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I’m in the hospital, connected to stuff, post-surgical, sitting in my room, thinking that the blog must go on.


Fully Vaccinated

It is interesting that the USS Milwaukee, a US Navy warship with a fully vaccinated crew is quarantined at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay where it had stopped for a port call. The ship had only been on the water for less than two weeks following its deployment from Mayport, Florida, on December 14 where it was heading into the U.S. Southern Command region on an anti-narcotics mission.

The Navy said in a statement that the ship’s crew is ‘100 percent immunized’ and that all of those who tested positive for COVID-19 have been isolated on the ship away from other crew members.

The vaccines can have fierce side effects and have limited use in preventing the inoculated from contracting and spreading the plague, but USGOV still insists that everyone get the vax. I wonder how much the drug companies are kicking back to our leaders? In any event,  the littoral combat ship USS Milwaukee provides an interesting case study.

Plague Ship & Crew

Note woodland camo uniforms… We need to fix the Navy, and not in the way that the woke admirals are doing it.



It was interesting to see that a caller into the White House trolled our fearless leader into a let’s go Brandon chant. It made it to Youtube. Senility on display. Naturally, Congressional leaders are silent on the matter of presidential dementia.  I say give the cackling whore a chance to run the country.  Put a spike in the heart of the democrats that they will never recover from.


Don’t Waste a Rope! Save a Tree!!

Zero Hedge quoted The Lancet article wherein they admit that they knew about conflicts of interest when Peter Daszak, one of the co-conspirators (along with Fauci) published a letter denouncing the Covid lab leak and called anyone who questioned the wet market line of inquiry as a conspiracy theorist. Where is the US Department of Justice? Where are the indictments?  Why aren’t we building scaffolds for those involved? Maybe a scaffold is too much work. Standing them up against a wall works just as well and you don’t have to kill a tree or waste a rope. Let the Jan 6th political prisoners fire the shots. Or just have a national lottery. Every potential executioner can pay $20 for the chance and put the money toward lowering the national debt or deporting illegal aliens.


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56 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. Great that you are post surgery. It’s always a plus to wake up after a procedure. I’m positive that the wolves would crap a lot less in the street’s than the homeless.

    1. Feeding on the homeless would expand the wolf population, a popular liberal cause, while at the same time reducing the size of homeless encampments. Crap on the streets has become part of being woke.

  2. Sir,

    I am very happy to read that you are up and well again. I am wishing you a speedy recovery and a full rehabilitation of all your faculties — get well soon!
    I hope that you will enjoy all walks of life to the fullest and soon again.
    “Gute Besserung” and kind regards from the Sahel!

    Yours aye,


  3. I’ll see your $20 and raise you fifty.

    L-L: Very happy for you and your family that you made it thru and best wishes for a speedy and 100% recovery.

    1. I’d spend $50 for the mere possibility of a win. My SOCal healthcare team ALL say “let’s go Brandon”. Asked about vax and flu shot. I said that I simply don’t trust it. MD smiled and moved on. Anesthesia team are moving to AZ and TN to CALEXIT.

  4. best wishes for a speedy recovery…..the cracks are showing and getting wider. and more ludicrous. cdc just said boosted people don’t need to quarantine at all, even if infected. huh? everybody else needs just 5 days now. meanwhile nyc popo arrested unvaxxed folks. have a happy new year folks, it ought to be interesting, at least.

  5. As a frequent flyer on that particular Airline, I am glad you have returned safely and that you were able to place the seat in an upright position.
    Thanks be to God for all of our many Blessings,
    of which I count your Blog and it’s author as a Joy to the world.

    May you have a Blessed New Year!

    MSG Grumpy

  6. Great to hear you’re on the rebound LL. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Besides You’re ou’re too mean to die. Give those white coats hell!

  7. Excellent LL…glad you woke up and saw the ceiling, always a good thing. And all the butterscotch pudding you can eat.

    Good idea letting the Dem’s run full bore. Give the helm to Harris…can she get any more daft? With their “no honor among thieves” approach, Pelosi will take over in short order. Let them hang themselves in pure entertainment…we’ll survive and clean up their disasters quickly (Trump did a lot in one year to right the heeled-over ship).

