No, it’s not the Sunday Sermonette or the Friday Vespers. It’s something much more profound.


It’s Groundhog Day!! – “It’s always February second, and there is nothing I can do about it.”




What about a few Maps?

The disputed region of Kashmir between three nuclear powers – India, Pakistan and China


An updated Gaza MapHERE – shows that the clearance continues. WSF suggests that all of the Hamas tunnels should be repurposed as a sewer system/septic tanks. There is a flaw in that thinking. The Hamas Jihadists like that lifestyle. Swimming in Jewish excrement… They’d really never leave.


The San Raphael Swell

It’s rich in uranium and other minerals. There’s also gold if you know where to look. It’s a remote place, but if you’re looking to “explore” an area where you can shoot in any direction because nobody’s there…

The photo was taken from 39,000 ft AGL. From Wikipedia: The San Rafael Swell is a large geologic feature located in south-central Utah, United States, about 16 miles (26 km) west of Green River. The San Rafael Swell, measuring approximately 75 by 40 miles (121 by 64 km), consists of a giant dome-shaped anticline of sandstone, shale, and limestone that was pushed up during the Paleocene Laramide Orogeny 60–40 million years ago. Since then, infrequent but powerful flash floods have eroded the sedimentary rocks.

The area was home to men on the run in the days of the Old West. I’ve explored the area occasionally and always found it interesting. There was a discussion on the blog about wanting to explore, Cederq. I thought about it. This is remote. And cool.


Bullet Points:

** Friends don’t let friends buy little crappy ships. Caveats: They’d make a good artificial reef for sea life and divers to explore. They’d also make good targets. Put radar reflectors on them, and they’ll look like aircraft carriers. (h/t Claudio)

** You can’t reason with a tiger if your head is in his mouth.

** A Note from Jules. —Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

** China – Party officials are vanishing, young workers are “lying flat,” and entrepreneurs are fleeing the country. What does China’s inner turmoil mean for the world? (The New Yorker)

In China, there is no outside news allowed; the Internet only connects the PRC to the PRC, and you can use WeChat, which the Ministry of State Security heavily monitors. As a result, speaking with mainland Chinese is weird. They speak of a state-sponsored version of the truth in 1984 fashion that has no basis in reality.

** If women can legally be paid less for the same work as men, why doesn’t every company only hire women?

** “Core inflation is the change in the costs of goods and services but does not include those from the food and energy sectors. Food and energy prices are exempt from this calculation because they can be too volatile or fluctuate wildly.”

So the things consumers must purchase out of necessity and on a continual basis are NOT included in the inflation analysis by the Feds? So, their index doesn’t show the complete picture regarding inflation rates.

It sounds like they want to avoid “inconvenient facts” and paint a rosier picture than reality regarding the rate or impact of inflation on the general public.

** It’s black history month. I thought we had just finished it with MLK’s death, but it’s yet another month ahead. Get ready to immerse yourself in a month-long celebration of colored people/people of color (CP/POC) here on Virtual Mirage.


Meme of the Day


Identify the Aircraft




This one is so easy that you need to identify the underwing weapons (easy too, but you know…)


Parting Shot – and question of the day


  1. High five to Mormon family size, keeping it young in Utah.

    They speak of a state-sponsored version of the truth in 1984 fashion that has no basis in reality. So… like Democrats?

    (1) Fisher P-75 Eagle.
    (2) Northrop YRB-49A
    (3) Corsairs. The lower left one has Sidewinders and… maybe Rockeyes? Other one has probably Mk 82s and also Sidewinders.

    – Kle.

  2. From everything I’ve read the only reason to take an LCS would be if it was free with a lot of spare parts.

    Mind you the replacement frigate program is such a much better.

    Not an expert, all my navy time was when Australian or American vessels were giving us a lift somewhere. Better food on the US ships though.

    Convicted criminals loose benefits in Australia. Should also loose them if being held in custody pre trial but doesn’t alway happen. Government efficiency!

        • The LCS aren’t useless, just overpriced, not able to do what they were designed for, and not what we need.

          I can think of a lot of good use a half-dozen could be put to in the Red Sea ops, under air and area SAM cover.

          I’d sure be glad if we had another 40 or so Connies on order, though.

          – Kle.

