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The floor is yours to discuss whatever you’d like. As usual, I’ll throw out a few bullet points for your consideration.


Bullet Points:

** Sex Cults – Sabatean Frankists? Make of it what you will.

** A week after Ukraine claimed it shot down a Russian hypersonic missile with a Patriot system, the United States is confirming it. More so, the hypersonic weapon was targeting the Patriot missile system that shot it down.

** The California Budget Deficit – buying the black vote has been expensive.

** Reparations – Rumors that California is going to offer 25% off coupons at Applebee’s instead of 7-figure payouts cannot currently be confirmed….

“California Democratic state Sen. Steven Bradford is warning Afro-Americans not to get dem hopes up for massive reparations payments from the state.

Bradford’s message comes after the California Reparations Task Force recommended over the weekend that the state pays up to $1.2 million in reparations to each eligible negro or. partial-negro resident.

The state lawmaker, who served on the task force, claimed that it’s possible that Black residents could receive cash payments “if the money’s there,” but argued that receiving million dollar checks in repayment for historical discrimination is “not happening.”

It’s “bait-n-switch”; they ask for something (mucho cash) that is impossible (and they know it) in hopes of “compromising” for something less (preferential treatment) instead of nothing at all. If they get anything, it will open the door for Native Americans, Chinese, and others who have suffered historical ills.

But the bottom line is that is not really about slavery at all; individuals who were never slaves are seeking money from those who never owned slaves and from a government that never sanctioned slavery.

Identify the Aircraft







39 thoughts on “Open Forum

    1. (Geeze, I’m just talky today, or something.)

      Or how about the current day, actual slaves in California (and everywhere) – of the Cartels and Tongs and other criminal orgs, or the illegals kept as house servants by the wealthy, or the (overwhelmingly) women and children bought on the world market by the worst sort of human filth?

      Friggin weasel scumbags.


      1. “FWS”- Yet they believe they are God’s gift to humanity…tone-deafness to the hilt.

  1. First plane… not a scimitar… give me a minute to smack my head and see it I can get it started.

    Second plane looks like the KF-21 Boramae.


  2. Final spam-post of the moment…

    Well, aiming at the Patriot battery certainly explains how the missile got into the rather narrow successful-intercept footprint for the SAM unit.

    Overconfident move by the Russians, but that seems to be a thing these days.


    1. If it was “coming straight at you, no fair dodging” then a black powder cannon fired by computer controlled modern target acquisition could have hit it as well.

  3. Legacy guilt is forever. For reparations I suggest a national repatriation act. All stolen from Africa to be sent back. Costs to be deducted from all current or future “foreign aid” to the enslaving nation of origin.

      1. That’s because they are victims of the systemic racism of the education system that has prevented them from learning about critical thinking, or developing agency. They need double reparations!

        1. Getting better by the minute for them, but none for you or me, we’re not the right aggrieved party type.

        2. Natural Selection: impulsive stupidity is not the way to success.

          Post-Christian Occupied (Hijacked) West: Oh yeah? Hold my beer.

          “Omnia Vincit Stultitia”

  4. Is the world controlled by sex cults? It’s worse than that.
    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    Tucker Carlson explained it well. You cannot explain the perversion being foisted on us, the offering of our children in pagan sacrifice without realizing that there are spiritual forces involved.
    Good vs Evil. Think in terms of Zhuul and you approach the truth.

  5. Sex Cults- And they wonder why things go south with their debauched proclivities. This was not a surprise:

    Before His Killing, Tech Executive Bob Lee Led an Underground Life of Sex and Drugs…After the Cash App founder died in a stabbing, some were quick to blame San Francisco’s street violence. The truth was more shocking.

    BTW, Self-identifying as something else ain’t as easy as the Left makes it sound. My new moniker is Paul M (aspiring Unicorn), yet the VM Overlords/A.I. must approve it first. heh

    1. Never say “aspiring” because it indicates that you are aware you’re not there yet. You must COMMIT to the mental illness. Victimhood/virtue signaling is performance art.

      Instead of a unicorn, have you considered identifying as a trans Sammy Davis Junior? That’d net you a quadrifecta in your new identity. And in the real world (“real” = hateful White colonizer mental construct) you’d have FIVE points: SDjr’s original three, the trans part, plus mental illness. Having to learn to tap dance is a small price to pay for all that sweet, sweet disadvantage.

