in his own country. The Russians are not the ones teaching Critical Race Theory, nor giving Black criminals free passes, nor making it some sort of hate crime to give race as an identifier when describing a criminal suspect (q.v. Judge Susan Dlott). All that rot is far more harmful to us as a people, and it’s all domestic. At least in the sense of people who hold American passports. Whether they have any loyalty to this nation is a different matter.

    • I hope things will not get so bad that in 2025 we will look back with fondness at 2021-2022 because they were such “good” years. Good grief what a clustergrope.

      • Ed & Mike…me as well. Putin is merely taking advantage of a weak America at the hands of the Idiots in Charge, who by all accounts, are purposely dismantling America from. MAGA to Weak in a year. For me the tell tale is no oil/SWIFT sanctions while continuing to clamp American energy production (Keystone cancellation was step one in the Agenda).

        Midterms are key. Not holding my breath on those since FJB has “the best election fraud system you’d ever see.”

        • I think the time for, “We just need to hold on until Nov. and then vote our way out of this” is gone….the dems are doubling down on crazy when they should be trying to get their voter base back with common sense legislation. They can see the disaster looming in the midterms, but are doing nothing to mitigate the all but certain republican landslide. They have a plan, and it doesn’t involve a free and fair election.

  4. Leftist are unable to detect reality, so they have no second thoughts.

    Most of them have no first thoughts.


  5. I have one son who, as a college student, spent two summers in the Ukraine for a college apprenticeship program.
    He knows, and is currently worried about, the people he met while over there.

  6. Observation from on high doesn’t provide much other than movement. You really need boots on the ground to know what is going on in real time. And yes, she’d definitely come with a warning!!!

  7. Just went on Flight Tracker. Due east of Virginia Beach there are 2 Hawker Hunters! You don’t see that every day.

    • There are private contractors who use them for dissimilar combat training for our various military pilots.

      I don’t really know why exactly, if a modern plane needs special training to shoot down a Hunter, something is wrong.


      • I know of the private companies. They tend to use more modern aircraft,
        I ended up seeing 4 Hunters, 2 Kifirs, and 2 Learjets.

  8. Not much going on over this area. Spotted a couple of EC-135 “Rivet Joint” aircraft, some C-17’s doing a cross-country, and some C-17’s up in Wyo. I did see some VIP flights of C-40’s (mil 737), but nothing else.

  9. Work took me by my favorite discount/overstock grocery store today. They had some good prices and now meat for two months is crammed into my freezer. I really don’t care what happens in the Ukraine. What the truckers do in the next thirty to sixty days does concern me. On the plus side I live in an energy hub both petro, coal. and electricity so, for the moment, that isn’t a big concern.

  10. I nearly managed to kill myself with a grenade, once, and earned the prestigious Total Idiot Award (TIA). But survived. Magnum Mysterium.

    Then there’s Ukraine. Unconfirmed reports of rival gangs shooting it up with newly issued AKs.

    Kyrie Eleison.

    • Thankfully for your family and flock God saw fit to keep you on this side of the veil. That coming from someone who, according to my parents, my guardian angel was working overtime and the fact I made it to 21 surprised everyone. Hehe.

  11. uncle joe shared g2 with china re: russian invasion. they promptly shared it with putin, lol. wth did joe think would happen? we are led by idiots.

  12. I apologize for my ignorance, is the Global Hawk map recent? Whose radar is tracking / reporting it? Is it broadcasting its position?

    • The map is recent and it’s being tracked by its transponder. It’s in commercial flight space flying at commercial altitudes.

  13. Grenade story. Circa 1960’s the Army training grenades were the old pineapple style. They used a snakk sack of black powder and had a cork in the end. When they “exploded” you heard a small “pop” and some white smoke drifted in the air.

    My partner in crime, Tom O’Connor and I were working along the East Germany border directly next to the fence. One Russian and two East German officers in their “Parade Walking Out Uniforms” were about ten feet away and verbally harassing us. From somewhere Tom pulled out a training grenade. He called out, “Hey Rad” and tossed it. The three of them dived into a muddy ditch. Cursing, one picked up the grenade and threw it at us leaving only a cork as evidence.

  14. Read a twitter exchange of some military-age Ukranian who detailed his flight to Poland. Apparently, Ukranian police and military are nabbing any military-age male and sending them to the front. Universal conscription. And lots of women-folk are arming up, including one of the female member-of-parlaiment. That and the government transmitting info on how to make and properly use molotov coctails against Russian armor.

    Seems Putin’s armed forces thought they would have it easy and instead found they stuck their cranks in a meat grinder.

    But, still, not our circus, not our monkeys.

    Though Biden is being an honest politician, in that he’s still supporting his Ukranian pay-masters.

    • We’ll see. The Russians, being Russians, might decide to level Kiev with artillery (recreating Stalingrad and the War of the Rats), sit back and wait for them to starve. They have time and nothing better to do.

  15. German has a suicide strategy they named Energiewende. They are kind of halfway now with critical consequenses already. German tradition tell them to continue to the bitter end. Der Undergang is what they are aiming at.

    The strategy is political correct but at what cost?

    One day politicians will understand that energy is a strategic resources of national interest. Being capable to defend your country is also a lesson European politicians must learn. To long they have cheated on US taxpayers.

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