          • You could do to both LCSessessessssss what was done to early-model Liberty ships during WWII. Weld a big band of extra ‘luminum (along with lots and lots of rivets) along either side of the hulls (and the pontoons on the trimaran version.)

            While you’re at it, put some stiffener plates on the front deck and under the front deck and replace that crappy 57mm gun mount with a 76mm gun.

            Get rid of the hangar deck and mount some decent missile launchers and maybe mount two (on the trimaran) 57mm guns on either side of the deck (or one 76mm gun). Add a few mounts for .50cal or 20 or 25mm guns.

            Make it a real Littoral combat ship. At worse, you could take one and ‘sink’ it as a fixed platform, like that old ship that the Philippines uses as a “We’re here so FU China” to prove ownership of a reef.

            But fixing the LCSessessss, both types, would take away that magic ‘modular multipurpose’ capabilities that they were supposed to have but never did.

            Seriously, use them as coastal patrol vessels. That way they’d not need long legs and wouldn’t have to be based at sea for long periods of time.

            But, no… Oh, well, it’s just tax money, right?

        • They serve food on rowboats and dinghies? I didn’t know that. Had a brother in law that was a Navy choppa pilot and my brother and me gave him all sorts of grief about calling a ship a boat. If it floats it’s a boat. Same with calling it a choppa…

          I had a ride on a Navy Destroyer back in 1977 coming back from Korea where we almost had to restart the Korean war. The food wasn’t that great. We had to billet in a converted hold and the COB and division petty officer insisted that since we were idle hands that chipping paint and painting topside was in order. I pointed out to our Captain that no, we were not deck qualified that we were not allowed to work there and the COB blew a steam fitting… He asked how and why I knew that. I smiled and said I had read the regulations. I didn’t say my BIL told me that when he called me before departure.

          LL, am I in your radar, or just flavor of the month?

  3. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Martin-Baker MB 5
    2. Northrop YB-49
    3. LTV A-7 Corsair II
    Top plane carrying MK 8* series bombs
    Bottom plane carrying (chaff, leaflets/?) pods

  4. Sonny & Cher: did anyone, back in the day, write a parody song titled “I HAD You Babe” after their divorce?
    On another note, Youtube is insisting I disable my adblocker or sign up. I’m not doing either. Just got notice that the brown noise clip that works best at letting me sleep (day sleeper) will no longer play for me. I will try a generator I downloaded and see how that works. If nothing else, I guess I could go to the store and buy a white noise machine.

    • It is their “gainful” employment…just ask them. But I suspect they operate as Sole Proprietors and gross income gained would be offset by “expenses”.

    • The rioters and looters should have been shot, bayonetted, run over, set on fire, gotten a whiff of grapeshot and such. Any who survived should only have whatever privileges available in prison or jail. You know, like the Jan6 ‘insurrectionists’ get/got.

  5. I liked it when you had the Gaza maps on your blog, they were easy to copy from here. I can go back and look at the progress.

    I wonder if Israel has given any thought to bulldozing all the Gaza debris into the Med & making the place larger (life the Chinese do)?

    • Might have to watch the movie now, then I’ll be good for a year. Ol’ Phil has a pretty good flat (for Jules), kinda cushy if you ask me. Might incentivize him to stay in bed, thus offering a swayed prediction.

  6. You can all say what you want about S&C, but IMHO, we’d been traversing a musical desert since the advent of the Mississippi crooner. I was at the still (musically) impressionable age of 25 when this song first arrived on the scene and while you could dance to it (sorta – more a parody), the duo made it big with couples (dare I say it) in love during this era.

  7. “If women can legally be paid less for the same work as men, why doesn’t every company only hire women?”

    The question no one will answer. Maybe they’ll sputter out something about all companies being run by evil men, but that’s it.

    It has been a while since I bothered to read one, but the electronics engineering trade rags did annual salary surveys as far back as I can recall. Their surveys never showed female engineers made less than men, once it’s recognized that the group tended to be younger and therefore not as far along the wage compression curve we call a career.

    The famous gender pay gap is the sloppiest kind of statistics there is. It conceptually compares daycare “babysitters” to oil field roughnecks.