    This endemic BS is beyond stupid, meaning it’s for sure a Psy-Op. Saw a program last night that flashed an AP News page from August, 1992, one of the heading tags was ‘Coronavirus Pandemic”. What the…??! And The Fowch Mengele was involved. AIDS, Corona, SARS, MERS, maybe even common Influenza, and others…this clown has been doing GoF in nasty labs for decades. A quick drop on a short rope is too good.

    Wolves: The save the Earth urban types need a taste of their own medicine. CO & WY – $100,000 fine for shooting one attacking your livestock…aka “income”, which includes the added insult of the boys in green confiscating anything not nailed down. Canadian gray wolf (not native) attacks are happening all over yet one can only employ “shoot, shovel, shut up” otherwise it’s hell to pay. Luckily ranchers don’t talk.

    Again, glad you are “on the mend”. Listen to the nurse.

    1. Ok, mea culpa…I want accuracy when spouting off.

      Did a search for the AP page to verify what I was seeing…that page “flash” was from 1992 BUT the heading lineup was from current AP News. My bad. Comment about Fauci is still relevant, the guy is evil.

        1. As I said at Bunker’s today:
          That we haven’t held China and Fauci accountable is the most damning charge against this corrupt regime of gangsters who are looting our treasury.

  8. Glad to hear the procedure went well. Hopefully you’ll be back home soon.
    Woodland camo? I suppose that’s better than the blueberry they were using, but what’s wrong with the old dungarees?
    I like the wolves in the cities idea. Make sure the packs are large.

  9. IDK, that camo might be appropriate – the LCS program is pretty far into the woods, after all.

    Glad to hear you have made it to the boring and uncomfortable portion of the program!


  10. LL

    Happy that you are in post surgery/recovery mode.
    It would be great to introduce wolves into some of the cities in the US but not very humane…for the wolves.

    As far as COVID is concerned, I am pretty sure that the people “in charge” did not purposefully release a virus that targets the old and/or infirm but I am not certain. All the restrictions are certainly working to act as an experiment as to how much the people of the world will allow themselves to be herded and have their normal way of doing things (can’t call them rights any more can we) limited. I will admit Australia surprised me.

    Read in the news that Richard Marcinko passed on Christmas. After reading the short obit I was wondering what he thought of the goings on in the US. Never met him but my son did when Marcinlo was advising a unit in Florida on some OPFOR techniques and my son was impressed.

    Wishing you a full and complete recovery. Hopefully the PT will not be too onerous.

    1. I worked with Demo Dick & his Red Cell crew on an op in San Diego many years ago. I went aboard Kittyhawk (Shitty Kitty) with ID that should have been questioned and walked off with a sea bag full of classified material. Then I did the same thing on Constellation (Connie).

      1. Your ID comment just gave me a memory flashback of walking through a security checkpoint with the pic of a bald eagle head fastened over my face on my ID badge. Security waved me through without even blinking.

  11. Let us all hope the procedure puts an end to your problem(s) and you can get going on your life again.

  12. I read about problems on the Milwaukee, but I haven’t seen anywhere how many cases they have. If the ship had to stop, it has to be a bunch, right?
    Have you seen a number?

    1. I have not seen a number, but I doubt that they know how many with incubation times. I’m guessing it was significant.

      1. Definitely! If it’s enough to stop the mission, it is either lots of people, several very critical people, or both…

  13. If you’re up and thinking about the blog, you must be done with the pain killers – or the high dose pain killers. Good to hear you’re back!

    (I had emergency surgery a few years ago and I couldn’t have worked on my blog in the hospital; I don’t even remember the three days in the hospital after the surgery. Most of what I wrote in the first few posts after I got out of the hospital are pretty ratty looking.)

    1. They repaired botched surgery from February. Last time it was horrible. This time much easier.

  14. Here’s to a routine and boring recovery. From the medical perspective, boring is a most excellent and to-be-desired thing.