      Hmmm. I just came up with a name for all of that: Shammy Davis Junior. It’s obvious what the antecedent is, and the Sham part is a knowing wink. Heh. That’d be a good name for a camp “tribute” act.

      As for me, “I will diminish, and go into the West, and become Galadriel.” (Not the stupid, bitchy one from Amazon.) A touch of surgery, some hormones, and profound mental illness is all it takes. Plus a blonde wig. Maybe I’ll even get stars out of it (and I’d look WAAAY better in drag than Dick L) — that person is not only lumpy and dumpy but has terrible fashion sense).

        1. Neither do I have Sammy’s reputed 12-inch personality… maybe some sort of prosthesis?

        1. Ill send the article in an email…unreal what people are up to in their spare time, for “fun”.

      1. Mike_C- The full moniker is “Black 2-Spirit Tranny Female Unicorn”, or B2-STFU for short.

        1. I see you’re way ahead of me. A catchy acronym is key.

          (And @LL: short of (err, so to speak) rare and unfortunate medical conditions, no one has a 12-inch personality. I read an article about the movie Boogie Nights and how Mark Wahlberg wore a 7” prosthesis for the part of Dirk Diggler. Which tells you something about Marky Mark. Supposedly they had a 13” prosthesis as well but “it looked freakish on the 5’7” Wahlberg”. I thought “freakish” was the point, but I’m no Hollywood auteur, more’s the pity, so what do I know?)

  6. Going back to my “plain and boring moniker”, the new ‘woke’ one requires approval by The Grand Poohbah, who has better things to do than moderate my newest identity confusion crisis to verify it meets VM Blog high standards so as not to attract Fibbee attention.

    Sooo…what’s with these Octogenarian’s thinking we all want them to stay in the public eye forever and a day? At some point don’t they look in the mirror and humbly say to themselves, “I’m done, had a great run.” ?

    Apparently not in this mental ill society we find ourselves.

    SI’s new cover (1 of 3 apparently…covering all bases after gaining ‘woke-ness level 12’)…is 81 year-old Martha Stewart. Okay then. Uh, nope.

    The other two are a Mentally ill Male who believes his smehgeggee isn’t really there and can be ‘tucked away’ in a bikini so no one will notice.

    The other is Megan Fox, an actual babe (excuse the term, it’s clinically descriptive) and an actual woman, who at 37 looks better than most 20 year-olds and didn’t name her kids weird names, like Scout or Moondust.

    The Octogenarian Club needs to get off the bus and enjoy The Golden Years at Thursday’s early breakfast at The Pork-n-More Cafe in Iowa, not hanging around like the leaches they have become (props to Stewart, at least she’s not a politician, but geez, Martha, go enjoy your life).

  7. I’ve been reading the author n c Reed a post apocalypse series their very good called fire in the sky he also wrote a book called odd biiy todd thats really good on kindle unlimited of course I’ve read our host books I’m on white powder now I can only read kindle now with my eyesight I make the background black and the letters white

  8. I’m with Kle, can’t help myself…this was just hilarious and LL would concur (from KdT’s site)..she’s the gal lead in Prime’s Citadel:

    “Priyanka Chopra reveals she has an ’emotional support water bottle’ she needs whenever she travels: ‘As long as I have that and my family I’m OK'”

    KdT’s response:

    …that’s okay; I have an emotional support 1911 handgun that I carry whenever I leave the house, too.

    1. Do they give deep discounts to veterans? What if I tell them that I know you? Michigan plates – I’ll drop Ed’s name too.

  9. The Patriot knocked down one of their Wonder Weapons? Good job, Raytheon!

    I thought Kommiefornia had a budget surplus, or was that just some Creative Accounting?

    1. The missile was most likely the LTV/Loral-Vought/Lockheed-Martin (one company under three different corporations) PAC -3. The missile is designed as a hit-to-kill interceptor against hypersonic targets. I worked there during the development, testing, contract win and production. Don’t give Raytheon too much credit; they only got one solid hit out of 4 during the test program while we got 3.

  10. “Bradford’s message comes after the California Reparations Task Force recommended over the weekend that the state pays up to $1.2 million in reparations to each eligible negro or. partial-negro resident.”

    I don’t know about the others, but I’ll bet Kamaltoes gets her $1.2 million.

  11. BTW, I do like BIMFORD Model 2023 Super Chopper…need to stand a few males competing in female sports in front of that contraption…convictions are tested when certain “losses” are imminent.

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