    • That entire Sirens’ Cry is a smokescreen (as opposed to a “smokeshow” a video-playng guy term I never knew until last year, meaning “really attractive woman”, but more juvenile crass.)

      Turns out the truth is – as you point out – woman are not paid differently for the same work and hours but that men typically work more hours…hence the differential. It’s in our DNA (well, except for Baby Daddy’s who tend to grift off their multiple womanfolk).

      • In Corporate America, women in white-collar jobs often are paid more and get quicker promotions than their white male counterparts.

        Of course, nobody is saying the unspeakable, that the women in high-value/high-pay jobs often do so on the backs of white males. (this is a generalization. but like all generalizations, there is a whole lotta truths in it.)

        One of the few things I like watching from Piers Morgan is the attacks on equal pay that he does on his show. Want equal pay, do equal jobs for the same amount of time with the same results. Don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, brown, green, plaid, man, woman, other. Equal pay (per hour) for equal work. Otherwise, well, shut up.

  8. Looters- And Mr Hair Gel whines about his “encounter”…that he caused (here’s my tiny violin you tone deaf poseur). The Looter Class (aka criminals) are one of the Dem’s protected class. Arrests? Nah. Endlessly hunted down like a J6-er? Nah.

    Now, juxtapose what happens to a productive citizen vs. criminal illegal aliens who flip us the dbl-bird:

    Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) still making music in Tennessee- Charged and booked into jail with two counts of simple possession and casual exchange (Huh? DA’s certainly get creative in language obfuscation)…and…one count of violation of registration law (what the hay is that?). He was released on $10,500 bond. Throw the book at him damnit! That reprobate!

    THAT, against this:

    Time Square Four Punks- Illegal Aliens thrash NYC cops, get caught, go to jail for a whole ten minutes then get released without bail by some Lefty Judge only to get on a bus for parts unknown, altho likely California after giving phony names to a [my add: stupid and foolish] church-affiliated nonprofit group that helps migrants get rides out of the city. Really doing God’s work there aren’t ya?

    Then there’s the Dems response: “Oh, you poor migrants here to work our fields, bus our tables, and clean our rooms…here’s a free bus pass. Oh, and do you need a free cell phone? Go in a good way, see you in 2 years for your court appearance. Love ya.”

    Law in America at the hands of a bunch of imbecilic morons who went to college. (Case in point: Tarlov has two Masters and a PhD in Poly Sci.)

    So that’s where America stands at the hands of those tasked with upholding the law. They aren’t and don’t give a damn because politics trumps everything now. Looters? Yeah, reparations by the backdoor.

    Rant over. (Struck a chord, obviously…or maybe it’s the new robust coffee, good stuff…local to me…and Starbucks sucks in every way possible.)

  9. i think we have an enemy sub loose off the coast. choppers posted at all the inlets and poseidens over the chessy bay, several others doing grid search of outer banks and norfolk. multiple big refuelers off the coast. the grid fliers appeared to find a target and circled it tight for hours. been watching these areas w while, haven’t seen anything near this level/type of activity. i don’t think they start big exercises on friday. navy, coast guard, army and air force birds all mixed in. call me a nervous nelly if you will.

  10. Radar reflectors: we used to do radar checks against the “God’s Speed” barn with the older radars. It was just an old metal building painted God’s Speed. AESA radars did not like it. I offered they could put some reflectors on my 275 wooden dock. They said I. Too much paper work for the pussies. Tom

  11. Hey I am fcking old with dementia. But if you want to meet on PK airpot runway nude with rusty shovels to try and cut off each others dick and feed it to the dogs. I am game. 15 years of cancer and I have nothing to loose. love peace and Afro grease. I pee standing up, but some times I have to hold on to the wall. Tom

  12. I appolgize for being rude. I went to high school with too many killers. If you did not push back, you lost. If you want to come drink beer and good tequila and smoke strong pipe tobacco your are welcome. Tom

  13. Sonny always got a bad rap. Back then, everyone and his brother had a variety show and the competition was tough. Sonny was smart enough to realize this and his plan was for him to be the doofas who couldn’t sing, the butt of the jokes, the one who was made fun of and laughed at. He said it was the only way they could break in and last more than one season. Cher wasn’t too happy with it, but she knew he was onto something. He was right. Always respected him for that.


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