    Don’t Waste a Rope! Save a Tree!!
    In that vein, here is an excerpt from a letter to my friend and fellow Hate Thinker James Lafond (letter published on his blog). It’s from a fellow known as “Teutonic Fist” who apparently lives in Germany.

    “in Germany there were these stupid climate change protests, where some NGO scum pretends that children worry about muh climate change. So me and a buddy of mine we made us some signs. Anarcho-Primitivist green-black flag, with slogans like “Deportation is Climate Protection”, “Save Trees, not Refugees”, “The Pill for Africa”. Stuff like that, things that rime better in german, to f*** with these people, cause f*** em.

    So we went there and i got all bold, went to the stage, waved my sign around, and 30 seconds later i was neck deep in real life soyjack faggots crying “Nazi”, which made me laugh, and nothing gets these faggots more assmad than people laughing at them.” [It gets even better after this. -MC]

    Every potential executioner can pay $20 for the chance
    This is too cheap. Blogger Nitzakhon (who is Jewish) has stated that he would give $5000 for the chance to (legally) kill Barbara Lerner Spectre, on account of her terrible actions abetting importation of low-IQ ferals into Europe, and how those actions are: a) inherently terrible, and b) give ammunition to people who ascribe all sorts of evil to Jews.

    1. In the US, I’d have something like 1 in thirty million chance. In Germany the odds would be better.

  15. I’ve been complaining about the unpockmarked walls for quite a time now; glad to see someone else’s taken up the call.
    Unless we’re starving, wolves are discriminating gastronomes. If you can bring Somalis into Minneapolis-St. Paul, I can’t see why you can’t introduce my 5th cousins, thrice removed, aka Crocuta crocuta, into similar areas – theyll eat anything.

    1. In Barcelona, they did not repair some of the pockmarks by gunfire and aerial bombardment created during the unpleasantness of their Civil War. In fact, you can still see places in walls where guards sharpened their swords during the Inquisition. Historical preservation is a fine thing, in my opinion. Just sayin’.

  16. Great to hear you’re up and about a bit. Take it easy, and let Mother nature heal you up.

    One of my friends back in SoCal just sent an email saying he’s been diagnosed with (ZOMG!!) COVID!!!

    His email: To all concerned and or I have possibly been in contact with…

    I tested POSITIVE for COVID per lab results received today. The only symptoms I have been dealing with since ~12/22 are those of a cold ( runny nose, itchy throat, sneezing ) with no fever or other maladies. Based on data received this appears to be a typical OMICRON “breakthrough” as I have had three doses of the Pfizer vaccine. If you have no symptoms you might still consider being tested.

    Best of luck to all of us…

    Our Navy needs to go back to dungarees and blue work shirts like they used to wear. This whole thing with everybody wearing BDU’s is getting out of hand….

    I always thought ropes were “100% Recycleable”?

    The wolves would have a field day with all the woke. Wonder if eating “woke meat” is harmful to the wolves?

  17. Best wishes on the botched surgery repair (or revision as it is euphemistically known).
    I hope they did a good job and you have excellent results.

  18. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

    I saw the LCS thing. And yes, the vax can have ferocious side effects but surely they wouldn’t want to kill off their income stream, would they?

    Zero’s great value, imo.

  19. Best wishes for a speedy and complete return.
    Dixie Cups, Chambray shirts, and Dungarees were fine… I wonder what changed?

  20. At the earliest opportunity, sign yourself out and exit the hospital. MRSA is a killer and hospitals are like petri dishes. “Do not go gently into that goodnight….fight, fight, fight.” Cheers and fast recovery

  21. Glad to see you’re well enough to post again…I take it as a good sign for your recovery.
    Hope you are back on your feet (and your word-processor) soon.


  22. Late to the party here, but relieved to hear you are on the mend. I trust your meds will include something at least 80 proof before too long.

  23. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Re the USS Milwaukee, we know that quarantine isn’t working… if they are on the ship, they are passing the Wuflu… sigh

  24. Glad things went well , LL.
    I am pickeld tink that when ,25 years ago, my back surgeon ,after seeing xrays and other stuff, said “Yep you got a seriously blown disc. But , if you can take the pain for a couple of weeks, it might get better” Praise the lord , it did.

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